The Day His Heart Stopped


Chapter 1 – A Love So Sweet



1776 Konohagakure


If breathtaking was the word that could describe ones beauty then surely there had to be another word that meant much more when trying to describe her.


The old tavren reeked of liquor, vomit, smoke, musk and wet wood. The broken floors were stained with God knows what and the walls were made of ash red brick. It was fairly large but not quite large enough for the number of people that occupied the space now. Music from the band was only a background noise to the mass of drunken fighters.

Some already over their limits, while others trying to reach theirs. The bartender gave a toothy grin at the men and women that kept his dump running. The intoxicated men laughed and threw a few friendly punches because they were all just happy to be alive.

Dark eyes scanned over the bar slowly, taking in everything around him, from the two men in the corner that were about to break into a fight to the far end of the bar where a woman was preparing to sell her body to the highest bidder. He tapped his slender fingers on the wooden table to the light melody of the band playing on stage. The dim lamps flickered over the dirty club casting a cloud of smoke making the bar seem even darker than before.

He suddenly felt a strong hand on his shoulder. With a slight turn, he saw an older male. His eyes were low and red; his mouth was hanging open letting the thick smell of cheap liquor escape. "Aye," He slurred with a sloppy grin. "Whatcha' doin' here young blood?" He sat down at the younger males table.

The younger male glanced at the sorry excuse for a man sitting down. He didn't feel a need to reply and the drunken man didn't pressure him especially after seeing the gleam of his knife resting under his right hand. There was a loud clapping noise that captured everyone's attention. There was a thin woman saying the next act was about to play. There were cat calls and howling as the already dim lights went off. The lights shifted to the stage in one spot.

The curtains didn't move for a long time and the young man was about ready to leave. There was soft, brain soothing music and that's when a long, creamy leg peeped out of the curtain. He was more interested by the music than the performer. His eyes closed hearing the piano taking him out of this dingy reality. That's when her voice came down and silenced the loud men. Dark eyes opened revealing a curvaceous woman with a black corset dress on. It was a long turtle neck with a collar of lace and the bottom pooled around her. There was a very long slit on the side of her dress showing off everything from her thigh to her high red heels

His eyes traveled from her body to the smooth, ivory color of her face. He watched how her full lips birthed every word that she sung. Her long, thick eye lashes fanned then opened letting the crowd see her ghostly white eyes. There were a few gasped but nobody moved. The way her navy hair fell over her shoulders was like a waterfall of blues.

He felt his throat tighten after taking in her presence. If breathtaking was the word that could describe ones beauty then surely there had to be another word that meant much more when trying to describe her.

He leaned forward in his seat watching her hips sway softly to the rhythm of the calming melody. Then his heart skipped, almost painfully when they made eye contact. Her blood stained red lips curved into a knowingly smile before moving into the last verse. He stood, having enough of this type of torment and began to walk out.

He braced himself as the cold wind greeted him at the door. Moon was high in the sky casting a comfortable blanket of peace over Konohagakure. He pulled his coat closer and heading home. Her face was burned in the back of his mind. Those ebony eyes of his only saw her and still it put a dangerous feeling into his soul.

The feeling of being watched found him on a lonely road back to his house. He paid it no mind. There was no need to worry. No man was brave enough to travel up the dark path leading back to his home. He was a trained killer and the town respected and feared him.

He was Sasuke Uchiha, the youngest captain of the Konohagakure Army.

He opened the door to his home and closed the door but the feeling of someone watching him didn't cease, it only increased. It felt like someone was standing behind him barely giving the man any room to breathe. He gritted his teeth. "Show yourself!" He whipped around to nothing. He narrowed his eyes and clutched his knife.

What felt like a cold breeze flew pass him. He closed his eyes. "How dare you make yourself paranoid?" He scolded himself. When he opened his eyes there was that woman standing by his opened window. Her eyes were glowing in the pale moon light. "You…" It barely came out.

She smiled at him. "Ah, it is me." She put a dainty hand over her chest. She stepped towards him. "It is you that interest me." He pointed the knife at her and stepped back.

"How did you get into my home?" He hissed.

She turned slightly. "I walked in with you." She reached out and grabbed his wrist. His onyx eyes landed on her pale, freezing skin. She yanked his arm and the knife fell. "Tell me," She placed his hand on her chest. "Who are you?"

His eyes widened when he realized she had no heartbeat. He looked up into her milky eyes. "I am Sasuke Uchiha." Her eyes closed as he said it. She squeezed his hand before opening her eyes again. "What are you?" He couldn't move his body.

