The Day His Heart Stopped

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Chapter 15: Silent Sunrise



She never felt this needy or greedy for someone's touch.




Tenten rubbed her arms as she stood outside of the Hyuuga Mansion. "Tenten, come inside." Neji leaned against the door watching the woman watching the road as if her towed car was going to fall out of the sky brand new.

"F-fuck off!" She stomped not even bothering to turn away.

"Get in here." He commanded.

This time she whipped around. "N-no!" She yelled.

"Stop screaming." He warned.

She gave a dry laugh. "That's right, I'm too poor for this RICH ASS neighborhood!" She screamed.


"I said fuck off." She turned to the road again. "Stupi-" She was cut off by strong arms spinning her around. His eyes were hard but hers were stone. "Don't touch me."

"Get in the house." His face was no more than inch away from hers. She growled until he pressed his lips to hers. She struggled against him but one hand held her head while the other gripped her waist.

"Ne-" She cried out as he bit down on her lip. Her breathing slowed down.

"Come in the house," He whispered against her lips. "Please." She huffed and looked away. He picked the trembling woman up and carried her inside the house.

Once inside he pressed her to the wall. "Neji, you're a monster." She grabbed his roaming hands. "But..."

"You love me." He finished. She nodded and pushed him away. "I lo-"

"Bullshit," She pointed. "I'm not some weak little girl. I don't need you or your money." Her brown eyes narrowed at him. "I was strong before you and I'll stay tha-"

"And the child." He cut her off.

She touched her stomach absently. "We don't need you."

"Oh?" He ran a hand down his hair. "Yes, you do."

She smiled. "Then you're a fool," she pulled at her hair. "And if you think I will forgive you after what you said then you're an idiot."

He grabbed her hand. "Who knows you more than me?"

She snatched away. "Me." There was a horn. "I told the tower to call a cab for me, goodbye." She walked to the door.

"Can you honestly resist me?" He asked softly.

She turned to him almost a foot away from her. "Don't ever fu-" She hadn't realized he was that close. "Nej-" He captured her lips again. He smirked when she went against her better judgment and returned the kiss.

"You're staying here." He wrapped her legs around his waist. She huffed angry when he bit her neck and a reluctant moan came out. He carried her to the closest room and allowed her to take off his shirt.

"N-No..." She whispered. Why was he even doing this? He didn't want her or their child and yet he wouldn't let her leave.

He chuckled and placed her on the bed. "You're staying here," He repeated. "And you're never leaving." He muttered in her ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck.




She couldn't bring herself to cry. She didn't exactly know when she became detached but it was real. They, her best friends, the girls she poured her soul out to, the girls that comforted her when Hanabi died...was it was fake?

Why? Why would they drag her along. Karin told her that she was almost addictive. Was that why? Why were any of them around? Only to benefit themselves.

"Hinata..." Naruto whispered to his statue of a friend. Her hands were clutching the fabric of her pants and eyes stayed locked on the floor.

Why her? What did she have that attracted so many unwanted guests? She stood without a word and walked into her room. All of the noises around her blurred into silence as she slid to the floor.

"What's your deal, Hinata?"

She shrugged. "Not now," She looked up into opal eyes. "Please just go away..."

"Are you gonna cry? You're so ugly when you cry."

"Hanabi," She warned the girl as she sat down. "I'm not in the mood."

She shrugged. "It's your fault. I told you I never liked them."

Hinata let her head rest on the bed. "Yeah, why are you here?"

She scoffed. "Don't be so rude, Hinata."

"I'm crazy, aren't Hana?"

"Depends on your definition."

"You're dead," She stretched out her hand and through her sister. "I'm talking to you."

"Yeah, you're crazy."

"Why did you have to die?"

She frowned. "Do not ask questions like that. I'll turn into that...thing. I don't like it. So don't make yourself angry or sad... Just stay neutral."

"I should have died in your place."

"Hinata," She warned. "Stop it. I'll hurt you. Please..."

Hinata covered her face. "I d-don't want to... I can't live this life."

Hanabi growled. "Stop! Stop it!"

Pale opal eyes looked at her. "Do you remember when everyone was happy? Father and Neji hate me and-" Hanabi laughed as her eyes fell into her skull. Her teeth bared and nails grew jagged.

"I told you." She raised her hand. Hinata stared at her and reached up and grazed her finger along broken skin. "I hate you, Hinata."

"You're not even scary anymore, sister." She pushed through the monster and it disappeared. She sighed and stood to sit on the bed.

There was a knock at the door. Naruto peeped in. "Hinata I-"

"I'm fine." She gave a weak smile. He walked in and hugged her. She held him back feeling her body breakdown against her wishes. "Why w-would they do that?"

