Chapter 1: I love the country side.

You guys all know Jin Tae-Jin ( Jin Mo-Ri's grand-father), right? So I won't do any introduction whatsoever (if you don't know, read the God of Highschool for more information). You guys know when Jin Mo-Ji started to live by himself in Seoul Jin Tae-Jin stayed back home, in summer, and that old man decided to take a trip around the world using plane ( not by money ). And he went to Long Island near New York for a place that nice for old people, and he walked into the jungle...Oh yeah, he could see through the Mist because of the blast Jin Mo-Ri made when he was born affect his eyes.

Jin Tae-Jin looked out of the window of the bus. There are trees, grass and sunshine all over the place but not a single person who seem strong enough to fight with. He sighed, when he decided to went around the world so he could fight with other martial art masters he had thought that was a good idea. But he not so sure after most of them went down. But he agreed that it was fun, he had traveled to China where he fight a lot of Kung-Fu masters, one of them was an old man like himself and he was strong just like Jin Tae-Jin, that battle ended with a draw because they don't want to destroy the mountain. Then he went to Japan and India, where he beat almost all of them, except that ninja who ran away and left a bomb and that big guy who were drunk too much that he couldn't fight for 2 weeks so Jin Tae-Jin moved to another country. He beat the crap out of Egyptian gangs and French's too. He defeated that knight who could destroy a house with a finger in England and that Mad-Bull from Spain. After he had stop by Ireland for a bit of change to fight a magical opponent( which he finished off with only a bleeding leg ) he came to Rome. There aren't any gladiators who like to fight him but when he beat up a criminal on the way that guy said his boss in America gonna beat the crap out of Jin Tae-Jin. So he then went to New York. After cleaned all of that mafia bases Jin Tae-Jin felt that he should have some rest so he went to Long Island, a place looks pretty nice. And here he is, looking out of the window and eating food he had bought by using money from gangs he had put a stop to( he just need to change them to dollars that's all ). And traveling by plane was not that nice, who could had thought that outside of the plane could be that cold, he ended up making up new techniques for Re-Taekwondo on himself so it would be less boring and more warm.


The driver shouted as they slowed down near a forest with big trees and darkness that's like a warning: "Stay out! There are big, angry animals in here!". The bus stopped and Jin Tae-Jin walked down, not before said thank you to the driver. He had learned English when he was young and manners from his mom ( which is a person he could never had beat ). The jungle is full of shades but there is still some thing nice in it, some where a bird is singing and he could feel peace, which in Korea he almost could never had since the Special Force keep kicks down his doors so he had to fixed it again and again. Jin Tae-Jin started to jog into the forest.

The forest was not that peaceful. While jogging he kept hearing sounds like winds blew around him, trees making all that noises as if they were talking, the sound of crunching leaves beneath and behind him...Wait, behind him, how could that possible, Jin Tae-Jin turned around and what he saw was very interesting. It's the ugliest beast he had ever seen in his entire life. It was big and it looked like a dog, except it doesn't have fur. Its whole body covered in a metal black skin and its tail is a snake. It was baring its big, sharp teeth at him and its red eyes was staring at him with one thing only: Kill. Its head looked like a lion and it has wings. "And I thought there are only human to fight" Jin Tae-Jin thought as he stood in his fighting stand. Both of them didn't do anything for awhile and suddenly the monster charged at him, with the speed equal to The Six but to Jin Tae-Jin it was too slow, he dodged it and he punched into its stomach. The monster yelped and it flew toward some trees. Then it stood up again, looking very angry, but before it could do any thing Jin Tae-Jin appeared behind it and he was holding its tail. The snake hissed and tried to bite at him but he was holding it near the head so it can't bite him, then he swung the monster around and around, mashing every tree in its way, then he threw it up in the sky. When it's in the right angle he put his feet down into the ground as the wind started to swiveling around his feet. Then he kicked it, create a whirlwind that cut through the monster's body, sending blood everywhere. The monster again flew high into the air and then landed with a thud behind Jin Tae-Jin. He smirked, sweet, if the monsters are this nice this forest is gonna be fun. He then turned around, looking at the monster who was dying slowly. Jin Tae-Jin finished it off, after that he took two legs and the skin in case of emergency.

