The Day His Heart Stopped

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Chapter 14: DayBreak



Silence filled the air again and this time it was painful...seeing her like this was painful.




A puff of white air left her lips as she fumbled for her phone. She mentally cursed herself for having such a big purse. There was a rustle in her ear, whipping around in fear, nothing was there. Swallowing she got back into her dead car and tried starting it up again.

The old vehicle seemed to scream before going out. "Great!" She hit the steering wheel in anger. The moon was the only light that kept her from sitting alone in the dark surrounded by the forest.

She rubbed her neck glancing in the mirror, warm chocolate eyes looked back at her, "I'm so stupid." She muttered softly.

Kicking off her shoes, her mind rewinded back to the strange Hyuuga she saw coming out of the bathroom. Rumors around the office were that she was the heiress to the big guy and cousin to...

Tears burned her eyes, she felt bad for the girl. Who did she piss off to be born a Hyuuga? A stupid, dirty, cheating, scum Hyuuga! Letting out a groan, she leaned back allowing hot tears to spill over. It would be the last time she gave her heart to another.

She clutched her aching stomach and wondered why it was called morning sickness if it came no matter the time of day. His words cut her deeper than any knife could.

"S-So stupid!" She let her buns down and massaged her scalp before looking into the forest. Dark greens glowed under the moons lights but ended there, everything as far as she could see was pitch black. Its darkness gripped her heart but she couldn't look away as shadows of the nocturnal animals ran through the thickness.

A scream came from the depths of the forest and she clutched her stomach. She swallowed hearing the same scream and two shadows, larger than animals, stopped where she could see a woman.

Even the distance between them, the terrified woman made eye contact with her. The brunette shook her head as the battered woman ran out for help. Tears poured from her face, she had to protect herself and so she locked the doors.

But it was useless, halfway across the street a shadow wrapped around the woman's body pulled her back into the darkness. Tenten covered her mouth when the screaming stopped. "N-No..." She tried starting up her car but it wailed.

She grabbed the knife and gun hidden in her glove compartment and laid down. There was complete silent, she felt like throwing up. Quietly she pulled out her phone trying to call 911 until there was a knock at her window.

Brown eyes met opal ones. "N-Neji?"

He looked sick and clothes looked torn apart. Where had he been? Had he been with that woman? Was he also running? Her eyes narrowed. Had he been sleeping with her? "Tenten..." He swallowed.

She frowned. He needed to die. He deserved it. "Go away!"

He pressed his forehead to the glass. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that to you."

But he did. He said it and she wouldn't forgive him. "W-Why are you out here?"

He looked at her with opal eyes that she fell for. "I... I honestly don't know," he paused. "I just ended up here."

She groaned, "Dammit!" She reached over and opened the door. He sat down, careful not to smirk.




He was sure he was awake. He felt awake but there also was nothing blocking his sight, of course he wasn't able to check but he knew. He wiggled his ears catching a faint dripping noise to his far right and it smell like wet dirt.

He hated that smell.

Leaning against the wall, he felt a cemented wall. Good. Stability. He winced lightly feeling something tightening around his wrist, it was sharp and probably been there for a while.

Releasing a breath, he closed his eyes...but wasn't sure if they weren't already closed. He was more confused than scared. Well, at least he wasn't in complete silence.

He would have went mad.

Kyuubi never stayed quiet for long. "H-Hello?" He spoke and regretted it quickly, his throat was dry, sore and itchy. Kyuubi had yet to reply.

"You've joined us." His eyes whipped ahead. The sound of a young woman ripped through the darkness. "Beautiful."

There was a ticking sound before the lights came on. It was just three, one at the door, another in the middle and one above his head. "W-Who are you?"

"That's not important," the voice told him. He heard footsteps but saw nothing. There was no shadow, no movement or rustling and yet he heard footsteps closing in on him.

Fear set in swiftly, he closed his eyes. "Just a dream, just a-"

"Nightmare..." The voice was beside him now. He looked over but again there was nothing. He turned his head and there was a hooded figure sitting in front of him. He knew he was staring in the hood but was met with darkness. "Wha-"

A hand silenced him. "Be silent." The hand lifted his chin and appeared to be looking at his neck. "Kyuubi must pay his debt."

His eyes widened and she took his cuffed arm. A scalpel shined under her sleeve. "W-Wait!" He gritted his teeth as she pressed the cold metal to his skin until red liquid poured over his tanned skin.

