"Hey guys, check it out."

"What now Clint?" Natasha groaned.

Tuesdays was always without fail the Avengers movie night. 7 O' clock on the dot, or, nineteen hundred hours as Steve liked to put it. It wasn't a planned thing; there was no timeslot, but rather strange phenomenon, in that everyone in the tower seemed to gravitate towards Tony's floor on Tuesday night. They argued it was because he had the biggest TV and film selection, Tony argued that they just wanted to eat the food in his fridge which as always stocked with goodies.

Films with lots of references were no good for Thor or Steve, who were taking baby steps into trying to understand the strange world they'd found themselves in. Tony, surprisingly, hated Sci-Fi, as the 'science was all wrong'. Natasha and Clint put their collective boot down on spy movies, and Bruce was fine with everything except romantic comedies; they made him cry.

This night, a Tuesday, obviously, everyone was present and fully absorbed into Forrest Gump, with its timeless feel and captivating storytelling; was a unanimous choice. Well, everyone was absorbed save for two of the Avengers; Steve and Tony. They'd fallen asleep. They had been on opposite ends of the couch with Bruce in between (to curb any bickering) but with Bruce now sitting cross legged on the floor they had the couch all to themselves... and the two had chosen to get closer, very close, awkwardly close. Steve was deep in sleep, with his one huge arm around Tony's shoulders and another around his waist; essentially keeping the smaller man securely huddled to his chest. Tony was out cold, snoring softly, and made no indication that he found his current situation uncomfortable.

"...Huh." said Natasha, narrowing her eyes. "Interesting."

"Should we..?" Bruce asked.

Thor shook his head. "Nay. Let our friends sleep, it has been a tiring day, we shall wake them when the movie is over."

And that's what they did.

When the picture blackened and the end credits began to roll, the team got up, stretched and yawned and Bruce checked his watch.

"Nine thirty." He confirmed, and he looked over at Tony and Steve, who hadn't moved. "Let's...try and get them up. Clint?"

Clint sniggered. "Can't I take a photo first? This is grade A blackmail material right here."

Natasha whacked him lightly on the arm. "No blackmail. Just help Bruce move them."

The archer grumbled under his breath but still positioned himself on Steve's left with Bruce on his right. Gingerly, they worked to try and prise the two sleeping men apart. Tony weighed very little, and Bruce made a mental note to talk to Tony about the importance of eating at regular intervals. The Captain was all muscle and much heavier, his arms were like vices latched onto the genius. When they finally prised Tony away, the reaction was immediate; Steve twitched and mumbled in his sleep and reach out with his hands to grasp Tony back. Before Bruce could pull away Steve got a fist full of Tony's shirt and tugged, hard. The room was quiet then Steve made a long, whiney, high pitched noise which was so unexpected that Bruce relished Tony at once, and, Steve curled up in a ball taking the genius with him; then sighed, once again sleeping soundly. Their noses bumped each other as they shifted into a comfortable way to snooze. Amazing, Tony didn't make a peep while all this was happening.

"Riiiiight." Clint drawled. "I say we leave them where they are, they can sort themselves out in the morning." He then chuckled. "Oh man, Stark's face when he wakes up..."

The others more or less nodded along with that suggestion and carefully crept around the couch and left Tony and Steve alone. Tony's arc Reactor glowed brightly when the light flickered off, sending bluish rays throughout the dark space.