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Tyler was woken up from a tireless sleep of waking up constantly cringing at every sound. Coming to he was looking into the black visor of "Rookie" as he called himself "get up... get up!" said the odst shaking Tyler's shoulder almost painfully as he pulled the pilot out of his sleep. Tyler lifted his eyes up to drearily stare into the black mirror like glass of the odst helmet. "C'mon get up! We've got a bit of hoofing to do if you want an even remote chance of finding that squad or even your way back."

Shaking his head to rid the last of the sleeplessness from his head he quickly stood up without a word as the odst pulled him up by his wrist. Looking around he noticed that no one else was there but that the lighting changed to a much more brilliant pinkish red as it casted itself down the stairs leading into the subway system."How long was i out?" asked Tyler cracking his back turning side to side. "A couple of hours although based on my helmets reading your vitals correctly your exhausted... Hell you probably didn't get a wink of sleep the entire time i was away".

Turning away from his only acquaintance he gave out a weak "no I didn't cause I'm not used to sleeping behind enemy lines like you. I should be up in the orbital ships or even at the head quarters getting ready for a few more runs for the night until I was replaced by another pelican! But no instead i end up wandering through the tunnels of some God forsaken planet that the covenant are going to retreat back to their ships and probably glass this entire planet when they think that we've beat them bad enough it always happens. I've never seen a covenant fleet not glass a planet almost no matter what whether it be 5 years or 5 days it always happens no matter what!"

Rookie stood still and watched the pilots face as he figured out how to approach him "easy.. I know you've been through hell and back with this last mission but you've got to keep your head cleared and calm so we can think... Now We're heading to a secret rendezvous that my squad and I set up So all we've got to do is get there without drawing attention to ourselves. You think you can be quiet out there? We can't use the tunnels because some of our heavy artillery hit an area near here and it collapsed the only tunnel leading to our destination". "Sure i can be quiet but what was our artillery doing shelling this area?" "I don't know but its a few miles away and the rendezvous would've been easy to get to if they hadn't done that. Hell the exit was almost right next to it we could've been on easy street." said the rookie with a slight hint of anger in his voice or was Tyler just imagining it? He spoke up Turning to Rookie "Why can't we just take the tunnels till it's been collapsed and take an exit out of here then walk the rest of the way up there?". Beginning to turn towards the exit and walk he continued on "I've already checked it there was an exit on the other side but if we go there we'll just run into a dark dead end. Come on we need to leave now if we even want a chance of linking up with the others". Watching Rookie walk away Tyler skipped a few times to catch up with the black armored spec ops. Rookie turned just before he hit the stairs and reached into a pouch on the side of his armor pulling out a small gadget handing it to Tyler. "Here you'll maybe need this when were up there."

"Thanks..." Tyler said picking it up and looking it over in his hand. It was a small half headset a "Bluetooth" if he remembers correctly grasping it in his right hand he opened up the little clip on the side and attached it to his ear flipping the clip closed over his ear before he could turn it on Rookie interrupted him "don't turn it I don't want the covenant figuring out we are here other wise it can be very hairy very quickly".

"Alright sorry about that" whispered Tyler looking as apologetic as he could. Staring at him for a few seconds as if judging if he really meant those words his face as impossible to read behind his visor as ever. C'mon lets get moving before we are late" Rookie turned his head and started walking up the stairs quickly with Tyler on his heel. Rookie slid his silenced SMG out of its holster he surveyed the area and building slowly looking for a glint to tell a sniper had its sights trained on him. along with moving figures to show that any covenant patrols were near, finding it clear he motioned for Tyler to follow closely and come up after him.

Walking up the stairs after the odst he took in the sights of the skyscrapers that were falling apart or already crumbled to the ground. Looking around Tyler noticed it was almost an open field, a park maybe but it was filled with car chassis looking up at the setting sun he looked back down at the ground where he spotted big puddles of crimson red mixed with a sickish blue and bright red colors of what he guessed would be brute blood. Looking around he noticed now in more detail that bodies were everywhere covenant, civilian, and unsc alike some charred and scorched almost beyond recognition while others were more intact. Feeling a slight tug on his shoulder Tyler went into an immediate crouch unholstering his M6G till he relaxed when he saw it was just Rookie. He calmed slightly not much but enough to let him hear a voice break his thoughts "C'mon We'll have time to mourn later but not now." Looking over at the odst he thought he'd almost heard a hint of sadness in his voice... But that couldn't be right could it? They are the toughest of the tough almost as good as spartans.

