Chapter 1

Were trying something different now. This is going all the way back to Voldemorts 6th year at Hogwarts. What happens if he found a girl just like him that was transferring to Hogwarts and came to live in the same orphanage as him. Read as Voldemort takes over the wizarding world with his true love by his side. She is as evil and ruthless as him and he loves it. This will have mature content and probably be a long story. I don't own anything. Please review. Also I will probably use teachers that I knew were not from that time but I don't know who was so were just going to pretend Tom isn't as old as he was in the books. Dark story so don't read if you don't like.

Story starts:

Tom Riddle Jr. Was different. For one he was a Wizard and attended Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. He was also the heir to Slytherin house, a parseltongue and very into the dark arts. He wanted to rule the world and make the wizarding world better for those that deserved magic. He was 16 and going to start his 6th year at Hogwarts soon. He like going to Hogwarts. It was the first place he felt at home.

During the summer he came back to what he considered hell on earth. The muggle orphanage. He sneered as he watch the other kids play outside. He had no friends here. They all thought he was a freak, even the adults that took care of the children. He hated them all and would like nothing better then to kill them painfully.

A taxi pulled up outside the main doors to the orphanage. Tom watched as a man got out of the car, reached back in and yank a girl about his age out of the car. Must be a new child coming to live here. She had the hood of her muggle coat up so he couldn't see her face but the man obviously didn't like her much by the way the drug her inside.

The care taker grabbed her bags and trunk out of the cab and carried them inside and Tom went back to sneering at the other kids. Merlin he hated this place. He tried to talk Dumbledore into letting him stay at Hogwarts during the summer but the light, muggle loving old idiot said it was best for him to stay here. Tom wanted to kill him too.

He went back to doing his homework for Hogwarts ignoring the laughter from outside.

"I told you already women. Keep your filthy hands off me." Tom heard a female voice coming down the hall. His door was open half way so he want and look out it. Standing in front of the empty room that was across the hall from him was the women that ran the orphanage and the new girl that had been brought in. He still couldn't see her face as her hood was still up and her body was turned away from him. Tom wondered why the women was putting her in the room across from him.

No one had ever been put there. They kept him away from all the other kids and was scared to put anyone in the room. Tom looked at the women he hated that ran this place and she was looking at the girl the same way she looked at him. With fear mixed with hate.

"And I already told you Belinda that you will do well to hold your tongue here young lady. You have already been kicked out of one orphanage you don't want to make it another. Now here is your room. Stay there." the women ordered opening the door. The caretaker brought her bags in and threw them on the bed before following the women back down the hall.

The girl stood in her spot glaring down the hall.

"Stupid filthy Muggle. Lucky I don't kill her where she stands." Tom heard the girl say in a cold voice. A voice he used a lot.

Wait muggle. Tom thought when he realized what she said. He opened his door all the way to address her.

"Did you just say muggle." he ask her and she tensed before turning slowly to face him. Tom was stunned at her beauty. The orphanage women said her named was Belinda. That meant beautiful snake. And she was beautiful indeed. She had hazel eyes that were a mix of brown, gold and green. She was slightly shorter then him but her body was very fit. She was pale skinned and she had long dark wavy brown hair that looked to fall at her waist.

After scanning her body he look back at her face to see she had yet to answer him, he smirked, she was busy looking him over as well.

Tom was a very handsome boy. Dark hair slightly long, dark blue eyes, pale skin and tall muscular body but not to much muscle. Just right.

"What's your name." he ask her and she looked back at his face.

"Belinda Corbin, yours." she ask.

"Tom Riddle. I heard you say muggle, are you a witch?" he ask her and her eyes lit up.

"Yes, Are you a wizard." she ask him and he nodded. She breathe a little sigh in relief before looking around the hall.

"So how long have you lived here." she ask mentioning her hands around with a disgusted look on her face, Tom scowled.

"My whole life." he said in the same disgust tone as her face held.

"Is it as bad as it seems." she ask and he nodded.

"Worse." he said and she groaned in horror.

"Great." she mumbled.

"Are you a mud blood." Tom ask her and she gasp in horror.

"Of course not." she said as if the mere thought offended her.

"Good. Come in we can talk." he said and opened the door all the way letting her enter.

She eyed him for a moment before nodding and walking in his room. When she was inside he closed the door and took a seat at his desk.

"You can sit." he told her and she did on his bed. He felt a wave of lust run through him at the look of her in his bed.

"So, what are you doing here. I heard Miss. Waters say you were kicked out of one orphanage already." Tom ask her and she sneered.

"Yes. I was brought here after the American ministry found out I used the crucio curse on a muggle boy at my last place. The orphanage kicked me out so they found room for me here." she told him and he was intrigued. She could use dark magic.

"Why did you do that." Tom ask her and she shifted uncomfortable before covering it up.

"He thought he could put his filthy muggle hands on me, so I taught him a lesson." she sneered and Tom felt rage at the thought of someone else touching her and then amusement at the thought of her teaching him a lesson.

"Well, he deserved it then. So what school did you attend." he ask her. He felt he needed to know everything he could about this intriguing witch.

"I went to the Salem school of witchcraft in America. It's the only one they had. But when I was moved here an old man named Dumbledore came to me and said I was accept to finish my last two years at Hogwarts." she said and Tom sneered at the mention of Dumbledore and Belinda caught it.

"Yes I thought he was full of shit when I met him too. He's a light muggle lover all the way. He tried to chastise me for what I did." Belinda told him and Tom smiled. Yes they had a lot in common. He nodded to her statement.