He watched as his blood dripped into a tube. "Your familiarity with Uchiha Sasuke has caused your downfall."


She placed a top on the tube. "Yes." His heart was thumping in his ears as she stared at him and he couldn't stare back. She took off the glove and rested her hand on his cheek.

"Finish it!" Another voice chimed.

"I a-am!" Her voice broke. "I... I h-have."

"That was the last ingredient, hurry up."

She didn't reply to the angry voice instead bringing coming closer to the shaking blond. "You i-idiot." She rested her lips on his cracked ones. He shivered hearing the tube roll and her hands cupping his face deepening the kiss. He turned away in disgust. She sighed and stood.

He dropped his head. "W-Why," he whispered. The footsteps stopped. "W-why are you doing this, Ino?"

There was a long silence. "H-How?"

A small smile pressed at his lips. "I bought you that grape lip gloss for your birthday." He brought his head up. "W-Why?"

She opened the door. "He killed everyone I cared about. He deserves death."

"He will kill you! Your people killed everyone he ca-"

"SHUT UP!" She screamed. "Shut up! You don't know a damn thing!" Her footsteps marched to him. "You're the host of a demon. What do you know!" She towered over him.

"I know you..." He whispered.

"I am a witch, a ruler of dark magic, a cursed being but you knew this?" She snapped.

"Kyuubi told me once we met." He kept this voice soft.

She stiffened. "You stayed..." She shook her head. "It doesn't matter." She walked back to the door.



"Were we... Me and Hinata even important to you and her?"

Silence filled the air again and this time it was painful...seeing her like this was painful. Her eyes locked on his.

"No." The door slammed.




Sasuke walked in the wasteland that had been once beautiful, that once held generations, that killed the only person he loved.

He closed his eyes, hearing her laugh in his head...and yet it wasn't hers, it had altered...

He gritted his teeth seeing where her body burned at. He walked over to the exact spot. He saw them walking down the road, he saw that man, he saw the faces of those people.

Her scream hadn't changed.

It still sound the same. Even with the sun high in the sky, the air was cold. He lifted his hand to the sun. "Have you found peace, Hiriko?" He whispered almost silently.

"I have."

He turned quickly at the voice. "Hir..." His voice trailed off upon seeing her walk from behind an abandoned building. Moonstone eyes watered and extended her arms to him. "That..."

Her navy tresses blew gracefully in the winter's breeze feeling his nose with the scent of cream and blueberries. "S-Sasuke!" She lifted the ends of her ebony dress before running towards him.

He froze when her body contacted with his. Her tears stained his clothes and fingers clutched his shirt. "Hiriko..." He buried his head in her silky hair.

She pulled back. "I've missed you, my love." Tears streamed down her face and he caught them. He hated seeing her cry. "Have you missed me?"

Her face felt so...

"Should the moon not miss the sun?" His face cracked into a small smile.

She giggled. "I suppose it would." Dimples, he missed seeing those dimples. "You haven't changed."

She cupped his cheeks. "I love you." He decided to say.

Resting her head in his chest. "I know," she muttered. "I'm sorry my love." Before he could ask why something sharp ripped through his skin. She gripped his shirt while twisting the dagger.


She pulled away having her hands covered with his blood. "Sasuke, that was lace with poison. It's time to die."

He looked down to see the hole in his stomach wasn't healing. The metallic taste of his own blood flooded his mouth. "I'm a f-fool."

She nodded. "You've always been." Navy hair changed into bight rose and opal eyes flickered jade. She brought a hand to her mouth and laughed loudly.

"Your love killed you, how romantic?" Another voice echoed in his ear. He turned to see the blonde girl.

"You may know us by our real names, Saku and Inoki."

His vision blurred a bit while trying to pressed his wound. "W-witches!"

"Orphans!" Ino screamed.

Sakura smiled. "You'll meet up with Kyuubi soon enough." Sasuke fell over some rumble. They walked up to his bleeding body and took out a match.

"You wil-" They froze seeing the world around them dissolved. "A shadow!" Sakura screamed whipping around to find him. Ino pointed to an old building.

Sasuke stood from his crouching position. "Idiots."

"H-How did..."

Sasuke leapt down gracefully before stalking over. "Did you think," claws sharpened. "That killing Uchiha Sasuke would be simple?" Fangs bared at them both.

