Wave mission

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Last time after Mizuki's betrayal Naruto had one dream seeing his mother, after that one short conversation with Kyuubi about all that. In the academy Iruka put Sasuke, Sakura and Ino into team Kakashi. Iruka told them it was favor from Naruto but they question why Naruto wanted that which Iruka has no answer for that. After training Ino went home only to meet batman again, but Ino said she already knows his true identity as Naruto Uzumaki.

With team Kakashi

They are now on a mission to escort a man named Tazuna who was a bridge builder back to the wave country since he came to Konoha for supplies and now that he has his supplies he needs an escort. For Ino she remembers that Naruto/batman said that he will follow them there, her next thought is how she knew Naruto was batman and told him. Naruto/batman also explains why he never told her.


"How do you know who I am Ino?" Naruto/batman asked.

"Well when you go missing then batman appears so I came up with a suspicion that batman was you", Ino explains while she turns around with tears coming out of eyes.

"Why are you so sad Ino", he asked her because he could hear her crying a bit.

"Because when I found out that you were batman I was starting to fall in love with you, it's because you save me from being raped", Ino said her reason of sadness.

"If you have a mission tomorrow I will follow you there", Naruto/batman said before he leaves.

"Ino if anyone knew my identity and about us you would be a prime target", he said his reason for not telling her in the first place.

Ino grabs his arm and gave him kiss in the cheek before he leaves.

End of flashback

Naruto now batman again intendeds to follow team Kakashi to the wave country by using the batwing.

"Well now that Ino knows who I am, better make sure she stays safe", he said and activates the batwing and flies away to the wave country.

"I hope you know what you're doing", Kyuubi said in his mind.

Back with team Kakashi they are almost at the wave country. Sasuke and Sakura stared at Ino because she hasn't said a word ever since they left Konoha. Ino is just a little sad because she formed a love bond with Naruto/batman.

"Hey what's a puddle doing here it hasn't even rain it's been sunny since we left", Sakura said after stepping in a puddle.

"Sasuke, Sakura, Ino protect Tazuna", Kakashi warned them while he pulls out a kunai.

Suddenly a duel spike chains with giant claw gauntlets appears and wraps around Kakashi.

"We got you", said a man with a gas mask and dark clothes with some camouflage on it.

"Hell yeah", said the next one with same clothes, it's just a little brown.

Then they tugged on their chains on Kakashi but he just went poof. Meizu and Gozu keep their distance so they won't get hit.

"Meizu and Gozu the Oni brothers nuke-ninjas from the mist village", Kakashi introduce them.

"Why are they here in the wave county?" Sasuke wondered to Kakashi.

"We have orders to kill the bridge builder so stand aside so we don't kill you", Meizu said.

"Yeah", Gozu said raising his gauntlet.

"Over our dead body", Ino said with a kunai on her hand.

"Find by us", Gozu said ready to fight.

But before they can attack they hear something from the sky coming down on them Ino is the only one who recognise it as the batwing. The batwing the fire guns at Gozu and Meizu which stuns them and knocking them out. Then it just flies past team Kakashi.

"What was that?" Sakura asked.

"It's just the batwing", Ino said which caused everybody to stare at her.

"How do you know what that is Ino", Sakura asked her.

"Before I can tell you I want to know why Tazuna never said about him being targeted", Ino said angrily while glaring at Tazuna.

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