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-San Antonio-

Sitting on a fallen log, Peter's knowing just informed him that their visitor will be passing that area in less than a day and also that Major was once again freed and found out more about the so called golden dou.

Too bad they weren't torn and burn.

He was was brought out of his thoughts by Char's footsteps."Peter when will the visitor arrive?" his lovely mate asked.

"In less than a day buttercup, we'll meet him/her at the nearby forest with the 'take out'."

Speaking of takeouts he wondered if the two drug dealers was enough. He just knew the visitor will be really hungry but don't know how hungry.

Hours had passed and there were still no signs of the the visitor, during those time they had to knock out the 'take outs' couple of times to prevent them screaming their ears off.

A couple of minutes more had passed before they heard light footsteps heading their way. It wasn't long before a female vampire in her teens with long black hair and hungry eyes suddenly stopped and hissed at their direction. Looking at her closely, her right arm was torn and bloodied clothes were barely holding on.

"Relax sugar," Charlotte cooed, trying to calm the newborn down. "We figured you might be hungry so we got some take out if you don't mind." gesturing the drug dealers on a tree trunk nearby.

She looked at them perplexed wondering why are the two vampires in front of her are being nice and how do they know she will be passing this way.

"Long story short, I know you are looking for me or my sire. Reasons I know is 'cause I just know shit. Names Peter Whitlock mam and this sweet sexy vamp beside me is my mate Charlotte.'" he said while tipping his brown cowboy hat.

The teen vampire looked at them to the 'take out' and back to them. She was wary at the two scared vampires in front of her. She knew that if there was a fight she stood no chance whether against one of them or both. Not even if she was in perfect condition.

Seeing the vampire's cautious look he and his mate moved away from the humans to show they were no threat to her or her meal.

As the vampire couple moved away, she had deemed that it was safe and they were no harm to her, she pounced at the humans.

"What is your name sweetie?."Charlotte asked.

" name is Bree, Bree Tanner" she stuttered.

"Why are you looking for us?" Char ask.

Dropping the last of her meal she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

"I'm here to inform the Major and his Captain of an old threat from the south. She is starting something big and she needs to be stopped or everyone will die, humans and vampires alike."

Even with small details they were able to identify who's is the person the teen vampire was talking about.

Maria. A vampire from their past who created armies from the south with the sole purpose of destroying and conquering anything in their path.

She was about to continue but he stopped her. "Little B, I think it's best if you talk with everyone present. Don't worry no harm may come to you. Now come along."

"Where are we going?" she asked, slowly making her way to them while holding her healing arm.

"We sug' are going to the nearest airport and 'borrowing' an airplane and going to meet up with the Major."

-Volterra, Italy-

Wide double doors opened as fiery redhead dressed in fur coat made her way to the dais where three thrones are stationed and three kings sat . From the left sat a vampire in his mid thirties , long black hair that pass his shoulder, the middle had also long black hair that is tied back neatly also in early thirties and the last king to the right has snowy white hair, his face etched with boredom. All of the vampires she had passed ever since she had set foot in the castle wore formal attires such as suits or dress under their dark cloaks and their bright crimson eyes like fresh cut rubies.

She bowed in respect and fear before them.

"Rise child. What brings you here?" The middle vampire asked.

She looked up. "My kings, I am here to report a problem that has risen."

"Spit it out woman we haven't got all day !" the snow haired vampire snapped.

"Calm brother." said Aro.

"The Cullens had revealed us to a human and they have not turned or killed her. We tried getting rid of her since clearly the coven hasn't got the guts to kill their pet. But they protected her and because of it my mate is dead. They had disobeyed your rules my kings and deserve to be punished." she said.

"I knew they would cause problems sooner or later Aro ! But did you listen?...No you didn't !"

"Caius." He warned and turned to face her again." If what you say is true then will you be willing to act as a witness for their crimes as they stand in trial?" he asked.

"Yes my king." as small smile graced her lips upon hearing their fate.

"Very well, you are to stay in the guest quarters until the trial has been finished. We will be contacting the Cullens and request for them to report to Volterra as soon as possible."

"Thank you your majesty." the redhead said. With that she excused herself and left the throne room with menacing smirk across her face.

Forget about mistress and her plans. My mate is dead therefore it's only right for me to take her life in exchange for what they took from me. A mate for a mate.

-Cullen cottage, Oregon outskirts -

After Bella ate Esme's homemade soup to sooth her rumbling stomach everyone had sighed in relief that Bella was fine and was no longer in too much pain. In a short span she had spent with them she had wormed her way into their non beating hearts. Being close to her, she had somehow reminded their own humanity. Sure they had interacted with humans over the course of their vampirism but none of them seemed to make them feel human, not until Bella. Humans they had encountered in the past were too enamoured by their ethereal beauty that they don't see the real them.

