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Kael Underwood-District 2, 18

Careers, thats what we have named ourselves. Tributes from two who are trained to fight and then volunteer for the hunger games. This year me and Megan volunteered and have teamed up in the games to slaughter everybody, last year the 'careers' were a success but this year they will be even better. Well we already are better, we have killed many more tributes than last year and we have stronger supplies. Megan and I walked through the vast area of mud pools and swamps being careful not to trap ourselves in the precarious bogs. With four tributes left things were starting to mean business, the other two were the boy from six and the girl from four who had kept hidden during the game as we have had no encounters with either of them.

I walk behind Megan and look up through the mangrove trees to try find tributes Lurking up their branches, "AAH Help!" Megan yells. I twist my body quickly and see that she is already knee deep in quicksand, I begin to panic as well, what do I do, how do I get her out, she will die if I don't save her. As she squeals at me I quickly think to myself, It would be one less person and otherwise it will become a fight between me and her. "See Ya" I say to Megan with a grin and I slyly walk off getting ready to stalk my next prey.

I feel a bit of guilt when I hear the cannon that I am sure was Megans but it will pass, technically I didn't actually kill her. I made my way through the swamp to reach the cornucopia before dusk fell, I knew that after previous games the game makers would bring us all together for the finale. Waiting in the clearing was boring but when I finally heard a low growling sound I knew the finale had begun, I jump onto the cornucopia to stay safe from whatever could be lurking on ground level. Suddenly I hear a scream and then only seconds later, another cannon, I was getting nervous, It was just me and one other person each with half a chance of going home!

Finally I saw them, the muttations that I heard earlier, they were black as night and looked almost like a lioness except for the fang-like teeth that hung out of its jaw blood dripping off of them. I waited for the final tribute in the dark, I was crouched down on the Cornucopia looking out to the front trying to peer through the murky swamp to get a teaser on who it might be that I'm facing.

I knew that I was done as soon as I heard the knock of the arrow behind me, I whipped round doggedly and sat in terror looking at my death that was looming before me, the tribute, who is a girl, winked at me the with the bow drawn back up to her cheekbone let the arrow fly straight towards my head, it curved slightly with the wind and expertly I swayed to one side as the arrow flew over my left shoulder. The girl drew back again another arrow already knocked, I quickly took my katana hoping I could get in for close combat. The wood the I had piled up on top of the cornucopia for firewood days ago was my only protection from the arrows that were plummeting down at my fragile body. I sniffed, thats when I noticed it, the burning smell sifted through the air, I dared a glance up and looked at my wood in disbelief, it was on fire!

I quickly scrambled away from the flaming wood and tried to figure out how it had happened, I looked down at the girl in realisation as I saw the oil cloth and the lighter both tucked away in her left hand, "burn in hell" she said to me as the flame caught the end of my t-shirt, I panicked and scrambled off the edge of the cornucopia and towards the swamp, the whistle of the arrow could of been heard a mile away until the resonate thump that meant it had found its target, I had been beaten fair and square and on the rare occasion you have to let the dark horse win.

Ok so Kael died in the final two but I really couldn't have him win because district two had already won the past two games. The two tributes from district 5 were extremely strong this year, and Robyn who came third was killed by the mutt which was a puma with giant fangs. All the way through Abigail was a strong contender, she had scored 8 in training second only to Kael who fought for a well deserved 9.

1. Abigail Fire, D5

2. Kael Underwood, D2

3. Robyn Hurst, D5