Bubba, Spike, and D-Von were working out at a local gym. Spike was lifting weights, D-Von was on the treadmill, and Bubba was busy doing cardio.

"So, I can't believe you and Trish are officially over." D-Von marveled.

"Why not? We haven't been together for a while. Besides I didn't say it was for good I just said we were both moving on." Bubba insisted.

"Moving on? Come on, how many couples do you know that get back together after REALLY moving on?" Spike asked cocking an eyebrow. He was already breaking a sweat.

"I don know. If we end up together, then were meant to be together, and if we don't than maybe were better off." Bubba explained.

"Aww, did Bubba just say something poetic?" Spike joked.

"Shut up!" Bubba laughed. All three of them looked around as they heard a distant ringing sound. They each checked their cell phones.

"It's not mine." Spike shrugged.

"It's never yours." D-Von joked. Bubba laughed as he answered his phone.

"Oh my god." Bubba sighed as he hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" D-Von asked.

"Victoria." Bubba answered.

"Again?" Spike uttered.

"Man, you need to get your number changed. Maybe you should move too." D- Von suggested.

"Yeah, but he'd still have to deal with her at work." Spike reminded.

"Maybe she didn't get the hint when I put her through the table." Bubba joked.

"Your gonna need a restraining order." D-Von laughed.


Trish sat on Jeff's lap as their fingers intertwined.

"I feel like I've been waiting for this forever." Jeff grinned. Trish smiled looking into his eyes.

"Well, you don't have to wait anymore." Trish promised. She leaned down and softly kissed him.

"Aww, how sweet." Gail Kim, WWE's newest Diva remarked mockingly as she and Molly approached. Trish looked at her in disgust.

"Actually, it's quite disgusting." Molly snickered.

"What the matter Molly? Bitter that things didn't work out with the Hurricane, or is it because Christopher Nowinski made you his slut?" Jeff sneered, defending Trish. Molly's mouth dropped open in shock.

"I have never been anybody's slut!" Molly cried outraged. "Trish on the other hand has been anyone's slut. You know, that's pretty rich coming from a man who can't get any girl other than Bubba's sloppy seconds." She snickered. Trish glared at her. Who did she think she was calling a slut? Molly and Gail walked away before she could retaliate. There was an awkward silence and she could tell Molly's comment about Bubba bothered him.

"She's a bitch." Trish said quietly. She stood up and took his hand.


Molly and Gail continued to walked down the hall.

"That's what we should do! One of us should go out with Bubba! That would definitely destroy Trish!" Molly suggested brightening up.

"Wouldn't it be smarter to go after Jeff, since he's who she's with?" Gail reminded.

"Yeah, but they just started dating. She's been in love with Bubba for years." Molly explained. "We'll show her." She smiled deviously.

"Ok, so how should I seduce him?" Gail questioned.

"Who says you're the one he'd go for?" Molly questioned. "Maybe for once, he wants a nice, innocent girl." She added.

"Are you saying I'm not a nice, innocent girl?" Gail replied cocking an eyebrow.

"Um, let's just make a plan." Molly answered, quickly dodging the question.


Stephanie and Jericho snuck down the hall of Raw, hoping they would not run into Bischoff. Vince rounded the corner and nearly walked right into them.

"Stephanie! What the hell are you doing here?" Vince questioned a bit startled.

"Dad...I...Uh..." Stephanie began stumbling over her words.

"Never mind that. You wouldn't believe your mother! First she cheats on me, then she rehires Stone Cold Steve Austin when she knows I hate the bastard! If that's not bad enough, she's stopped fooling around with all the young guys...." Vince continued to rant.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Stephanie asked cocking an eyebrow.

"No, because now she's cheating on me exclusively with Eric Bischoff!" Vince yelled.

"Dad, it's sort of your fault." Stephanie admitted.

"My fault!" Vince yelled.

"You cheated on Mom for years, and your still cheating on her with Sable. How do you think seeing you with all those young, beautiful women made her feel? I wouldn't blame her for giving you a taste of your own medicine after the thing you've done to her. I'll admit, Mom has shocked me with her actions lately, but I don't think she would mess around with Eric Bischoff." Stephanie admitted.

"Besides aren't you the reason Eric Bischoff had the chance to get near her? Not only did you hire him as GM of raw, but you also sent him to your house." Jericho reminded.

