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Chapter 10

"Jesus, Bella. What is that…?" Emily reached out to touch the silver chain that led into Bella's shirt. Bella's eyes widened, not quite understanding what the other woman was getting at. Then she looked down and realized that Emily was focused on the dog tags that were hidden beneath her shirt.

"Jake gave them to me," Bella whispered, wrapping her hand around the silver tags. Jake hadn't told anyone yet, so she didn't want to give away their secret. She wasn't sure if he'd want to tell just yet because he didn't exactly tell the whole pack that he broke up with Zee either.

Emily reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a similar chain. Instead of RUSSET printed on the metal tag, there was EBONY. She assumed that EBONY was the imprinting name for Emily since Sam's wolf was black.

"This was the dog tag Sam gave to me when he imprinted on me," Emily said slowly. "He said that the pack members will only give the dog tags to those who they've imprinted on."

Bella blushed a deep color of red as Emily found out just what was going on. "No freaking way, chica. No way!" the other woman screeched louder than a screeching owl.

Bella couldn't help but smile. "Em, keep it down. Sam will hear."

Just as she said it, Sam waltzed in after hearing Emily's cry. He, as her wolf, was obligated to make sure that she was safe at all times. "Is everything okay?" he asked. Emily nodded and handed him a banana muffin.

"Everything's perfect, Sammy." Emily replied, trying to hide her excitement. Sam glanced down at Bella, seeing the chain around her neck. Emily turned around as the timer on the stove went off, distracting her from her husband and her new pack member.

Sam grinned as Bella blushed under the heat of his gaze. "Welcome to the pack, Bella." He whispered to her, nibbling on his muffin. Welcome to the pack, she thought. It's more like welcome home. This is where I belong.

Bella's eyes widened. "He told you guys already?"

Sam shook his head and devoured the rest of the muffin in a single bite. Damn, could he eat. "He didn't need to with the way he's acting. And I see Emily already knows."

She nodded her head as Emily turned around. She handed Sam a bowl of vegetable beef soup and shooed him out of the room for some more 'girl talk' with Bella. "So," Emily began. "He finally broke up with that bitch?"

Bella nodded her head as Emily handed her a bowl of soup. "Yeah, but you'll never guess why." Emily took her bowl over to Bella's and leaned in closer.

"Spill it, sister."

"She got pregnant."

Emily gasped and slammed her hand down on the table. "No freaking way. And it's not his, right?"

Bella nodded her head in agreement. "It's not his."

Emily shook her head in disbelief. "Poor kid. He never really gets the happy endings he wants." She jabbed the younger girl in the side. "But now that you're back…I feel like he can finally get what he's always wanted; a sweet young thing to spend the rest of his life with him."

And Bella would without a doubt give that to him this time around. She wasn't going to mess it up a second time. She took her bowl and walked out into the dining room to see the boys all crowded around the table. Emily followed her with a tray balancing countless bowls of soup.

The guys chanted loudly and helped Emily hand out the bowls. Bella sat down next to Jake and he wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders. The arm felt nice around her, because she knew that she'd finally gotten the man she loved most.


The doorbell sounded around dinner time. Bella was getting luckier and luckier, because every time Jacob paid a visit, Charlie was working late shifts at the police station. But this time she noticed something strange about him.

"Holy hell, Jake! Did you get in a fight?"

He shook his head and stepped inside. "I went back to Zee's and tried to pack up my stuff," he murmured. "She threw stuff at me."

She shook her head in astonishment and grabbed his hand. She pulled out her first-aid kit and poured some alcohol onto a swab. "I don't need to be healed," he told her. She frowned at him and pressed the cotton swab onto a scratch on his face.

He hissed in pain at her. "Just hush up and let me feel like I'm needed," she told him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. She squeaked and the cotton swab flew out of her hand.

He looked her straight in the eye, brown eyes sparkling. "You will always be needed," he said to her. His thumb and forefinger gripped her chin softly, forcing her to look him in the eye as well. When she did she felt fireworks go off inside of her. He had the sweetest eyes she'd ever seen.

She pressed her nose against his and he pressed a soft kiss to her lips. She took the cotton swab into her hand again and dabbed at his cuts and sores. It seemed like only yesterday since she'd accepted the imprint and he broke up with his girlfriend.