She grabbed his other hand before moving both to her hips. "You are very strong, Sasuke…" She whispered into the night. "You are talented and beautiful…" She caressed his face. "And you are perfect for me."

He frowned and moved away. "I do not know you, woman."

She brought her hands behind her head. "Knowing me isn't important," She pulled the lace down exposing her collar. "Do you want me?" She smiled. "I only saw desire in your eyes tonight and even now."

His frowned but didn't move. "You are a demon of the night, a seducer that preys on strong men." He stepped back. "You have no dwelling place here, monster."

Her eyes widened. "I am no monster!" She hissed out.

"You are no human." He pointed to her body. "My eyes have never seen another woman with your beauty and she be human." He pulled out another knife that rest on hisy hip. "Leave my house before I kill you, witch."

She shook her head. "No witch is in me. Am I not beautiful as you thought in that bar? Am I not to your liking?" She clenched her growing canine teeth. "I am offering myself to you and you – you reject me!" She clutched the fabric of her dress as her eyes darkened to an amethyst.

His eyes widened. "Vampire…" He got into fighting stance. "I will kill you."

She frowned and threw up her arms. "Kill me!" She unlaced her corset exposing smooth, porcelain skin. "Peirce me in the heart!" She put an 'x' over her chest. "I am not of the living but I am not of the dead! My heart does not beat but do what you must, oh great man!"

Silence and the icy air of the season filled the room harshly. He felt chill bumps travelling over his body though he wasn't sure if it was this woman or the air. Her eyes only mirrored him in them. He watched her chest –it did not heave or move. He licked his suddenly dry lips. "Why have you come for me?"

"You will hit your primes soon," She walked pass him, fixing her dress. "You will get old and get sick…" She sat on a chair while crossing her legs making sure the slit exposed as much skin as possible. "You will die and your legacy will fade into nothing."

He clenched his fist. "I will be great."

"You will be forgotten just like everyone else," She ran a hand through her hair. He watched her teeth peak under her full lips. "Would you like to live forever?" She glanced at him.

"Like you," He pointed. He didn't know why he was entertaining this woman but she refused to leave and he very much enjoyed looking at her. "Why would I want to watch everyone I care about die around me?"

She smiled. "Do not act as if you have anyone. Your family is long gone and you know it," She watched him frown. "We will be together and once a vampire loves another there is no way to move on." She stood up. "This is why I chose you."

He looked at his hands. "I will be damned."

"Are you not now? You killed countless people but in my eyes you have a chance to be rebirthed…" She took his trembling hands. "Will you let me love you?"

He turned around. "What use is love?" She appeared behind him. She pressed her head to his back. "I have forgotten her because she forsakes me…"

She hummed against the vibrations of his voice. "She forsakes you not – it is you who has turned your back on her. Open your eyes to her, Sasuke."

"Should I?" He whispered.

She nodded. "With her – and with I. I promise you a very long, youthful life… I can give that to you." He turned around to her. "Will you let me?" He watched her for a long time before nodding.

She smiled and sat him down on the chair she was on. She ripped the bottom of her dress off until it reached her mid-thigh. He watched her straddle his lap. She closed her eyes and he saw her eyelashes get thicker and wild, the area around her eyes tightened and veins protruded out. Even now she was still beautiful to him. He looked at full moon out the corner of his eye before she tilted his head over. "Wait…" And she let not a strained grunt.

"Yes?" She whispered kissing his neck.

He swallowed a moan. "What is your name?"

She giggled. "Hiriko." Before he could nod, fangs were being plunged into his thin skin. His teeth gritted and he grabbed her hips. She bit down further listening to his groans. As she enjoyed the sweet taste that he was giving her; he didn't know if he was in pleasure or pain. It felt like someone was squeezing his heart and pulling it out of his body. Soon, darkness was knocking at his mind and he welcomed it.



1860 Otogakure


Eighty-one long years past since that night – the night he welcomed the darkness, and he never felt any older or younger but that was fine. He sat on roof letting the clammy air of Otogakure rush by his waist length raven hair. He adapted as the world around them grew. He really hated this century. Smoke was everywhere, filling the atmosphere with its toxins.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" She sat beside him.

He looked over his shoulder. "Just watching the moonlight, Hiriko," He intertwined their hands. "It's a magnificent night, no?" His dark eyes turned back to the full moon in the sky.

She nodded. "When is the last time you have feed?" She looked at the transparency of his pale skin.

"Four moons ago…" He muttered.

She frowned. "You must feed! Do you wish to leave me – to die?"