He then continued jogging deeper into the forest, on the way he beat a pack of werewolf and a giant troll. Both took a while, much to Jin Tae-Jin's delight. When he finished the Six it took only 1 hour, and that count when that woman started to rage while each of these battles in this forest took of him 1 hour and 10 minutes or around it., and he was playing around with them. He took the troll's club and the werewolf pack's skin. When the sky started to get dark Jin Tae-Jin putted the meats, the skins and that troll's club down and go gather a lot of fire wood and he litted a big bon fire. He put the meat on a stick then roasted it, while he wait he made a tent using sticks and that weird monster's skin. He ate all the food, including some eatable mushrooms and apples. He used the wolf skin as a blanket and he leave the fire on then he went to sleep.

Thalia's POV.

It was her turn to go and bring news to Camp Half-Blood so Mr. D won't worry about it (which he never does but Artemis said we should) when she saw foot prints on the ground. Judging from the size it must be a chimera. She took out her bow and put an arrow in it. Thalia traced the foot prints, for a while she kept walking until she went to the road. She thought "This is the main road for mortals, let's hope nothing happen" as she kept walking. Then she came to a large clearing, no, it was in the main road, why is there a clearing here? There were trees got cut down, or mashed down, and the ground had things others than dirt. There were leaves every where around this clearing but at this part the leaves were all gone, as if a hurricane just gone through here. And there was a human foot print in the ground, it looked as if that person pushed his foot deep into the ground. Near it there was a body print of the chimera. "How could this be", Thalia wondered, "how a mortal could beat a chimera without any traces of blood except the chimera's". "I better alert the other Hunters" Thalia thought and she ran back to the way she came.

15 minutes later.

The Hunters after received the news had went and find that mysterious person. At first Artemis said it probably a demigod but when Thalia described the place where the chimera had been she had taken interest. She with Thalia and Zoe had went to find that person. After they had arrived at the scene, Artemis agreed that this was not a normal demigod's work, let alone mortal, especially if a hurricane was involved. It might be another Poseidon or Zeus's child (Artemis sneered at the way men usually broke their oaths) and that person had killed the chimera. Artemis with her Hunters then went farther and they founded the mark of a battle between werewolves and a man (Artemis thought it was a man because of the size of the foot print). There were claw marks and bite marks on nearby trees and there were smell of them around the place. When they went farther, almost near to camp Half-Blood, they found marks of another battle. This time it was a troll (because of the smell) and that man too, only this time there aren't any foot print, just a piece of clothes on the ground.

Then from nearby some smokes drifted up, the Hunters looked at it for a while and Artemis ordered Zoe to go and investigate. Later she returned, this time she reported there is a small bon fire but not camp Half-Blood's and there is a tent there. The three of them went closer to the spot Zoe had found. There they found a tent with a bonfire near it. Near the camp was a big club that had a smell just like a troll and the tent was make of branches and chimera skin. Thalia frowned, chimera skin is hard to cut since their skin is very hard so there aren't any place to put your knife in it. Thalia, Zoe and Artemis came closer to the tent with their bows rised, in case the man was awake. They counted to three and they both opened the tent's gate. Inside there was a man and he was lying with a werewolf skin blanket. The man looked like he is in a deep sleep so Zoe took out the blanket and the three grasped (Artemis managed to make it very ladylike). Beneath the blanket was an Asian man wearing a martial art clothes. The man is in mid 40 judging from his hair, it's gray but the man is full of muscles. There are scars on his arms, he also had one on his chin. He was sleeping like every old man but the werewolf skin, the chimera skin and the troll's club said otherwise. Thalia whispered:

-What should we do about him?

-He looks like he could take care of himself and we Hunters won't take any man under our protection. But since he could be one of my brothers or sister's child I think we could take him to the camp in the morning.

Artemis said gently. Then Zoe asked:

-What are we going to do with him?

-Just leave him here. We will take him tomorrow. Say Thalia, did you know any one who 40 years ago is a child of Zeus and Poseidon?

-No, Miss, I didn't.

-Very well. Let's return to our camp. Thalia, please carry on your job.

-Yes Miss.

Artemis and Zoe returned to their camp while Thalia closed the tent's gate and she ran toward Camp Half-Blood.

OK, this is my first chapter for this story. I might make it longer for the other chapters but temporally it will be like this.