"You.." Ino whispered.

"If you want my life take it!" He yelled making an 'X' over his chest.

Sakura clenched her fist and ran blindly at the vampire only to have his claw sliced through her neck. She fell to the floor in a bloody pool. "Take me to Kyuubi." He commanded Ino.

The girl stood there shaking as her best friend evaporated. "You ki-" His hands gripped her wrist.

"If you don't show me. I will rip your fucking eyes out and give them the honor."

She cried as bones started to shatter in his grip. "O-Okay!" She sobbed. He took a handful of her hair and she lead the way.


Once finding the cell, Naruto looked up. "Sasuke."

He threw the blonde down. "Unlock the chains." She sobbed at Naruto's feet. "Unlock it, witch!" He kicked her stomach causing blood to seep out the corners of her mouth. He grimaced at the foul odor her blood gave off.

"You broke my wrist!" She screamed. "N-Naruto..." He looked at her with clenched fist. "H-Help me!" He turned away from her trembling bloody form.

"You heard him, Ino. Unlock the chains."

She gasped. "I thou-"

"I thought we were friends!" He snapped. "I thought..." He shook his head. "You chose your fate."

Sasuke kicked her again. "My patience is thin!"

She cried and chanted over the chains, there was a click and he was free. Sasuke picked her up by the throat. "P-Please...don't k-k-kill me!" She begged holding his arms to support herself.

"Why not?" He asked.

"H-Hinata! Who is going to tell her that h-her friends died?"

Sasuke frown didn't move. "Not good enough."

Naruto scoffed. "You were using her."


Sasuke raised her body until her feet dangled. "She is innocent your evil will taint her."

"You're a vampire and he's a demon! You will taint her!" She hissed out. "You'll kill me even knowing her feelings."

Sasuke smirked as tomoes spun rapidly. "You're going to kill yourself." Her blue eyes faded and nodded slowly. He dropped her to the floor and she clutched her skull and chin. Sasuke growled. "Die." Naruto turned away at the sickening crack.

"Thank you." Naruto voiced.

He turned to the young man. "Even with Kyuubi your blood is pure." He started to walk out.

Naruto glanced at Ino's body before walking after him. "Is that your way of saying you're welcome?"

Sasuke snorted allowing the blond to catch up.



Gaara wasn't as unstable as popular belief. Itachi may have been able to sneak pass Sasuke but he sense the man watching the mortal when she was with the cat.

The question was why?

Why was the mortal's welfare so important to the most famous vampire brothers? He would apologize to the cat later but the problem at hand was protecting the mortal.

Gaara clenched his fist and Hinata let out a blood churning scream. Itachi launched at the red head and dug his nails under the skin of his chin, ready to snap it off before he heard Hinata beg him not to kill him.

Gaara saw the hesitation and punched the eldest Uchiha in the face. They snarled at each other.

That was the same hesitation that pinned to Sasuke. "Why do you care for her, Itachi?"

"That's not any concern of yours." He stood allowing crimson eyes to turn ebony.

Hinata sobbed, every breath felt like someone was stabbing her. "Hinata-sama!" Koneko limped to her.

She replied in a cry. "A-Ah!" She rolled over and began to cough up blood.

Gaara smirked. "Will you let your precious mortal die, Itachi?"

He glanced at her trembling form. "You will fix her now."

Faded coral eyes widened. "Will I?" He snapped his finger and Hinata let out another cry. "I care not for your commands."

The Uchiha watched the insane man in front of him with apathy. "I suppose you can find out where vampires go after this." Before Gaara could snap again black flames engulfed his legs.

Hinata watched Gaara and almost faintly there was a tug at his lip. The pain faded from her chest as his body was now on fire. She stood to run to him but he raised a hand. "GAARA!" She cried as Itachi held her back.

She felt to the floor when the flames vanished and... Gaara was nothing but ashes. She sobbed. "N-No..." She stood weakly. "You killed him!"

She tried pushing him after seeing that wasn't working she took to hit him in the chest. "He wanted to die." He grabbed her wrists.

"Liar! You liar!" She struggled in his grip.

"He asked me to."

She looked up at him. "S-Stop lying...please."

"I have spoken no lie," He pulled her to him. "You did not hear it. Your ears cannot hear what we can."

She looked at the spot where he last stood back to him. "I..." Itachi wasn't...scary. He was...

