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Toc ...




Another day has passed. Perched up on top of a modern building with one leg bent and the other freely dangling over the edge was a female figure. She looked down at the humans below. Time for them seems to come and go quicker than for immortals. For immortals there is no seconds, minutes, hours or days. It's just unlimited, never ending.

The city is buzzing with the usual night time activities, music can be heard blasting from large industrial sized speakers from every club in every corner of the city. Almost all the females were dressed in skimpy outfits and the males were dressed to impress and both could be queuing outside crowded clubs and bars. It's always the same pattern for most them ; eat, sleep, work, drink and then party on weekends just to start all over again. Typical human behaviour.

Prometheus, a titan, created beings called humans. They fascinated her so much with their cultural differences, their emotion and personalities that she decided that she wanted to see them up close rather than just watching from a reflection in the water. She had watched the rise and fall of every empire, the birth of kings and queens and great wars that were lost and won.

However even with so many years gone by the humans still acted like animals with their wars, violence and death and it still haven't change to this day. No one can really control their nature whether you were a god or a mortal, everyone has a beast slumbering deep within the shadows of their mind.

Over the course of many years the gods have grown tired of just having one species to watch and so some gods went ahead and created their own creatures. For example her father took it upon himself to create vampires. Vampires with rock hard, granite-like bodies. Vampires that are venomous, sparkle in the sunlight and live on blood. They thirsted for blood all the time and they have advanced senses and heightened strength and speed. they also have the tendency to show their animalistic side whenever there was a threat or their mate was in danger. On the outside they were unrealistically beautiful, but deep inside they craved violence, death and carnage. Beautiful yet deadly at the same time. She thought that vampires was a good creation from the king of hell himself. He is also the co-creator to some other supernatural creatures such as Lycan's or werewolves and shapeshifters.

Another reason for creating these 'monsters' as the humans call them, is because the world needed something to balance it out. At the moment with the rate the humans are populating they will overpopulate soon and the earth wouldn't be able to sustain them all. Now we can't have that now can we. Natural disaster isn't cutting it anymore, especially with how fast the humans developed their technology. Therefore vampires were created along with other supernatural beings.

Due to the fast development of technology and supernatural beings being so smart, immortal beings like her have to abide by certain rules. That is to never interfere with humans or it will mess up fate, though there were some exceptions like when someone is a threat to beings like her or tipping the balance. That is when they gear up and intercede.

Now the thought of the vampires her father had created made her chuckle because some aspects of them is just so dam funny. Come on sparkle in the sun?!. It's very manly coming from the king of hell, she bet every god had a laugh about it, but their violence, bloodlust and inner beasts make up for their sparkling attribute, so she guessed that had put their laughs to a stop.

She had travelled vast lands and met some of their kind. Most were friendly, but some are just plain rude. Not even hi or hello just go for the kill, attacking her thinking she was human. She can't blame them, though as they need blood and it's in their nature to attack first and ask questions later, but on the other hand she is far from being a human and they should have sensed it.

She is the offspring of what humans call Greek gods. Her father as you can guess is Hades or Pluto, king of the underworld and the un-dead and her mother is Persephone or Kore, queen of the underworld who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead.

Looking at the time she spent the most of the night in deep thought again. It's was time to move on yet again to another city or country. Thinking about which direction to go a gust of wind blew through her auburn locks towards the west.

Hmn...West it is...

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