Tony wasn't what you would call, in tune with his emotions.

He couldn't remember the last time he cried, it would've been when he parents died, maybe, but that seemed so long ago it was almost nonexistent. He rarely, if ever thought about them. It was better that way.

Of course, he couldn't help but feel melancholy when the 15th of March rolled around... that day of the car accident that had ended their lives and changed his forever. He always did something to commemorate the date, take a walk, get drunk (a personal favourite of his) or just bury himself under his work and try and shut out any feelings he may have whatsoever.

This year, had, initially looked like it wasn't going to be any different. Tony had been in what you would call a foul mood for days, and with everyone starting to avoid him out of fear of having their head bitten off; Tony was going to be alone and allowed to wallow. That's what he wanted, or at least, that's what he thought he wanted.

Steve had been on a mission overseas, and arrived back to a strangely quiet tower and a brooding Tony. He'd of course asked what the matter was, but Tony waved him off, snapped at him, and overall made it quite clear he needed isolation.

But Steve's stubbornness was legendary, and he would not give up without a fight. The whole affair ended up with Tony locking himself in his lab and Steve having a John Lennon moment and decided to camp out just outside the door until he got answers. If machines could sigh and shake their heads, then JARVIS would have been doing it 24/7. He was simply not programmed to deal with this.

The genius pretended to be annoyed by his boyfriends 'peaceful protest' and got on with some menial tasks in his workshop. He tried to stay focussed, he really did, but he kept looking over his shoulder and seeing Steve slumped against the glass wall; looking all puppy eyes and blonde curls. In these moments, Tony felt like such a selfish, egotistical bastard and that he didn't deserve to have such a man in his life. He was robbing some pretty young thing of the best boyfriend in the universe, what did Steve see in him anyway?

Tony sighed and swung himself around and around on his spinning chair; thinking hard. He didn't want Steve to have to suffer because he was so emotionally immature that he couldn't deal with his parent's death. Steve was golden, good, and far, far too decent to be dragged into Tony's messed up little brain.

After a time he got up, and walked slowly over to the door; he opened it and peered around. Steve had go up and gone. He'd obviously couldn't take Tony's crap anymore. The genius began to bang his head on the wall... stupid, stupid, stupid...

"Hey, don't do that."

Tony stopped; his head was hurting and he spun around. "Steve?" he asked.

Steve offered a smile, but it was dim, sad somehow. "I can't believe I forgot what day it is..." he said softly.

Tony swallowed. Oh. So all this hiding away was for nothing.

Neither men said or did anything for a long time. Eventually, Tony went over to Steve and flung both arms around the taller man's neck; hoping for support. Steve didn't even flinch, and he closed his own arms around Tony's waist and lifted up his head so the genius could bury his face into his neck.


"It's okay Tony, it's okay."

Overhead, JARVIS whirred in approval, although it was somewhat sombre approval.