"S-Sasuke will hate you."

"Does he not already?" His voice seemed detached. She slipped out of his grip remembering what Karin and Sasuke said and how Sasuke nearly lost his mind over this man.

This man who randomly showed up in her life as his brother. "S-Sasuke hates you." She repeated. Should she hate him too?

Itachi took her hand once more and brought it to his lips. "I know." He whispered into her palm. "I also hate him."

She snatched away. "Go a-away."

"It's not that simple, hime." He closed the distance between them. "I live to take away everything my brother remotely cares about." He took her chin. "Sadly, you've been added to the list."

"N-No..." She whispered. She wanted to get away, to lock herself where nobody could find her. She needed a haven, she wanted... Naruto.

Sasuke wasn't stable. He tampered with her heart and she didn't want to be in the middle of this game. No, she wanted a normal job, with normal friends who did normal things. This life wasn't hers.

She looked over to see Koneko frozen, as well as everything in her home. Every sound, just as last time silenced and it happened every time he touched her.

He brushed his lips over hers softly. "You will want me, hime." He tilted her head placing long kisses her neck. She squeaked feeling his teeth playfully nibble at the flesh. "Sasuke, will never fully love you." He breathed in her ear.

She shuddered against his chest. Warm ebony eyes swallowed her lighter ones with ease. She squeezed the fabric of his shirt trying to get control of her body. "T-Then you...can't either." She managed to get out.

A smirk pulled at his lips before dipping to take hers. Despite her mind screaming for her to pull away her body disobeyed. His hand travel to her waist before he let her breathe. "Love does not need me for you to want me."


He cupped her face. "Can you not tell what my gift is?"

She frowned. "I..."

"As long as I'm touching you," He brushed his lips over her ear. "I can make you do whatever I say." She whimpered feeling his tongue flicked her earlobe.

"Ita-Itachi..." She felt fresh tears threatening to fall. " it." He paused for a moment allowing the request to float.

Her heart was thumping in her ear so she barely heard his answer. Her request didn't require an answer but a simple action and yet he hadn't pulled away. Bringing his lips to her ear...


Her eyes widened when he came down on her lips. Her eyelids fell slowly. Why was his touch so intoxicating? Her fingers curled in the fabric of his shirt when he pulled her closer. "Thank you." He pulled away.

Her eyes were foggy with an emotion she wasn't used to, and yet felt every time he kissed her. Her whole body shuddered when his hand rested on her thumping heart. She looked down at the pale hand then to him.

Dark eyes focused solely on the beating. The rhythmical beat that tapped at his palm. It was so strong, he felt it in his forearm.

"Itachi..." She whispered.

He closed his eyes, listening to the pulse. She started to relax for a moment. He sighed bringing his hand up. "Hinata, I must leave."

Part of her, the illogical side, wanted him to stay. The normal part wanted nothing more to do with the eldest brother. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to make sense of his words, actions...motives. She stiffened feeling warm lips, only because hers had heated them, press against her forehead.

When opal eyes opened he was gone, her world started rotating again and Koneko glared at her. "Hinata-sama!"

She looked down at the cat. "P-please..." She dropped to her knees. "I..."

He curled in her lap. "I don't know what he said but you must not believe a word."

She smiled absently stroking his head. "You c-can't trust a scorpion, right?" He nodded as she picked him up. Emotionally drained for the night she got in bed.




Hinata smiled despite the fact that it was Christmas, she hadn't heard from the girls nor had Sasuke came back with Naruto. It was Christmas and if she and Koneko had to celebrate on their own, that was fine.

They were going to decorate the tree today, it was a new thing since Naruto always helped her pick it out but...

No, she was happy, happy, happy! Rubbing her eyes, "Neko-kun?"

There was no response. She frowned slightly walking into the living room and almost fainted. Naruto was hanging up ornaments and Sasuke was talking to Koneko. "W-What?"

Naruto laughed. "You thought we wou-" he was cut off by the smaller girl tackling him. He smiled hugging her back. "Gee, Hinata."

She looked at Sasuke. "You made it." He grunted.

Naruto chuckled. "Travel with this guy was such a drag. He just grunted the whole freaking time!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Baka."

"Teme." Naruto replied casually.

Hinata giggled as he gave her the last ornament. "Where's Ino and Sakura?" Both boys stiffened. She chewed on her lip, something told her she already knew the answer.




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