Ok everybody this is a new kind of short story for when I have some time up my sleeve and especially since I haven't been posting the Gladiator Tournament as regularly as usual lately. This is just a P.O.V from one of the tributes in the specific games. This first one is on the 1st Hunger Games and it carries on until the 73rd Hunger Games.

Havali Sciefe POV-District 3, 14

I trudged through the gloomy forest alone listening to the echo of my loud footsteps, my former allies either dead or gone. It's Day nine and from my estimations only six other tributes are left in this pitiful arena. I am surprised I have made it this far especially after not knowing how to approach the daunting task of trying to win these games. Back home may have been a dump land especially after the war but it's a hell load better than this place, us twenty-four tributes are pretty much live bait for the Capitol to sit and laugh at.

Yesterday two tributes were killed, most likely murdered, they were the small girl from seven and Mr. Brutally strong and scary from district one. The cannons were only seconds apart which means a battle must have taken place. The Day before that was when my original alliance ended. Talon was kidnapped by the girl from four who I recall being named Asalie. Three days earlier was when my district partner; Rhode, was killed by an infectious snakebite to the neck. I think the others that remain are Sierra, the girl from one, the strong guy from 2 who is allied with Asalie and Talon who has been kidnapped finally the boys from six and twelve who I assume are aligned with each other.

Night time was closing in on me and my beady eyes began spying out for a tree or hideaway where I could spend the night. The chilly air swept through the now pitch black forest, sending me chillbumps that coursed through my body. I was equipped with a single spear and two small hunting knives, the spear that I have propped up on my back kept getting stuck in my messy brunette ponytail. Abruptly as I stopped walking I heard a bush rustle behind me, I whipped round silently as to make no sound but there was no need, standing before me is the boy from twelve who was grimacing at me. My alliance had encountered him before so we shared bad memories, but in this circumstance I was practically defenceless. "I'm sorry but I need to get back home, back where I belong, and if that too happen the place you have to be is dead" he murmured shakily.

I scream, I know whats going to happen, the axe he had taken from Rhode in our last encounter was swung down at me, I was rooted to the spot as it pierced into my skin and through my internal organs.I looked up at him shocked then back down at my now scarlet red torso. I saw him mouth 'I'm sorry' and then my vision failed me along with my life...

The eventual victor of these hunger games was Zee Shaft from district 6 who stabbed Sienna from one with a machete bleeding her out. He had an easy job cause as of yet there are no trained careers.

1. Zee Shaft

2. Sienna Farlent

3. Talon

7. Havali Sciefe