"I don't know." He replied. She looked over her shoulder to see Sasuke watching them.

"I just want to be alone for tonight."


"Naruto, leave her be." Sasuke spoke. Naruto gave her one last hug before leaving. Sasuke watched her. "I will check on you later." She nodded and laid down.

What felt like hours passed and she couldn't sleep. Nothing was working. "You should try taking long breaths while relaxing your muscles."

She pushed herself up. "Hanabi didn't I-" She almost screamed seeing a mirrored imagine of herself but slightly different. "A-Are you..."

She smiled. "It's so nice to meet you, Hinata. He prays about you a lot." She pointed towards her living room.

"H-Hiriko?" She swallowed.

The woman nodded and walked around the bed to her. "You're so pretty." She touched her cheek. "Oh, a tear." She sighed.

"You should be in there! He loves you."

"I know," Her smile wavered. "But he can't see me."

"I can see dead people."

"No," She giggled. "No dear, you aren't fully conscious. Why do you think nobody ever hears you talking?"

She blushed. "I...O-okay... I'm dreaming?"

"Essentially, but I wanted to thank you." She watched her tilt her head. "For giving that old grump a reason to live. He is very - fickle, no?"

Hinata nodded. "Y-Yeah...he is."

Hiriko sighed. "You have such a good spirit and the bravery to deal with so many supernatural men especially Gaara." She nodded.

"He's d-dead." She mumbled.

"I know. I saw it." She took her hand. "I see can see future events. I can't see millions of years in the future but I can see."


"That's why I am so happy to meet you! You're going to make Sasuke very happy," she pouted. "Of course, he won't admit it."

"I... N-No, I don-"

"I see it, remember." She hugged her. "He'll care for you because of you and not because of me," she pulled away. "So, trust him."

"He said-"

"I know, I saw it. That's his way of keeping you away." She blinked a few times. "Oi, he is going to wake you in a moment but listen...I'm not suppose to speak of the future but don't be fooled by anyone."


She shook her head. "I can't say but I will say do not trust Itachi, he is cunning and much like the sunset."


"Beautiful by sight but always brings darkness," She hugged the girl again tight. "Tell Sasuke I said it's time to move on, please." She started to fade.

"W-Wait! What if he doesn't believe m-me?"

"Then tell him to think back on May 24, 1822..." She smiled. "Not everything is as it seems..." Darkness engulfed her.


Her eyes opened to onyx eyes. "S-Sasuke."

He wore a frown on his face. "You don't normally sleep with your eyes half closed," He moved away. "It's unnerving."

She smiled. "S-Sorry..."

"Are you now happy?"

She chewed her lip. "I... I had a s-strange dream." He nodded. "A-About Hiriko."

His face soured. "Why?"

She shrugged. "She...said it's time to move on." He stood abruptly. "S-Sasuke!"

"Do not spea-"

"She said... M-May 24, 1822!" She swallowed as he visibly stiffened. "W-What is that?"

"W-What-" He coughed trying clear his throat. "What else did she say?"

"She s-said you pray to her a lot," She smiled. "She called you a grump."

He smirked. "Yeah..." Hinata carefully crawled over to the man. "D-Did she anything else?"

She blinked and blushed. "She knows you'll be happy. She said she saw it."

He nodded. "Thank you for telling me this." She nodded then flinched when he grabbed her chin. "Are you human?" She nodded. "Are you sure?"


He paused for a moment and looked at the clock. "Get dressed." She didn't have time to refuse because he was out of the room.



Hinata didn't know what to expect aside from the frozen sidewalk and still dark sky. Sasuke was walking pretty fast or she was walking slow; it was way too early to tell the difference.

She yawned only to hit his back. "S-So-" She paused to see a large apartment complex. "W-What are we doing here?"

"Close your eyes." He commanded wrapping an arm tightly around her waist. She went to ask him and cold air felt like it punched her in the face. When her eyes opened they were on the roof.


He took her wrist and led her to the edge. "Listen." Closing her eyes, the sound of birds and the early breeze tickled her ears then there was chiming, at first low then turned into a song of bells.

Her chest swelled with emotions as the soft melody played. "It's b-beautiful..." Every note wrapped around them and she honestly believed she felt light enough to fly.


Opening her eyes dark blues and blacks melted into lighter purples and reds that flared into pinks and oranges that were all surrounded by the peaking of the sun. Night melted away right before her eyes. "It's...beautiful."

His eyes were still focused on the rising sun. "Happy Birthday." He muttered.

She nodded but couldn't help but wonder what happen on that date. It changed his mood instantly as if he was waiting on it.



Her body jerked forward and a rush of throbbing pain pressed at her skull. "A-Aah!" She clutched her head trying to ease the stabbing feeling. She took noticed to the change of her room.