"So what happen to your parents." Tom ask and Belinda face was one of hate.

"My parents were from here originally. I was born in London. They went to Hogwarts too. Both in Ravenclaw I think. My parents were both Auror's and moved to America to take new jobs. They never really had time for me and left me in the care of house elves. I don't remember much but I do remember I never liked them. When I was 5 they were both killed trying to arrest dark wizards. Got what they deserve if you ask me." Belinda said and Tom nodded. He liked her already.

"So what is your opinion on mud bloods and muggles." he ask. He needed to know if she could be a future follower.

"They don't deserve to use magic or associate with us. We are above them in everyway." she said smugly and Tom smiled. Perfect.

"I completely agree. I'm actually working on becoming a dark lord. I have already stated to gain followers in my house at Hogwarts. It's all secret right now but I plan on taking over the ministry and changing things for our world. My followers are called death eaters. We study dark magic. Every accept of dark magic. Were trying to make the world better for Pure bloods and half bloods." Tom told her and she listened intensely and nodded.

"Wow. That's sounds great. I'd so love to be apart of that. So are you a pure blood or half blood." she ask and Tom sneered.

"Half blood. But my mother was a Gaunt. The last descendents of Salazar Slytherin." he said and Belinda looked impressed.

"Really. Well to be related to someone like Slytherin really makes you a pure blood in my eyes. Is that the house you in at Hogwarts." she ask and he nodded.

"Yes, I'm the heir to Slytherin house." he said proudly.

"So can you talk to snakes like he did." she ask and he nodded again.

"Yes." he said and she smiled.

"That's so wicked. Say something in parseltongue. I've never heard it but I always wanted to." she said and he chuckled.

"Belinda, you will be mine very soon. My dark lady. You will be perfect to stand at my side." he hissed.

She didn't understand what he said but she shivered at the seductive tone. She was very attracted to this boy. He radiated darkness and she liked that, very much.

"Wow. That was great." she said and he smirked. Just then the dinner bell sounded.

"What was that." Belinda ask as Tom stood.

"Dinner bell. We have to go to the dinning room and eat." Tom said and Belinda rolled her eyes.

"This is going to be a nightmare. Eating in a room full of idiots." she said as Tom led her down the hall. He laughed and nodded. He thought the same thing.

They came to the huge dinning hall and took there spot in line. He showed her how she had to take a tray and slide down the line. Several cooks plopped food on there trays as they moved. Once they had there food and drink Tom lead her over towards the table he always sits at. Normally alone so when she sat with him all the kids and workers stared. Belinda shot them all dirty looks.

"What's there problem." she whispered to Tom.

"You're the first person to ever sit with me. They all probably think your crazy." Tom told her and she raised a perfect Slytherin like brow at him.

"So you're the only magical person here." she ask and he nodded.

"I was the only one at my old place too. I didn't have any friends there either." she said as she looked down at her food and wrinkled her nose.

"Please tell me Hogwarts has better food then this." Belinda ask and Tom laughed.

"Oh yeah. Much better. I hate having to come back here every summer. Thank Merlin next summer will be my last, I turn 17 then and can leave. Hey, how old are you?" he ask her. He didn't like the idea of leaving her here if she wasn't old enough to leave when he was.

"16. My birthday was a month ago." she said and he nodded That makes him only days older then her, good.

"Oh lookie here. Tom's got another freak for a friend." a boy said from the next table.

Belinda turned to look at him and the boy winked at her causing her to shudder in disgust. The other kids were laughing. Belinda turned to ask Tom who that was and froze. Tom was looking at that boy with such hate and anger that Belinda thought the boy might die from the look along. Yes Tom was going to be someone to fear. The boy got scared and looked away.

"Who was that." Belinda finally ask when Tom's face relaxed.

"Just some boy. I don't remember his name. Don't worry about him." Tom told her in a voice that promised the boy pain. Belinda looked back over to the boy to see him blow her a kiss when Tom wasn't looking. She shivered. It reminded her of that other muggle boy she had to deal with and she didn't want to go through that again. Almost being raped made her feel disgusted, pissed and murderous. She had wanted to kill that boy but didn't want to end up in jail for it. So she caused him pain instead.

"So what subjects do you like the most." Tom ask her pulling her from her thoughts. She turned back to him.

"Well besides the dark arts, which I know they don't teach. I like Potions, transfiguration, defense, ancient ruins. Charms is ok too." She told him.

"I take all those classes. We also have to take Herbology. This year we don't have to take stupid care of magical creatures or divination so that's good." he told her.

"Good I hate those too classes. The last teachers I had in it were idiots. The divination teacher couldn't predict the weather right." Belinda said and Tom laughed.

"Sounds like our teacher. Crazy old bat." Tom said. They ate till the bell rang again and Tom showed her back to there rooms.

"Were suppose to shower now and then stay in our rooms. The only one that uses the shower in this hall is me and now you so I'll let you go first." Tom told her and she thanked him before going into her room and grabbing her stuff.

"I cant wait till I can wear robes again. I hate Muggle clothes." she said and Tom agreed with her. After showing her the shower he went back in his room but left the door open just in case.

He laid in his bed and thought about what had happened today.

The most beautiful witch he had ever seem moved in across the hall, was going to Hogwarts and probably be in his house and his classes, she wanted to join him and was into everything he was. What a turn of events this was.

Needless to say. His life was going to be different but in a good way. She was his and he'd made damn sure everyone knew that. No one but him had the right to have a witch like that.

Belinda Corbin. The future dark lady to Lord Voldemort. How the world would fear them.