Well, it kind of was. A week ago, to be exact.

"What did she throw at you, Jake?" she asked him, cleaning a trail of blood from his chin. "It looks like she got you pretty good, huh?"

He nodded his head and grinned slightly. "A vase, and a few more of her mother's bowls." When Zee had thrown them and they'd hit him, it didn't hurt at first. It was like getting punched in the face (which didn't hurt him) but then came the scratches and the bits of broken class lodged in his skin.

She grimaced and raced to the bathroom for something. He looked after her, wondering what he did to make her run away like that. His heart ached slightly. She came back a moment later with her hair tied up and tweezers in her hand.

Bella sat on his lap again and ran her soft fingers down the stubbly plains of his copper-toned cheek. "You…you have some glass in your face."

Jake couldn't help but laugh at how she said it. He gripped her waist tighter. She stared at him, puzzled at the reaction. "Zee was a vicious little thing," he commented. Bella grimaced again and clutched the tweezers tighter. "You could pick them out for me, if you wanted…"

She nodded her head and soon he saw tweezers descending down upon his face. He felt a sharp tug and saw her pull out the first chunk of glass. "This looks horribly painful," she commented. "How are you not in agony right now?"

"I'm a werewolf," he replied. "Werewolves are strong. We don't…ah! Damn!"

She laid a large chunk of bloody glass on a tissue and kissed his forehead. "I'm sorry, Jake. That was the biggest piece, I promise!" He rubbed her upper arms soothingly and nodded his head.

"It's okay, Bells. You didn't throw the vase at me," he snickered. Bella's pink lips turned upside down in a frown.

"You know, I hope you got all your stuff from that house before you left. I don't want you coming back with more glass in your face." She told him with a firm nod. She used the tweezers to pick out another piece of shiny glass out of the cleft in his chin.

He hissed again, jerking in pain. Bella bit her lip and grabbed another swab to dab at the blood that trickled down his chin due to the absence of the glass. "Sorry…"

He rubbed up and down her waist. "Listen, Bells…you can't tell anyone about this, alright? This wouldn't go over well…with the guys."

This time it was her turn to laugh. "What?" she laughed. "You don't want me to tell them that you got beat up by your ex-girlfriend?"

He pinched her side and she screeched. "Watch it, honey."


"You know how to play the guitar?" she asked him. He sat on her bed with her Yamaha guitar in his hands, strumming out chords like he's been playing his whole life.

He shrugged his shoulders and played a little tune. "I taught myself when you left. I got bored after you left…so I took on some new hobbies. Guitar being one of them." Then he added, "This is a nice Yamaha."

She too had taught herself to play the guitar after Edward left and she became like a bump on the log for months and months. She didn't really enjoy listening to the radio's music anymore (because it reminded her of him) so she took to writing her own songs and crafting them on the guitar.

"Jeez, there's a lot of things I apparently don't know about you," she said. Then she disappeared into her closet, rummaging around for something.

His eyes followed her and his eyebrows knit together. "What are you doing?"

"Ah ha!" She said with triumph as she came out with an old guitar that she hadn't seen since her thirteenth birthday. "Lucy Mae, everybody."

Lucy Mae was the name of Bella's first guitar that she played like crazy for years up until the year of her thirteenth birthday when she got the Yamaha that Jacob was currently holding. "You wanna play a song, Bells?"

She sat down on the bean bag in front of him and checked the tune of her guitar. Still perfectly in tune after all of those years. "Yeah. What song did you want to play?"

"How well do you know The Civil Wars?"

Bella nodded her head furiously then laid a hand over her breast. "By heart, Jake."

He grinned. "I knew that. They're your favorite band, aren't they?"

She nodded again. "How did you know that?"

"I have my ways. Let's do To Whom it May Concern."

She strummed a few chords to make sure her guitar was working fine. "Verse is D, E minor, G. Chorus is G, B minor, A, G, D. Got that?"

He nodded his head and began to strum. There were many things that Bella Swan didn't know about Jacob Black. One, that he knew how to play the guitar. And two, that he knew how to sing. And he sung well, too.

"Why are you so far from me? In my arms is where you ought to be…" He jerked his head at her. It was her turn now. Bella was still slightly shocked about his voice, but she opened her mouth anyways.

