Batman vs Mizuki

Hey guys this next chapter shows Naruto/Batman battles Mizuki when he tries to steal the scroll seals. I hope you enjoy it.

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Previously Naruto was on the run by mobsters who think he was Kyuubi in human form. Eventually Naruto fell into a hole which he encounter a giant bat but it was never there. Naruto then finds the bat cave while he was trying to find his way out, he looks at a message from the original batman, Bruce Wayne who wanted a successor for the batman. Naruto chooses to fulfill Bruce Wayne wish, so he became the new batman. He did tons simulation on fighting super villains even the used of the vehicles the tumbler, batpod, batboat, batwing, and the bathammer. That night Naruto tries on the batman suit to fight crime, well the first fight was saving Ino from 2 guys who want have their way with her. Ino was confused when he said her name, she has no idea that was Naruto who saved her but she just decided to head home. For Naruto he's getting ready for his next day at the academy.


Naruto just went the Hiruzen Sarutobi and told him about his whereabouts, well he just made up the story that he went into hiding but fell asleep in the process. After being excused he heads to the academy, when he got there Iruka asked where has he been and he only whisper on his ear. Iruka said before graduation they are going to try all of the jutsu even the clones.

'Oh no the clone jutsu was the worst one ever since I couldn't get it right!' Naruto thought to himself because no matter how many times he tries the jutsu it never comes out right.

Timeskip to Naruto

"Ok Naruto now do shadow clones", Iruka said sitting next to Mizuki.

"Shadow clone jutsu", Naruto did it but again the clone is just 1 and it looks like it hadn't eaten for months. Naruto begins to laugh a little and Iruka's left eye brow is twitching.

"YOU FAIL!" Iruka shouted which made Naruto freaked out.

"Iruka don't be like that he may be off but at least he made a clone we could at least give him a break and let him pass", Mizuki said to Iruka.

"Mizuki the other students made 3 clones but Naruto only made 1 and looks pitiful I can't let him pass", Iruka said to Mizuki but Naruto didn't take these words too lightly.

Next Naruto just sits in the swing feeling very miserable for failing and not being able to be a ninja like he always wanted but at least he's batman now. He hears people insulting and mocking him because they still think he is Kyuubi. Then Mizuki came up to him told to take the many secrets from a scroll of seals then he will let him past. Mizuki then walks away with an evil smirk in his face hoping that this trick will give the chance to kill Naruto.

'I not stupid Mizuki, I already know what you're up too thanks to a bat', Naruto thought while hiding a small robotic bat that he used to listen Mizuki's true intention.

Night time

Naruto returns to the bat cave puts on his bat suit, grabbed his tools and drive the tumbler out the bat cave and drives to the hokage residence. Nobody saw the tumbler because Naruto put it in stealth mode and sound proof for the engine. Now as batman again he does know Mizuki intends to make him steal the scroll of seals.

"I get the scroll of seals and lead Mizuki into a trap", Naruto said as he fire missiles from the tumbler at the entrance and so he drives in and gets out of the tumbler to find the scrolls of seals on foot.

"It's got to be here", Batman said after knocking one guard out with right bat gauntlet.

"Was that too easy to find", he said after finding it and use a holographic Naruto as he grabs it and drives his tumbler away from the scene but tricks witness that they saw Naruto stole the scroll of seals using a hologram.

Meanwhile dozens of Konoha nins including and Iruka and Mizuki gather at the third hokage about the scroll of seals that was stolen and they say it was Naruto.

"Go after Naruto but don't harm him", Hiruzen order the group of nins.

Mizuki smirk again thinking he will get the chance on killing Naruto but he won't get a chance. Iruka was shock to hear that Naruto stole the scroll of seals. Mizuki heads for the spot to meet Naruto where he will kill him.

"Oh now where is that brat he better have that scroll of seals with him", Mizuki said angrily that Naruto is not where he is supposed to be.

Mizuki then hears a creak behind then he avoids the batarang thrown by batman.

"Looking for this?" batman said showing the scroll which Mizuki is after.

"Wait a minute Naruto was supposed to steal it not a stranger like you", Mizuki shouted that batman has it not Naruto.

Iruka watches them from a bush, no one has any idea that batman is Naruto. Batman revealed his hologram Naruto which means he tricked the people who witness Naruto stealing the scroll. Tumbler already moved away from scene before anyone saw it.

"Oh I have another message I want everyone in Konoha to hear", batman pulls out the robotic bat and plays what Mizuki said out loud.

Everyone in Konoha heard what Mizuki said in the recorder, now they know that Mizuki was planning to betray Konoha, also he put Naruto up to stealing the scroll.

"Dawn you", enrage he throws his big shuriken at batman which turns out to be a substitute jutsu.

Batman appears behind and kicks him in the back making hit a tree. Mizuki then throws a kunai at him but he made it ricochet back at him at his right arm. While Mizuki is trying to pull the kunai out batman activates the tumbler to ram him, not kill him but knock him out. The tumbler appears out of a hidden place and drives straight for Mizuki.



Mizuki is now knocked out after being hit by the tumbler. Batman then ties him up to a tree, and then Iruka emerges from bushes.

"Here Iruka give the scroll back to the hokage and have it locked away so no can ever touch it and have Mizuki in prison", batman said giving the scroll back to Iruka.

"Ok but just who are anyway?" Iruka said and asked.

"I'm batman", he said getting in the tumbler.

"Oh one last thing a favor from Naruto, if Ino is getting a team make it with Kakashi Hatake", he said and Iruka nodded on the favor.

Batman then drives away back to the bat cave and as Naruto he sure hopes Ino will be in the same team.

Well that's done but I do know Mizuki did return so may be another fight with Naruto/Batman and Mizuki will start again.

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