"Korra, I think you need to break up with Mako."

Now, this was not a nice thing to hear. It was not something I would ever consider, nor was it something I would ever accept as advice. It was not a reprimand; Tenzin, in fact, said that ever since I started dating Mako, I seemed happier, lighter, even more in tune with my own soul and the spiritual side of life. It was all crazy monk mumbo-jumbo of course, but at least he was supportive of the relationship. It wasn't a maternal thing- Pema, my surrogate mother as she had become, was very taken with Mako. She constantly praised him on his qualities, and was openly very happy about our being in love. This was not even a silly statement from one of the elder airbender kids; in fact, the three of them had taken to calling us lovebirds. Ikki was planning our wedding. Jinora was looking up baby names. Milo was badgering Mako about when he was going to pop the question. No. No one had any problems with the Makorra phenomenon sweeping Republic City. Our friends loved us. The press loved us. The people loved us. Bolin- well Bolin loved us. Just separately. He loved Mako- his older brother, how could he not- and he loved me. But together, we were a source of bad feelings for him.

"Korra, I think you need to break up with Mako." Bolin said again. I just stared blankly back at him, my brain not even willing to try and comprehend what he'd just said. We were standing in the kitchen, doing dishes while everyone else played Pi-Sho in the other room. I could hear loud arguing; obviously someone had cheated, and Tenzin was not happy about it.

"I-" I stammered. "I what now?"

"You heard me." Bolin said, averting his eyes, looking at the plate he'd been scrubbing for the last five minutes. The nerve of this kid! I thought. He can't even look at me and say it!

"Of course you think I should break up with him." I scoffed, slamming an innocent cup into the soapy water, sending suds flying into the air. "You're jealous."

"I'm not." He denied the truth poorly, still unable to meet my scalding glare.

"Look me in the eye and say that again." I hissed.

"I'm not jealous." He said, looking at me directly. I started; surprised that he'd actually done it. However, I knew he was lying.

"Okay, so if it's not jealousy, what is it?" I asked skeptically, playing along for the moment.

"It's an observation." He said, going back to absentmindedly washing the same damn plate. "You're relationship with him is flawed." He said tentatively, waiting for me to strike. I did nothing, so he continued. "You may not see it yet, but you will, and when you do, both of you will get hurt, like, really hurt. And I don't want to see that happen to either of you."

"Nobody's perfect." I quipped. "No relationship is perfect. But it's worth it. We'll make it work no matter what. And for the record, our relationship isn't that bad. You're jealous, and any time we fight you get your hopes up. You have to stop doing that. Oh, and I think that plate's clean." I turned to go, not knowing that he was very nearly right, but I wouldn't realize it for weeks.

It was the fight to end all fights. I swear to god I won't be able to speak for another month my throat is so sore.

As usual, the fight was about nothing. They always are, aren't they? The reason it got so out of control was that it was like the six or seventh fight that we'd had in the last few days. 'The straw that broke the camel's back' is what one better phrased than I would have said. To me, it was just the great splat of shit hitting the fan. And it hit just as loudly and as hard as Bolin predicted it would.

"That's not what I meant, and you know it!" I shouted hoarsely, following him outside. The roof of the pro-bending arena was a great place to have it out. We'd had some memorable fights up there before, below the noise of the generator and the whistling of the wind.

"Well apparently it doesn't matter what I know, since you think I'm such an idiot anyway!" He snapped, his scarf whipping behind him in a gust of cold night air.

"Will you stop putting words in my mouth and just let it go already?!" I screamed, letting my fists ignite. he did the same, the fiery glow bouncing off the angry lines of his face.

"Maybe Bolin was right." I said quietly, just loud enough so that Mako could hear. "Maybe our relationship is too flawed. Maybe I should just break up with you."

"Oh, so you're taking relationship advice from my brother now? Well that's just great, Korra. Maybe next you'll get beauty tips from Tenzin!"

"That doesn't make any sense!" I replied.

"Well I'm an idiot, so you shouldn't expect it to!"

"That is not what I meant!" I repeated, blowing him off his feet. He fell with a thud, the fire in his hands going out.

"That is not what I meant." I said again, trying to keep myself from going all Avatar State on him. "What I was trying to say was how much I hate it when you act like an idiot and don't listen to me! It was just a damn misunderstanding! But maybe if you keep thinking that I would actually call you an idiot, then you are one. This constant miscommunication is what I can't stand! We spend more time fighting about what we MEANT to say than about what we ACTUALLY SAID, and I'm sick of it." I turned away from him, rueful tears burning in my eyes. I could never let him see me cry. Oh hell no.

"Korra-" He said.

"WHAT?" I whipped my head around, only to have my lips met by his in a rough, almost violent kiss. I tried to pull away, not about to be manipulated into surrendering. But Mako would have none of it. He pressed his hands to the sides of my head, unwilling to let me go. I felt his tongue slip in-between my lips, and I responded like I always did, kissing him back and grabbing fistfuls of his jacket.

"I'm sorry Korra." He breathed, wrapping his arms around my neck and holding me far too tightly, cutting off my air supply. I was already breathless from the kiss, and I was suddenly afraid I'd turn blue.

"I'm sorry." He whispered again. "I really am an idiot, aren't I?"

"Now that you mention it…" I smirked as he let me go. "Mako, can you promise me something?"

"Anything." He replied.

"Never let me break up with you." I said.

"I thought that went without saying" He laughed, wiping the residual tears from my eyes. "You can leave me, but I'm coming with you."