Walking on behind Rookie he noticed that the path he was taking was taking them around the edges of the clearing. Tyler looked down the path little bit to see Rookie kneeling besides something and appearing to be searching what ever it was. Silently moving forward he noticed Rookie stand up from what Tyler now saw was a marines' body looking as if he was just killed hours ago. "The body still has some warmth to it... This woman was executed." "what do you mean executed? Could there be covies nearby?". looking around Tyler spotted something move out of the corner of his eye he quickly aimed his pistol up to bring the movement into his iron sights.

"Look! somethings still here!" Tyler said causing the odst to catch sight of where Tyler was pointing seeeing the movement. After closer inspection it seemed way to small and slender to be a brute or grunt. Giving Tyler the hand motions to cover him Rookie crouched and walked over to the moving mass to discover a human, it gargled something the words almost drowned out by what sounded like fluids in its mouth Tyler quickly ran over to the scene and tried to put his ear closer the its mouth. "What?..." again the sickening gargle but this one lasted half as long as the first few Rookie spoke up "Tyler... watch out..." lightly pushing him out of the way Rookie quickly patted the marines head and whispered something to it to quiet to hear. Before he could comprehend what Rookie was doing the odst took the marines dog tags and quickly put the muzzle of his silenced smg to the marines head and fired a quick burst, silencing the poor soul...

Standing shocked he watched the odst quickly move his hands of the various pockets of the recently deceased fellow, tapping them till a little click sounded back to him. Digging into the pocket where the click came from Rookie slid two magazines.

Quickly looking at them he tossed them to still shocked still Tyler. "We had to put him out of his misery it's what any person would want... Would you want to be left alone suffering nearly drowning on your own blood and spit?" shaking his head the young pilot dropped down to his knees feeling slightly more justified at watching an execution of one of his fellow soldiers, while picking up the to clips looking them over before sliding them into two clip holders on his side.

"...Please tell me... why were they here?..." Tyler asked. Silence hung in the air for a few seconds the two men looking at eachother, almost daring the other to break the silence. Rookie broke it first "I don't know... I've told you before I have no idea all I know is that they shelled this area!" said an agitated Rookie "We fight all over the planet all the time it happens, we get sent into some area that could be a great defensive area and we die that's all there ever is in this war!..."

Tyler looked at the odst with a small flash of fear and possible understand hiding under the fear.

"Sorry it's just that marine was so messed up.. I heard stories of the covenant torturing people but I never saw the results of a session of it." Remarked the young pilot.

Rookie stood still for a few seconds more before suddenly walking stronger to the next body giving it the same treatment he had done with the first body. Leaving the pilot to stand there and watch more and more clips sliding into pockets and the black armor, searching from one body to the next. Standing shocked at the odst but slowly coming to understand that they needed the ammo more than the marines. He slowly walked over to follow Rookie. He was startled out of his train of thoughts by a voice.

"We should try to find a building we could sleep in for the time being... it may not be cold tonight but it'd be safer than going back to the subway." spoke the odst looking around.

"But we've been in the subway for a while and haven't run into anything that could kill us. We could be sleeping and a brute or something could walk by the building." "...Good point... Maybe we could lock ourselves in a basement? I mean it's underground and it should be safe from anything other than a planetary glassing. Or does this planet not use basements?"

Watching the black visor look around for a few seconds Tyler got his reply' "no this planet has no such thing as basement I mean we've only been a few hundred feet under ground for a few days right?, No way they have basements..." his vice dripping with sarcasm.

Tyler sat there giving the apparently sarcastic odst a deadpan look. but before he could say something back Rookie started walking towards one of the buildings.

"Great just when I thought my luck couldn't get any better i get probably the only sarcastic odst on the planet" murmured Tyler to himself.

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