When were her walls deep, blood red and her sheets along with the carpet and curtain were black? Her heart started to race as the familiar masculine scent crept on her. She threw off the sheets and sighed to find all of her clothes still in place besides her lacking jacket, shoes and scarf.

The sound of rushing water stopped and a door creaking open placed panic in her heart. She jumped back in bed and pretended to be asleep.

Not in seconds later a half-clothed Sasuke walked in the room. He didn't turn to look at her but simply went to his dresser. She swallowed shock seeing a large scar trailing from his shoulder to his lower back, it was jagged and pink compared to his pale skin.

"I can feel you staring." He spoke.

She squeaked before sitting up slowly. "W-What happened?"

He was still rummaging through his dresser. "You fell - hard."

Of course, that's what happened. She sighed cursing her clumsiness. "S-Sorry."

"Do you have a fear of birds?" She looked up at him with a weird face. "It was a blue jay, you ran and slipped." He turned to her.

Her whole face felt like it was set on fire. Sasuke was... He was... She swallowed hard when he crossed his arms showing hard biceps and washboard abs. It didn't make it better that water was dripping and gliding down every curve on him.

Sasuke was...

Her mouth was dry and heart was thumping in her ears. "Hinata?" He moved his hair out the way. "Are you okay?"

She nodded quickly. "I... Y-you..."

"You blush when embarrassed but what is there to be-"

She closed her eyes. "P-Please...s-stop!" There was shuffling then silence. When she peaked her eyes open he had on clothes. She shook her head trying to get very inappropriate thoughts of him out of her head. "I should go."

"No." He replied causally.

"N-No?" He walked over to her and placed his hand at her forehead. She grabbed his wrist. "I-I'm okay." She pulled it away and watched him closely. "W-What are you doing?"

"My apolo-"

"What are you doing?" She repeated. "Y-You... What are you doing?" She got off the bed.

"I am-"

"What's that date?" She didn't know why she was upset but she was. He was being abnormally nice. He wasn't... "What happened?"

His frown grew. "None of your concern."

"S-Sasuke, how is it f-fair for you to see my past but I ca-"

"Shut up." He snapped. "Stop being so pathetic."

She clenched her fist. "Y-You're pathetic."

His eyes hardened. "You have no idea what I've gone through," He walked up to her. "You don't know how I've been tortured," She stepped back until she was at the wall beside the bed. "You know nothing about me!" He growled in her face.

Her eyes widened seeing his eyes melt into crimson ones. "Then tell me." She whispered.

His teeth were bared. "Don't ever call me that again." His claws dug into the wall on either sides of her head.

She swallowed hard. "W-What are you going to d-do?" It was a whimper, nothing more. She wished her mouth would stop talking before he really hurt her.

He licked his lips before breathing against her ear. "Try me." Her eyes widened feeling his fangs graze across her neck. Maybe she was a masochist?

"Pa-Pa..." Her voice hitched again feeling him graze back.

"I can hear your heart." He whispered. "It's speaking louder than you."

She raised her hands to his chest. "W-What does it s-say?"

He pulled back. "Bite me." She didn't realize her eyes were closed until she saw scarlet ones. He gave her absolutely no space to move. "Is it true?"

She was sure he was taking her energy because every time he spoke her knees got weaker and for a moment she wondered if Hiriko saw this. "I..."

He pressed closer and watched her wince and she couldn't figure out if it was pleasure or pain. "Is it?"

She nodded. "Y-Yes..." He smirked and pulled out the lip she had been gnawing on.

"Perfect." Her heart dropped to the floor when he bit on her lip. A mix moan came from both parties. His fangs shortened. "Can I...?"

She breathlessly nodded when he claimed her lips in a softer way. Her hands clutched the fabric of his shirt feeling her body explode within itself. He pulled his claws out of the wall and grabbed her face.

This was different from anyone else she had ever kissed before. She never felt this needy or greedy about someone's touch. It was dangerously animalistic and her lungs were now begging for oxygen. She tapped his chest before pushing him as hard as she could.

They both were panting like starving animals. His eyes faded to onyx and she dropped to the floor. She sighed and clutched her chest. "I..."

He shook his head. "I apologize...that was highly inappropriate."

She nodded. "Y-Yeah..." He crawled back up to her. "T-That was..." He grabbed her face again. "Sasuke..."

"Fuck," He growled. She almost giggled at his language. "What are you, woman?" She just shrugged and grabbed his shoulders. "This is your fault."

"M-My fault?"

He clenched his jaw but didn't move. "I am pathetic," He muttered. "My w-wife..." His voice broke. "I'm s-so sorry..." She eyes softened and realized he hadn't kissed anyone since she died and it caused his mask to finally crack.

