Bat and mist

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Last time on the way to the wave team Kakashi and Tazuna had a run in with the Oni brothers from the mist village. Gozu and Meizu said they have orders to kill Tazuna, just before they can strike again the batwing appears and fires stun rounds at them. Ino revealed she knows what that was but she was angry at Tazuna because he didn't tell them that he being targeted.

"Alright Tazuna explain yourself", said a very angry Ino.

"Ok I'll tell you, the wave country use to be a happy place until a man named Gato came to our home", Tazuna explains his reason for deceiving them.

"From the Gato shipping's and distributing company?"

"Yes Kakashi that's him, he also a greedy man who forces people of the wave to rely on his industry, so he charges unfair price on our people. All who defied him were killed, this is why I'm building the bridge because he controls all waters in the land and bypassing the waters we won't be force to rely on him anymore", Tazuna the rest of his stories.

"Ok Ino how do you know what that flying machine was", Kakashi said to Ino.

"Before graduation I was about to be raped by 2 guys until a person who calls himself batman save me. I met him 2 times already and before this mission he told me that he follow. My guess is to make sure I stay safe", Ino explains her story.

"When we get back to Konoha nobody says a word about batman", Kakashi said to Sakura and Sasuke.

"Why not Kakashi sensei", Sakura asked.

"It's for Ino safety Sakura", Kakashi answered.

With Naruto/Batman

He already overheard Tazuna's story even the part with Ino while he was still flying the batwing. Now he landed his batwing somewhere it stays hidden, it's action on the ground this time. Another enemy is heading straight for team Kakashi to kill Tazuna.

Back with team Kakashi and Tazuna

Still onward to Tazuna's house they suddenly see a rabbit passing by and it was pure white.

"Get down!" Kakashi warn them and they dropped down as a giant sword flew over them like a boomerang.

"Where did that come from", Sakura said getting back up.

"Over here", Zabuza said holding his sword.

"Zabuza Momochi also known as the demon of the mist. He's now a rogue ninja that use to work for the assassination group. He's also one of legendary seven ninja swordsmen but the group was disbanded after they failed to assassinate the Mizukage", Kakashi talks about Zabuza's bio.

"Nice history lesson Kakashi", he said.

"Let me guess Gato hired you to kill Tazuna", Kakashi said to Zabuza.

Before Zabuza can answer he suddenly hit in the right shoulder by a batarang. Everybody then sees behind Zabuza is batman.

"Who the hell are you?!" Zabuza shouted while he pulls out the batarang.

"He's batman", Ino said which caused everybody to be shocked that they see batman for the first time.

"Thanks for the introduction Blondie, ok batman you fight me", Zabuza said pointing his sword at batman.

Zabuza then charges at batman in attempt to slice him with his sword. But when his sword lands on batman's body it only made a clanking sound which made everyone confuse.

"Ballistic armor Zabuza, sword, kunai, shuriken proof", batman said before punching Zabuza in the face.

"Hidden mist jutsu", Zabuza made a foggy mist which made it hard to see.

"Batman is vulnerable in that rate because he can't see him through that mist", Kakashi said.

Batman then throws a smoke bomb so Zabuza can't see him either and batman use heat vision to Zabuza.

"Got ya", he said and charges at him.

Batman drop kicks Zabuza in the face and the foggy mist fades away. Zabuza tries to attack batman again but suddenly he was hit by batman's emp rifle (dark knight rise) disabling Zabuza's jutsu leaving him powerless for now.

Zabuza tries to perform a water clone but nothing is happening, batman tells him that his emp rifle disable all of his jutsu but will only last 10 minutes. Batman kicks Zabuza in the face again knocking him out cold. Eventually a fake hunter nin arrives to pick up Zabuza and bails.

"Hey Ino", Naruto/batman greeted her.

Ino only ended up embracing him right in front everyone.

This chapter is done. Emp weapons are capable disabling any machines it comes in contact with. The emp rifle is the same one in the dark knight rises Naruto just modified it for disabling jutsu. The batsuit is the dc one million suit, Naruto just made it in a ballistic armor.

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