He turned to her. "Of course not, I am respecting your wishes."

She ran a hand down his long tresses. "What were my wishes?"

"You said that you love these people. I cannot bring myself to hurt those that hold a place in your heart."

She smiled at him before looking down on the town. "I love all people not just for their blood but because their naïve way of living." She stood up. "We are not monsters but they claim us to be and make mockery of our kind." She threw her arms in the air. "But they know not of what they are feeding each other." She turned to him.

"That doesn't sound like love." He closed his eyes to the breeze.

She giggled. "I have only taught you love for humans, we were once humans too."

"Even then I hated them." He muttered.

She sat beside him. "But you don't kill in vengeance only survival and they do the same."

"You're right," He stood. "I will go feed. Will you be joining me?" He tightened his coat. She shook her head telling him that she would watch the moon for a few more hours. He nodded and leapt down into the town.

Honestly, he was starving and the animals around here were too fatty for his liking. He crept along the shadow letting his eyes take on their crimson form. There was a woman walking alone. He watched her. She smelt to be in her early twenties like he appeared to be. Fear of the night was visibly floating around her like a cloud.

"Hey, woman!" He turned to see a group of guys come out the corner. "Hey, come here we just want to talk to ya!" One yelled. The woman turned to see who it was before quickening her sped. One of the guys said he would take care of it and ran after the frightened woman.

A pain pressed at Sasuke's stomach. How could Hiriko find love in these awful creatures? He ran over the roves without a sound as the woman was running for her life. The guy was laughing wickedly yelling rude things at her. As she screamed for help – nobody even peeped out their homes.

Not a light came on.

They ignored her. He narrowed his eyes as she ran into an alleyway. Sasuke sighed. "Foolish woman…" The man came in chuckling saying he was going to teach her a lesson. Sasuke's cold hand clenched reflecting on how Hiriko even became how she was because of a group of men.

They beat and raped her for not obeying them. Then her master came from the shadows and bit her. Even after that she had nothing but love for the creatures.

The woman yelled only to be slapped. Sasuke swooped down in the shadows behind the man. He could smell the evil on him. He reached back to hit her again and Sasuke grabbed his arm. "W-What?" The raven haired man slammed the guy in the stone wall beside the crying woman.

He looked over at her. "Run from here." He muttered.

She covered her mouth. "T-Thank you…" She whispered but couldn't move. Sasuke tilted the man's head over before drinking his thick, rich blood. He loved taking from evil-doers. Their blood was bitter just like he liked. He paid no mind the frozen woman as he finished off the man.

His lifeless body fell to the floor. He wiped his mouth feeling the blood spread throughout his body. "Where do you live?"

She clutched her heart. "A v-vampire."

He tightened his coat. "I will ensure you arrive at home safely." She looked like she was about to speak until he gave her body a gentle push. "I will not hurt you." His fangs went back to normal and eyes faded back to onyx.

She nodded quickly and grabbed her bags. He kept his promise and watched her from the roves until she got home. She looked up at the church roof where he landed. She gave a small wave before going inside. He sighed. "You do have a soft spot for humans."

He didn't need to turn to see Hiriko standing behind him. He looked over. "The helpless ones." With that he disappeared in the night. She smiled as followed him.


They had been together for eighty-one years and each year it seemed like they fell more in love with each other. She taught him everything he knows today. She was patient when he refused to drink human blood, for the first three years he only drank blood from animals until he fell sick and she forced it to him.

He adjusted to the sleeping patterns but never really followed them. He learned that a lot of the myths of vampires were made up by humans. Such as the sun, if exposed to a large amount of heat then their skin will burn twenty-times faster than a human. Garlic was only a weakness because of the strong scent then there were the cross and holy water – that had no effect on them. The wooden stake… all hoaxes.

But there was one instant killer that he didn't know about until forty years later…


1900 Kumogakure


"Sasuke!" Hiriko walked through the house. He was sitting in the living room drinking a glass of the murder that he killed and drained a night ago. His ebony eyes looked up at opal eyes. "I have great news!" She giggled and kissed his forehead.

He nodded. "Well, tell me." A smirk found itself way to his lips.

She plopped down on the couch and pressed her head to his shoulder. "It happened!" She squeaked and covered her face. He ran a hand through her hair as she was crying. "I am so happy!" She looked up at him. "I'm having a baby!"

He put his cup down. "I didn't know that was possible?"

She nodded. "Well, only once every hundred years and guess who just turned two hundred this year." She pointed to herself.