"You're not're hurting, it m-makes you human." She whispered pulling him into a hug. "You have to let yourself feel pain, Sasuke."

He buried his head in the crook of her neck and gripped onto her hips. "I... I don't want to feel it."

"It's okay to cry, you know?" She smiled. "I do it all the time."

He looked up at her. "Hi-"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Naruto screamed. "SURPRI..." His eyes widened seeing him between her legs and...and... "What the fuck?"

Sasuke stood swiftly allowing his mask to tighten. "My apol-"

"Fuck your apologizes!" He clenched his fist. "I...confined in you, asshole!"

Hinata pushed herself up. "Naru-"

His eyes soften. "Seriously? Really Hinata?" His teeth and fist clenched. "I love you! Not him! He can't even - argh!" He pushed the bouquet of balloons away. "Happy Birthday."

She caught him before he got to the door. "N-No, Naruto... You don't understand."

"I do, honest." He looked away. "Don't you dare cry."

She sniffled. "S-Sorry." She wiped her eyes.

He sighed. "Why are you crying? You're happy, right?"

She took his hands. "You can't be mad, please...n-not you too. You can't hate me."

He pried her away. "Just give me some time, okay? I just can't look at you."

She grabbed his face. "N-No look at me!" She cried.

"Hinata," Sasuke called. "Let him go."

Naruto looked over her. "Yeah, listen to him." She opened her mouth to speak but he managed to get around her. "I just need some time." He repeated before leaving.

She looked at Sasuke. "I want to go home."

"No." She covered her mouth and fell to the floor as sobs racked her body. He stayed in his spot. "Hinata."

She shook her head. "H-Happy birthday to me." She whispered.




She was glad to go to work. She even took overtime, anything to stay away from two people who made her happy and sad all at once. Naruto was pissed but she'll give him space. He said he loved her directly to her face and all she could do was defend herself about something she wanted to happen.

She turned on the scanner and sighed. "I'm such a w-whore."

"I doubt that," She looked up to the woman that she seen in a mess weeks ago. "Being a whore takes too much effort."

Hinata blinked at her. "Are you real?" She poked her cheek and blushed when her finger didn't go through. "I... I'm s-sorry."

The woman laughed. "Not everyday I get poked," Hinata tilted her head. "TenTen and you're..." She extended her hand.

"Hinata." She took the offered hand. "N-Nice to meet you."

"Look like you can use a listening ear?" Hinata shook her head quickly. She was nice not stupid. Neji could have set this whole thing up.

Besides what was she going to say? 'I'm having issues with my demon host friend and a vampire I've just met but he has ex issues and his evil.'

"N-No, I'm fine."

Tenten watched her with a smile. "I'll tell you a secret and you can tell me one, deal?"

Hinata swallowed and flipped the papers. "O-Okay..."

"I'm pregnant and terrified," She unbuttoned her blazer revealing a small bump. "Your cousin is the father." She watched Hinata's eyes widened.

Hinata reached out slowly. This woman could be lying through her teeth and yet the idea of being something like an aunt made her feel warm. "W-Wow..." She smiled at Tenten.

"You're turn." She giggled.

Hinata chewed her lip. "B-Both of my b-best friends died last week."

Tenten's chocolate eyes widened. "And you're here!" She shook her head. "You're a strong girl, Hinata."

She smiled weakly. "Y-Yeah... I should go."

Tenten nodded. "If you ever need to talk...?" Hinata nodded with a smile. "Good luck."

"And you too..." She replied.


It was after eleven when she got off and she didn't see or hear from Neji or her father. What he said about selling her soul made her strangely weary of everyone in the building.

She opened the door. "Damn, you better be glad I don't get cold." She whipped her head to her new favorite red head. Hinata hugged her close. "I take it you missed me?"

She nodded weakly. "Oh, Karin."

"Let's get to your house. You're almost as cold as me." She laughed.




Sasuke sat on the roof of the church that Gaara adored. He watched the moon and sigh. "Am I too late, friend?" He asked softly. "You gave your life but why by him? Why let Itachi rip it from you?"

He was met by silence. "And Hiriko... You tell me to move on but..." He looked at his hands. "I don't deserve happiness."

The wind picked up. "Why?" He turned over to see her face. "You're still beautiful, Sasuke."

He reached out. "I can't..."

"It's okay...just let go." She faded with the breeze.

He felt stinging behind his eyes. "P-Please...don't leave me!"He tried catching her. "Not again, please!" He pleaded. "Hiri..." He clutched his heart.

It's okay to cry, you know... I do it all the time.

For the first time in hundreds of years he broke down and let hot tears run down his face. Cool air surround him in a soft embrace. He clenched his fist as hard waves of pain found him and he greeted it. After all, he had to grieve before he was numb.




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