My first chapter of a troyella story…

With gabriella and her mom…

"mom! " Gabrella yelling from the kitchen of her new house " do you want me to take this pie over to our new neighbors ."


"Gaby I was un packing the cleaning supplies in the room across the hall no need to yell , and yes I would like it if you went so maybe you can make new friends."

"sorry mom, " gaby feeling gulty because she was very sure that the chemicals got in her mothers eyes.

"now run along we have a lot of things to unpack and settle in ."

With troy and parents


"Hey mom I just came back from the basketball court. "

"Hey mrs. Bolton"said the whole wild cats basketball team."

A few seconds later ….

"Ding dong!"

"I'll get it. "

"hi my name is gabriella your new neighbor. "

"hi I'm troy come in and meet my mom."

"thank you , and I brought you guys a freshly baked pie. "

"thank you ,this is my mom ,my dad my sister sharpay and my friends ."

"nice to meet you all, well I should probably get going my mom might get worried bye." She waves good bye.

What will happen next …