"You stay out of this!" Vince snapped. "Your mother is an embarrassment to our family and she's the worse thing that ever happened to me. The second worst would have to be you and Shane!" He growled. Stephanie slapped him furiously. He angrily grabbed her by the arm. "Who the heel do you think you are?! I'm Vince McMahon damn it! Get out! This is the Raw arena! I'll deal with you at Smackdown." He yelled. Stephanie and Jericho turned around and began walking down the hall. Stephanie was still shaken and visibly angry. Jericho looked at her with concern.

"We don't need to go that way, come one I know a short cut to Bischoff's office." Jericho suggested suddenly taking her hand as he led the way.


The Dudleys entered the Raw arena talking and laughing. Gail Kim marched up to them with a smile. She wore a white leather outfit and glasses. She removed the glasses and approached Bubba.

"Hi, I'm Gail Kim, I don't think we've really met." Gail began extending her hand as she introduced herself. Bubba shook it and so did the other Dudleys.

"I'm Bubba, that's D-Von and this is Spike." Bubba replied.

"It's nice to finally meet you. I was wondering if maybe you wanna go out sometime, so I can show you what your definitely not missing with Trish." Gail offered.

"Um, I don't know. Will there be tables?" Bubba joked.

"If you want." Gail smiled seductively. Just as Bubba was about to answer, a crazed Victoria tackled Gail to the floor. Victoria stood up, wide-eyed. She looked like she hadn't slept in days. She twitched and clawed at her own arm.

"Bubba..." Victoria cried as she clenched his shirt. Gail got to her feet and tackled Victoria, a catfight ensued.

"Damn, your lucky. Girls are already fighting over you." Spike marveled scratching his head trying to figure out why girls were fighting over Bubba.


Stacy walked down the hall as she bit her lower lip with a smile. She and RVD had rescheduled their date for tonight. As she continued to walked she wondered what she would wear, it would definitely be something to compliment her legs. Stacy looked around suspiciously, she could have sworn she had heard footsteps. She turned around and examined the area, she was the only one in the hall. She continued to walked with an odd expression, there was no one there. Stacy let out a heart-stopping scream when she was suddenly ripped into the air by her hair, and thrown against the wall with great force. She groaned and held the back of her head, wincing in pain. She opened her eyes and seen a blur of red fury.

"Kane, please." Stacy began to plead. Kane moved in on her aggressively pressing her up against the wall. She gasped with fear.

"What wrong Stacy? Not so in love with me now are you!? Now that you see the monster that I really am!" Kane yelled in her face.

"You-r-r not a monster." Stacy stammered. He gripped her throat and she became even more frightened. She began to cry with fear.

"You think you fool me?! No one could ever love me! Especially not you!" Kane growled.

"There's nothing wrong with you. It's all in your head. People would want to be close to you if you just gave them a chance." Stacy cried as her continued to pound faster.

"That's the same crap my doctors tried to tell me, and the same thing JR said to me right before I set his ass on fire!" Kane snapped angrily hulking over her. "Do you have any idea what I could do to you?!" Kane laughed with a sick smile.

"Kane, please..." Stacy whimpered. He tightened his grip on her throat and she began to choke.

"But your worse that any of them, because you tried to make me believe you loved me. You lied to me!" Kane growled still gripping her throat tightly.

"I...wasn't...lying.." Stacy managed to choke as it became harder and harder to breathe. She pressed her lips against his in a desperate attempt to calm him down. She felt his grip around her neck slowly untighten. She pulled back, and by this time her face was stained with tears. Kane glared down at her and she wasn't sure what to expect. She thought for sure he was going to destroy her. She closed her eyes tightly as if it would make the lessen the pain. Stacy's eyes shot open, as Kane went crashing to the floor as RVD ambushed him.

"Get the hell off of her!" RVD yelled as he hit him. The two continued to fight back and forth. Stacy collapsed to the floor gasping for air and holding her neck in pain. Kane seemed like he was in control when suddenly RVD smashed Kane's head into a soda machine. Kane stumbled down the hall.

"This isn't over!" Kane promised with a growl. RVD returned his attention back to Stacy. He knelt down and gently touched her neck.

"Are you ok?" RVD whispered.

"Yeah. Deep down, I think he's a good person." Stacy winced. "He just has problems." She stammered.

"He's a monster. I used to think differently too, but now I know." RVD admitted continuing to examine her neck. He ran his hand along her face and gently pulled her into a hug. "So, I guess our date is cancelled?" He asked with an obvious grin. Stacy laughed, than winced in pain. "I'm sorry." He apologized.

"Sorry for what?" Stacy questioned.

"Sorry for letting him get a chance to hurt you." RVD admitted.

"There's no way you could have known." Stacy reassured.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you again." RVD promised staring into her eyes.


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