"How long will you make me wait?" she sang softly, strumming the chords with the tips of her fingers. "I don't know how much more I can take."

They strummed on through the chorus, his eyes never leaving hers as they sang together. He strummed right back to the verse and cleared his throat.

"Slowly counting down the days," he sang. "Until I finally know your name."

Bella licked her lips. How it turned her on to hear him sing and play guitar with her. "The way your hand feels 'round my waist… the way you laugh, the way your kisses taste."

"I've missed you, but I haven't met you."

Bella dropped her guitar and let it fall softly onto the carpeted floor. He gulped and set the other guitar down next to him. Before he saw her coming, she attacked him, forcing him back onto the bed. She pressed her lips to his and responded by grabbing her waist tightly and kissing her back.

He plunged his tongue into her mouth, softly tasting her. She moaned, but his mouth encased the noise. Pulling back, she looked him in the eye. "If there was a book out there about you, it'd be called The Wonders of Jacob Black. It'd have all your secrets and you hidden hobbies and talents…and I'd buy every copy."

He kissed her nose and grinned. "Well…then maybe I'll write The Wonders of Jacob Black one day. And sell every copy to you."

She grinned at him. "You don't know how much I want you to be serious," she murmured. He chuckled and kissed her nose.

"You sing like an angel…better than Lark, almost. And if you've ever heard Lark sing, she's…she's good." Jacob said, his voice gruff and rugged as she trailed her fingertips down his bare thigh. She was distracted, but she snuggled into his side more firmly.

[Where the hell are you? I need to go.] Paul's voice sounded like an alarm in his head. [I've been waiting here the past 20 minutes for you to come. Rachel's at home with the kids and she just called me saying that Neko smacked his face on the end table after jumping off the damn couch.]

Shit! I forgot. I'm over at Bella's, so it won't be long until I get there.

[Ahh, the imprint's house. I remember those flirty days. Remember when I wouldn't leave your house for hours when I first imprinted on Rach?]

I remember it too well, asswipe. Don't remind me.

[Heh. Cock-blocked!]

Get out of my head, Lahote.

[Then hustle it, kid. Put your dick back in your pants and scoot your little brown ass over to these damn woods. Bella can wait. Tell her you'll make it up to her later. That one always works with your sister.]

Jacob could practically see Paul smirking and winking through his mind. He knew exactly what Paul meant by 'making it up to her'.

Fuck, man…she's my sister. Show some respect.

[Just relating.]

Jacob pushed a reluctant Paul out of his mind and turned his attention back to his Bella. She had been intently staring at him for the past five minutes where he was having a deep conversation with Paul in his head.

"Let me guess. You have to go?"

He nodded his head and stroked a path down her cheek all the way to the dog tag sitting happily on her perky breasts. "It's my time to patrol the Res. I lost track of time, being here with you." He chewed his lip, then added, "I promise I'll make it up to you later, though."

[Atta boy! Now you gotta wink at her so she gets that you're talking dirty.]

Jacob winked at her and flashed a smile. Bella seemed to get it at that very moment thus the blushing and holding in laughter. "Alright. Get on it, big daddy."

His eyebrows rocketed towards the sky. "Big…big daddy?"

She blushed again. "It's a nickname," she murmured, drumming her fingers on his muscular thigh and shooting her eyes down to his crotch.

"Jesus fuck." Jacob murmured and got up instantly, running a hand through his hair. She frowned at the loss of body mass and heat. "Bella, I really do have to go, before I start fucking you into oblivion."

"That wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

He grinned and walked out of her bedroom. "I love you so much, baby girl."

"Love you too, big daddy."

God, he loved that woman.

"I promise," he began as he stormed down the steps. "I promise I'll make it up to you!"

She nodded her head and stood at the top of the steps, watching him as he opened the front door. He looked back before he morphed into his wolf and ran out into the forest. "Alright…I'll be patiently waiting for your return."

He flashed her another grin and exited the house, shutting the door behind him. In some part of her it felt like she was missing something. Missing him. The force of the imprint was really starting to dawn on her. She could talk to Emily and Kim for support, for they'd been in the imprint game much longer than she had.

She touched the tags on her chest. They began to glow an orange color as she read the word printed on there. That's right, she thought. I belong to the russet wolf.


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