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Prompt: Apple pie

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After the War ended, Harry Potter decided he needed a nice quiet life, away from the press, well-wishers, and most importantly Ginny bloody Weasley. Well, it wasn't Ginny herself that was the problem. She and Harry had decided that they had outgrown one another and officially officially (as opposed to the unofficially officially end at the end of Harry's sixth year) ended the relationship.

Molly, Ron, Hermione, and the majority of the Wizards thought it was only a matter of time before they got back together. Anytime they were so much as mentioned in the same sentence (not to mention actually being in the same general vicinity of the other), they were both told repeatedly how perfect they would be together if they would just stop dragging their feet.

Ginny, who had six boyfriends at Hogwarts, not counting Harry, had attempted to date casually. But any time she showed more than platonic interest in someone, they mentioned that she was with Harry. Harry had also attempted to go on a few dates, but got the same response.

Ginny had eventually found a foreign wizard, who whisked her off to Australia. Harry was then told repeatedly that he should go win her back. So it was definitely time to move. And, by luck, he found a small flat that was nice, but not too expensive for him. Ten minutes later he and Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, signed the paperwork, and Harry Potter was the new resident of 221C Baker Street.

Harry decided to try his hand at baking. When the coffee shop next door went out of business, he got in a nasty bidding war with a sub chain, but came out the victor. Two months later, Lunar Snowfall Sweets held its grand opening. Mrs. Hudson was his first customer, and within a week he was raking in the profits as more and more customers came to buy his cakes, cookies, pies, and homemade candies.

He barely noticed six months later when a Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson moved in upstairs. He did notice when Mr. Holmes began breaking into his flat repeatedly. And a plan came to Harry. An ingenious, evil plan. And when Harry left for work one morning, Mr. Holmes took the bait.

Sherlock was curious about the downstairs neighbor. It was a feeling he was very much unaccustomed to. And as the man himself was rarely around, Sherlock took it upon himself to pick the man's lock. And really, if the man were really trying to keep someone out, he'd invest in better locks. His bakery next door was obviously doing well if the plasma TV and state of the art computer were any indication, so he could certainly afford it.

But this time, something new adorned the normally blank walls. In the kitchen, hanging above the sink, there was a painting. It opened on a hinge, revealing a brand new, very shiny safe. Sherlock couldn't help himself, and began to crack the code. It wouldn't be hard for him.


Not very hard at all. C was the third letter of the alphabet, hence the 3, and the man really shouldn't have made the code the address. When he opened the door of the safe, Sherlock's mind barely managed to get out 'Why is there a pie?' before-


The apple pie in the safe nailed him in the face. Sherlock stood dumbstruck for a few moments before glaring at the safe and storming out of the flat.

Later that evening, Mrs. Hudson introduced him to Harry Potter. The man tilted his head and then smirked.

"Have any pie lately, Mr. Holmes?" Harry asked. Sherlock glared at him. Mrs. Hudson remained oblivious.

"Oh you must try some, Sherlock. He's a wonderful cook."

"I tried the apple earlier. It wasn't to my taste." The cinnamon smell took three washings to get out of his hair.

"Perhaps, you'd prefer the cherry." Harry said.

"I sincerely doubt it and have no intention of trying it."

"Oh? And why not. I assure you Mr. Holmes, all my pies are safe." Harry wore a grin as he said this, and John finally caught on that there was a hidden meaning behind their words.

"I won't be so easily tricked the next time, Mr. Potter," Sherlock said as he walked up the stairs to 221B

"Why do I get the feeling he's not talking about you tricking him into eating the pie?" John asked. Harry's only reply was to laugh.

Three days later, Sherlock picked the lock to 221C again and headed for the safe. The code was 7-31-8. The lock on the safe only went up to 50, but if one were to add a zero after the eight, it would be Potter's birthday. Sherlock ducked before opening the safe. When nothing happened, he took a peek inside the safe.


A cherry pie smacked into his forehead. Sherlock gave a frustrated grunt before heading up to 221B to wash the cherry from his hair. Hopefully, it would be easier than the apple.

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