Dean stared at the clock on the nightstand of yet another hotel, in yet another sorry state of Texas. 3:08 am. Awesome. Rolling over, Dean could just make out Sam's empty bed, which meant his brother must be out...somewhere, probably banging Ruby, the hunter thought. Dean groaned, wondering how the hell his life had changed from suburbia to well...hell. It was the only word that came to mind when Dean considered his life, of the sadistic sons of bitches who had ruined his families lives, or what was left of his family, anyway.

Dean had the weight of the world on his shoulders, rather literally, in fact, as with the help of his brother, Sam, he had stopped the apocalypse...Dean couldnt remember how many times. And what thanks did he get? None. All he wanted was a break from the constant shit that was his life and...

"Hello Dean."

Dean shot straight up in bed, banging his head on the low hanging beam above him.

"Shit Cas! What the hell man! Havent we talked about you blipping in whenever you damn well feel like it?"

The angel frowned at Deans expression, after all, he did announce himself. Castiel would never get used to these strange human customs.

"Angels dont 'blip'Dean. I need your help."

The hunter rolled his eyes. Does he not realise how adorable he is when he does that, Castiel thought. No, the angel chastisied himself, you must not think of Dean that way. Only, he couldnt help it, Castiel had been suppressing these...feelings he had for Dean for quite some time now. He had never felt like this before. It didn't help that the object of his affections had only plaid boxers on, his lean chest bare for Castiel to see. The angel found himself staring at the hunters taut abs and tousled sleep hair, and couldnt help thinking of all the things he would like to do to his hunter.

"Uh, Cas, man?"Dean cleared his throat. "What is it that you wanted?"

For just one, blissful second, Castiel considered replying with the one word that would change everything. You. But then he remembered that Dean was unavoidably, inexplicably straight, a fact that the angel hated but couldnt change. No, he had to suppress the urge to tell the hunter exactly how he felt.

Castiel sighed. "I have found a case. I thought that perhaps you and Sam would be interested in my help to solve it."

A slight thrill ran through Dean. He hadn't spent time with who he thought of as his angel in a long time. He missed him. And not in the way that friends, or even brothers miss each other, no, what Dean felt for Cas was far beyond that. Not that he would ever tell Castiel that, of course. Hell, Cas probably didn't even realise it was possible for two men to be together, clueless idiot. For three years now Dean had, loved, Castiel, and the infuriating angel had absolutely no idea.

Dean licked his dry lips and began to reply to Castiel. He stopped in his tracks when he heard a groan, which reverberated in the cheap motel room. Shocked, Dean realised that that totally erotic sound came from Castiel, who blushed when he realised that the hunter had heard his barely suppressed moan. But, God, when he saw Dean lick his lips so seductively, he just couldnt contain the way that made the him feel, deep down inside.

"Cas, are you okay?"

"No." Castiel replied. "No, Dean, I am not. Do you have any idea what you do to me?"The angel took a predatory step towards the bed in which Dean sat, his mouth open in surprise.

"Uh..." For fucks sake Dean, thought the hunter, at least say something resembling words.

" I am tired of pretending that you do not affect me, Dean."Castiel was slowly moving closer and closer towards a shell-shocked Dean. "I thought it was impossible for me to love anyone who was not one of my kind, but you, Dean Winchester, are driving me crazy."

Dean whimpered in desire when Castiel said his name. Shit, what was his angel doing? Surely he couldnt mean must be a joke. Any second now Castiel would crack up and the tension would be evaporated. Only, Dean knew that Castiel didn't joke, he didn't think the angel knew the meaning of the word.

" Are you being serious?"Dean whispered, praying that he was, which was quite ironic actually, praying while a sexy angel was sauntering towards him.

Castiel now loomed over Dean, reaching down and trailing his fingers down Deans bare chest, eliciting a shudder from his hunter.

Then, the angel swooped down and captured Deans lips with his own, crashing their mouths together. Dean gasped into the angels open mouth, and Castiel growled. Shit, thought Dean, that was so fucking hot. Sliding his hands under Deans ass, he lifted the hunter out of bed and flush against his body. Dean responded by wrapping his legs around the angels hips, and sliding his hands into the silky locks at the nape of Castiels neck. As their mouths moved together, each man knew that this, right here, right now, was where they were always destined to be.

Castiel broke away from Deans succulent lips and moved his mouth down to nip at the hunters jaw, trailing kisses down to his neck. Dean moaned, he couldnt believe that he had just kissed his angel with such heat. It was better than he could have ever imagined.

Castiel continued nipping at Deans throat, as he mumbled against the hunters skin "That serious enough for you?"

Dean laughed, low, deep and sexy, making Castiel shudder.

"Hell yeah."