Chapter 16

*This will have a huge time jump in it. I'm trying to get this story back going again and I can't do that until I can introduce the charters we all know and love. Thanks

"My lord we have been anxiously awaiting your return." Abraxas said bowing before there lord.

Voldemort and his wife had been gone for 15 years off and on. Only checking in with him from time to time. Looking at them know he could tell there was a distinct difference in them both. The magic's they had mastered had changed them a lot.

Voldemort as he was to be called by his followers now had shoulder length dark brown hair, he was taller now having finished growing and his body was more toned. His eyes were the biggest changed. They glowered red now and there was a dark aura that surrounded them both.

Belinda for her part had become even more beautiful during their time away. Her hair was thicker, still at her waist but had red highlights in it now. She was still shorter then Voldemort but her body had filled out with curves in all the right places and her eyes had a bright red ring around them and the rest had turned into a dark green instead of her normal hazel. They were both dressed in black robes and had called all their followers to them to announce their return and to see what they had been up to in the past 15 years.

They had traveled the world together. Learning all mangers of magic and mastering things that people only dreamed of. They had also completed all there Horcrux's now and were ready to start making a name for the death eaters. They had slowly been sending messages here and there on their travels across the country and they knew the Wizarding world was wondering what was going on but they would soon find out.

"What have you been doing with yourself Abraxas?" Belinda ask from her spot at Tom's right. Nagini draped over the top of their shoulders. Tom smirked at how seductive his wife's voice was now and how she was able to command attention of everyone in the room without even trying.

Yes their desire and love for each other had only magnified over the last 15 years. They were stronger than anyone could even imagine together.

"Working my way through the Ministry. I had also married shortly after Hogwarts and we have a son. Lucius who is in his fifth year at Hogwarts as are most of the children of all the death eaters. We have raised our children to know who you are and what you stand for. We have been grooming them to be ready to be at your side the moment you want them, my lady." He told the stunning women who smirked at him.

"I want to meet with all of the children of our followers. I think I'd like to feel them out. See what type of power this next generation can bring to our cause. I think you need to hold a Christmas ball in your manor Malfoy. Invite only our followers and make sure they bring their children. We will of course attend. If we find them to be satisfactory we will begin their training." Voldemort ordered his minion who nodded and promised to owl them with the exact date of the ball for them to attend.

He was pleased that his followers had made influential names for themselves just as he wanted. Putting them and their children into good positions for their cause.

"Does your son have the same power within his house that you did Abraxas?" Voldemort ask him and he nodded.

"Yes my lord. He is the leader of sorts due to his blood status and our name." he replied and Voldemort nodded looking towards his wife who nodded as well.

"Tell your son to start scooping out his fellow students. Let him make a list of all the students that are not children of death eaters that may want to join our cause and have him invite them to this ball. Also get him to make a list of students he thinks will oppose us once they leave Hogwarts. I want this list within the month." Belinda told the blonde man who nodded eager to have himself and his son prove their worth to their lord and lady.

"We want you to do the same at the Ministry. We want a list of those that can be swayed and those that will not join. We will start picking those off the list one by one. We will also start doing weekly raids. I want to start instilling fear in the community. I want them to fear the dark mark." Voldemort told them and they nodded. Ready to start wrecking havoc.

A month later Tom and Belinda were looking over both list from Abraxas and his son.

"Looks like Potter had a brat." Belinda said pointing out the Henry Potter was now head Aurora and his son was in Hogwarts.

"And how the hell did a Black get in Gryffindor and best friends with Potter. According to the list from Lucius, Sirius Black will oppose us where as his younger brother Regulus will join." Tom pointed out and Belinda nodded. Seems that family had a bad apple.

"Must have something to do with Walburga and Orion being cousins already before re producing." Belinda said with a shudder. She always through that match was fucked up.

"And what of this Half blood. Snape. Lucius sings his praise in this letter. Stating he was Eileen Princes son who married a Muggle, but that her son is very talented in dark arts and potions. We need a good Potion master." Belinda said and Tom nodded.