He hugged her. "I know I was there." She kissed him lightly as he smirked against her lips. "How many months along?" She put up three months. He smiled. "I didn't think I would be one-hundred and forty-seven when I have my first child."

She laughed. "Well I had to make sure it was this century," She stood. "If I would have waited to three hundred… I could have a wrinkle!"

He rolled his eyes. "I find that impossible, Hiriko."

She shrugged. "I am too happy! We should go to that motion picture thing tonight!" She smiled.

"Anything…" He stood.


She held his hand as they walked down the dark street. "We will have to move soon." He muttered. She nodded knowingly. He hated moving but the people would start to realize that they weren't aging. "I hear that Shimogakure has a very vampire friendly area." He chuckled.

She smiled. "You know, my master lives there. We can pay her a visit." He nodded until they heard a group of footsteps behind them. He pulled her closer to her. "Sasuke…" She whispered. He glanced down seeing the veins around her eyes. "It's almost twenty of them following us."

He felt their evil spirits and it only made him hungry. "We'll be fine." He muttered and told her to walk faster.

"Demons!" There was a group of men in front of them.

Sasuke sighed. "Excuse us…"

A very tall man stepped through the crowd of angry towns' people. "You have polluted our town with your filthiness, you monsters."

Hiriko winced at the venom that he used. "W-We haven't hurt anyone!" She tried. Sasuke grabbed her arm pulling her behind him. "Sasuke…" She touched his arms. "You can't hurt them."

He turned to her. "If they hurt you or…" He glanced down at her covered stomach. "I will hurt them."

"Die!" The taller man yelled as he ran towards them.

Sasuke hissed and punched the man so hard he flew into the next building. Women started screaming. Hiriko was yelling. "Sasuke stop it!"

"Don't you see they have no control?" A pudgy man walked to the front calmly. "This is madness," He turned to the people. "If we let them stay here then they will multiple and kill us all."

Hiriko shook her head. "No, No… we don't kill and if we have it only the evil."

Sasuke kissed her forehead. "Run away from here, they will not listen to us." She shook her head. "If they hurt you I will kill them so run, I will find you." He smiled.

She glanced at the angry people. "Sas-" He grabbed her face. "Promise to find me?"

"If it takes a lifetime, I love you." He heard them run towards. "Go!" She nodded and jumped on the roof. They watched her jump off. Sasuke growled. "It's not her you want," His nails grew. "I am the only one that kills you pathetic humans." He lied.

Half of the group chased her while some came toward him. He dodged and started ripping people apart. He took out his knife and started slicing people up. He heard a high pitched scream. He turned to the noise. "Hi-" He was shot in the stomach. He looked at the trembling boy before pulling out the bullet and running to his wife.

He pushed the mob out the way and saw her in a net knitted with garlic and barb wire. His eyes widened. "Hir-" A net fell on him. His nose and brain felt like it caught fire. His eyes watered at the smell. "Hiriko!" He yelled trying to rip the net but his vision was burring.

"Sasuke!" She cried.

He growled and ripped a hole in it. He saw her big opal eyes. "Here I-"

"DIE!" He saw the pudgy man throw a torch on the gas infused rope. Onyx eyes watched his wife go up in flames. Her screams echoed throughout his head. He finally got out the rope and ran to her but even getting close to the flames were burning his skin.

It was too late she was nothing but ashes… in under thirty seconds. He dropped to his knees. "Hiri…" He placed trembling hands in her ashes. He knew his heart was dead but something in his chest was hurting. He couldn't save her from these… blood bags.

"You are ne-" Before the fat man could get another word out Sasuke rip out his throat. His eyes were glowing crimson and fangs were bare. The towns people screamed while others were trying to set him on flames.

"You will all die tonight!" He yelled before disappearing in the darkness.

The people got quiet. The taller man appeared again. "We killed one and we can do it again! No one sleeps tonight. We will rid this place of those creatures." He yelled until his head rolled off.

People started running only to see people start dying in a blink of eye. Sasuke was using his speed to kill everybody that was outside. It took two minutes to kill the mob. He huffed letting the hate he had pour out and fill his body. "If its fire you want," He sat on the roof of a house. "Fire you will have."

Later that night the whole town of Kumogakure was set to flames. The stoic man looked at the gates of his home. Things were different now. The town was just called Konoha. He closed his eyes. "Hiriko, humans don't deserve to live." He growled. "They didn't deserve your mercy and sure as hell won't have mine." He clutched his heart. He had to start over again… without his heart. Not his organ but his wife. It had been one-hundred and twenty four years since he felt his heart stop but now he really felt it.

Today was the day that his heart stopped.




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