Chapter 3 – Hello Again

It's been a long time since I updated because I went on holiday, had to catch up on a ton of work and my laptop literally exploded for no reason whatsoever. However during this time, I have planned out what will happen in this fic, how many chapters there will be and yeahhh… So here is the 3rd chapter everyone...

"Umm, I think I should be going Angie," The skinny dark haired man said. He was just less than 6 foot tall and was dressed in a black button down shirt and a black silk tie (most likely fake silk). With that, he stood up and awkwardly scampered through the freshly painted door and past my confused face.

"Sorry if I came off a bit cranky," the girl - who then told me she was called Angela - explained, standing up and closing the distance between us.

"It's just at home, my little sister used to do the same when Eric came round…" she trailed off, shaking her head at the appropriate times and flaring her hands to get her point across.

"Oh!" she said with that 'girl next door' giggle. "Look at me blabbing on!" She pulled me into a tight hug and after me wheezing slightly, she let go.

"Was that too overboard?" She asked with a worried face, her hands near her mouth.

"No, I've never really been a 'hugging' person what with growing up with my dad and all." I replied, shrugging my shoulders, reassuring her.

"Well, let's get you all unpacked then shall we? Where's your suitcase?" She said, looking around.

What a great roommate I have!

I dragged the hard suitcase plastered from old trip stickers from behind my back, waiting for her expression. When you travel light like me, it's always funny watching people's expression.

"Is that it? Wow, talk about travelling light!" She took my suitcase from my hand and placed it – doesn't chuck it, placed it- onto my new bed.

As I followed shyly behind, I opened the zips. With a tug and a pull- it's finally opened.

"Hey, now that we're done, do you want to go down onto the green and…mingle?" Angela asked, looking up from her gossip magazine.

"Mingle?" I asked with a cough filled with laughter.

"Oh, do you not want to?" She asked, putting the magazine into her homemade rack.

"No, it's just, growing up with a cop for a dad, he was always straight talking and never had time for pronouncing fancy words." I explained to her.

"Oh… silly me!" she laughed and hopped up from her bed.

As I followed behind, some more people passed us in the halls; and Edward Cullen had disappeared. As I wondered about his whereabouts, we were then outside on what must have been 'the green'.

Angela stopped under a shady spot and we started having a friendly conversation, until a football landed next to us. As I looked up, I saw Edward again, in a Chicago Bears jersey.

What a coincidence, my favourite football team too!

"Sorry about that!" He said, embarrassed and scratching the back of his neck, "The little fucker Emmett doesn't know how to kick a fucking ball!" He yelled behind his back.

He crouched down to pick up the ball and when he came back up, he winked at me.

Edward fucking Cullen winked at me!

"Umm, what was that!?" Angela crossed her arms and pouted, waiting for an answer.

Does someone have a little crush?

"What was what?" I asked, stalling with my hands behind my back.

"Edward 'sex hair' Cullen just winked at you!" She grabbed my shoulders and started jumping with joy. When she calmed down- after I tell her too, she asked me how we knew each other.

"We bumped into each other on the stairs that's all," I replied shaking my head. Angela could sense the bullshit I was feeding her. "And we may have had a conversation" I added, blushing the colour of a tomato.

"Spill!" she shouted.

Yes Bella, spill! I know some of you will be wondering why Angela's boyfriend is Eric in this fanfiction but

*spoiler alert*

it may not always be…

I only chose Eric in the first place is because of in the film, we get a better description of him than how Ben is described in the book.

I promise to update more frequently from now on!