"We will need to feel him out at the ball next week. See if he can be swayed. Learn more about these on this list that don't have parents already in our rants." Tom said before shoving the papers to the side and lifting his wife up onto of his desk before having his wicked way with her. There passion had never decreased over the years. Only building with time.

"Welcome My lord and my lady to Malfoy Manor." Abraxas greeted them as they entered by floo on Christmas eve.

"Abraxas. Where is your wife? Shouldn't she be greeting your guest." Belinda ask and he nodded.

"She passed away 5 years ago, my lady. But there was no love lost there. We hated each other." He told them and they nodded before letting him lead them into the ball room where he announced them to all the guest that were awaiting there arrival.

"Please welcome. The dark lord Voldemort and Lady Belinda." He called and everyone stared in awe at the powerful couple they had grew up hearing nothing but good things about. And they could see why. They were beautiful and radiated dark power.

"It is great to be here. We look forward to meeting you all." Belinda said before turning so Abraxas could introduce his son.

"This is my son. Lucius." He said and they smirked when the young Malfoy bowed before them.

"It's is a pleasure to meet you both. I cannot wait to join alongside my father." He told them and they nodded, impressed.

"Tom love. Why don't you go talk with the death eaters about the raid tomorrow, while young Lucius takes me around and introduces me to his friends." Belinda said when it was clear that the young man was nervous under the red gaze of her husband.

Nodding he kissed his wife before motioning for Abraxas to follow him, knowing his wife would gather the information they needed.

"Shall we?" Belinda said and it was clear it was an order and Lucius knew it. Nodding he held out his arm for her to take and led her around the room where he introduced her to all his classmates that he had invited.

She met several young witches and wizards and knew right away which ones would be useful. Both LeStrange brothers would be useful, as would the younger Black son. Lucius introduced her to the three Black sisters. The youngest would be no use at all, as she was in love with a muggle, Belinda was able to gather that from her thoughts and planned to leave her family as soon as she was done with school. Narcissa the oldest was betrothed to Lucius even though they didn't love each other. She would only be useful as a wife to a death eater and maybe an informant within the wives circle or purebloods but she would never be a death eater. She was also aware she was to be married to a man that preferred Wizards to witches and was already lining up lovers for her on the side and preparing to play the perfect pure blood wife to the public. Bellatrix on the other hand was going to make a wonderful death eater and Belinda was sure she was going to take this young girl under her wing, she would be very ruthless. All the other sons of their followers she could tell were eager to join but Bellatrix was the only female with any potential so far.

"And this my lady his a good friend of mine. Severus Snape." Lucius introduces his lover to her. Belinda scanned his thoughts and she could tell he knew she was there and she smirked.

"You are already well versed in mind magic young Snape?" Belinda ask and the young man nodded. So this was going to be the lover to young Malfoy heir. She looked the young man over. He was good looking in his own way and she could tell he was from a less then poor home. From his thoughts she could feel the hatred for his muggle father who he wished more than once he could kill.

Smirking she leaned towards him and held back a laugh as both young men tensed.

"And how do you feel about our cause young Snape. Do you want to join you lover on our side. I can teach you a lot. Help you reach your dreams and get your revenge on your father, your mud blood that betrayed you as well as the boys at school you hate. What do you say?" she whispered in his ear and let her dark magic wash over him. He closed his eyes and bit back a moan at how addictive her magic was.

"I am very interested in joining. My lady." Severus told her and she smirked.

"Good." She said before going off to find her husband. They had much to talk about.

"So you want to take Lucius, Bellatrix and this half blood Snape under your wing?" her husband ask her later that night as they were laying in bed, talking about what she had discovered at the ball.

"Yes. They all have amazing potential. They were the most powerful in the bunch. Bellatrix is sadistic and ruthless. She wants to cause pain and she already idolizes us both. Snape is very smart and has a lot of anger that we can turn into power for our side. Those three young ones will be the head of our inner circle once they're ready. Mark my words." She told him and he nodded. If that was what she wanted then so be it.

Lucius, Severus and Bellatrix would be his wives chosen favorites to train and under her they would flourish.