Rosalie and Emmett had stayed in the bedroom to somehow distract her from the pain until she had fallen asleep.

Hours had passed after she woken up from her rest that a phone rung. A second later Carlisle appeared in Jasper's room looking at the phone screen. Confusion with a slight panic rolling off him in waves.

"It's Aro," was all he said and everyone froze. Pressing the green button he answered the call calmly. "Good evening Aro my friend. Do what I owe the pleasure?"

"Buonasera Carlisle, I am sorry to inform you that this isn't a social call. Under the orders of the Volturi kings, we hereby summon you to Volterra with the rest of the family including the human you protect."

All vampires within hearing froze. "What do you mean Aro?"

"Don't lie to me Carlisle. We know you have a human, a human girl in fact in your protection. We expect your coven and the human here within a days time. Till then, arrivederci. " with that the phone line went dead before Carlisle can even reply.

Worry, fear and shock roll off in waves from vampires in the room. Jasper sent everyone calming waves to soothe their emotions but it only helped a little for he too felt the same if not more to concentrate.

"What shall we do? If we run they will find us if we go there well it will make our end much quicker." asked Rosalie.

To keep with pretense she asked the vampires. "What's the call about? Sorry but I don't have a vampire hearing" Was it Alice and Edward? No, I doubt it. If they did they would had been found out by Aro easily. They are too scared to lose their lives for a mere human. If it wasn't the duo then who did?.

Carlisle turned to Bella."Sorry Bella, Forgive me. That phone call was from Aro, one of the kings of the vampire world. The call was about summoning everyone in the family to Volterra including you Bella. We all need to be there within a day and when they request for a summon it means, come or true death."

Jasper asked. "Who would had told the Volturi of Bella?"

"Do you think Eddie and Malice told them?" asked Emmett, anger slowly rising.

"I doubt it. Knowing we let Bella know of our secret there is a high chance for all of us to get killed. They won't risk losing their lives. They are cowards." spat Rosalie.

" How about the red head or the vampire with dreadlocks , do you think they could had informed them?" asked Bella.

"They could be, since we haven't seen any of them."

"My bet is that redhead. She looks fairly close to that blonde guy in the ballet studio and 'if' they are indeed close there is also possibility of them being mates. I mean if she learned of his death wouldn't she want revenge of some sort." Emmett said gaining everyone's attention.

"I swear sometimes you either an idiot or wise."

Emmett winked causing Bella to giggle, her tinkling laughter somehow ease the tension the room.

"If we must be there within a day then we should start getting ready" Carlisle said. " I will call the airport." Turning away and pulling his phone up.

"I agree. Rose would you mind if you could pack Bella some clothes to change?"

She nodded. "Of course"

"I'll make some pack lunch for her." said Esme.

Emmett excused himself after Rose , Esme and Carlisle left the room. He made sure the vehicles were ready and things were loaded.


During the flight it was decided to just leave Bella's dress as it is because it was the only thing she can move easily into. For every minute has passed everyone is feeling anxious. Many scenarios running through their mind as to how will things end and most of them ...bad ending.

Bella sat on a seat beside Jasper while Carisle and Esme were on the opposite seats. The aircraft pilot was Rosalie and co-pilot is Emmett. Feeling restless Jasper gave Bella a hug and a reassuring smile. "Don't worry darlin' I won't let them hurt you."

She smiled back.

Bella wasn't worried about her getting hurt at all. No, It was far from that. The nervousness she is feeling is about what will happen when they get there. Is it time ? If it is then how will they react? Will they hate or accept me?

Hours later they had arrived in Pisa International Airport. There on the runway near the aircraft hanger is a black limo with three waiting Volturi guards wearing their usual black uniforms and black cloaks . They were instructed to meet the Cullens and take them back to the castle.

Minutes later they arrived in the garage underneath the castle. Then they were led through a stone passageway lit with torches and paintings of variety sizes and age hang the walls, showing different landscapes that most likely come from the painter's imagination . In the end of the passageway was an elevator that leads up to the reception. Carlisle and Esme were at front followed by Rosalie and Emmett and Jasper who had Bella in his arms. It was decided that he should carry Bella since she can't walk properly yet. Even their face show calm and collective, inside they are far from it. Everyone is getting more apprehensive each step they take as they get closer and closer to the three vampire kings.

Passing the human who was at the reception they reached two tall large oak double doors that lead to the throne room.

Upon opening they were lead to a large circular room with a domed glass that enables sunlight pass through illuminating pale marble floors and columns. Up ahead near the middle is a circular dais where the three kings sat on their red velvet thrones. The top of the throne showcase intricate designs of swirls and embedded with different gems of sizes and colours.

They stopped in the middle just a few feet away from the thrones. Jasper set down Bella and place her behind him , shielding her from them.

Aro stood up with a cheerful expression, clasping his hands together. " Ah Carlisle. I'm glad for you to be here"

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