Midnight winced at the sun, she was much happier at night. Which was why she had been traveling to Castelia City... at NIGHT. As she walked out, wondering if captured pokemon were able to make a run for it, Jake came over and picked her up, carrying her towards a dirt clearing. "Put me down! What am I a pet!" She snarled at him as he put her down. She started to groom her ruffled fur. "Sunrise, use quick attack." Midnight looked up just in time to see the umbreon barreling towards her. As she got nearer, Sunrise raised her paw to slash at Midnight, claws gleaming in the sun. Midnight shrieked and ducked, panic filling her. She felt Sunrise's paw slash a millimeter away. Midnight streaked under Sunrise. She let loose a dark ball right under Sunrise's chin. Sunrise flew through the air, doing a backflip, and landed heavily on her back. "What the heck was that?" She wheezed. Midnight smirked. "A dark ball, part shadow ball, part dark pulse." Midnight sat down and watched as Sunrise rose to her feet. "Uh, Midnight use... something." Jake said behind her. "Wow, that sure helped a lot!" She yowled at him. "Sunrise, attack now!" That warning gave Midnight enough time to spring into the air as Sunrise zoomed beneath her. Midnight did a desperate attempt at slam, landing right on Sunrise's head, knocking her out. Midnight stood up wearily. Darkness ebed aroung her vision. "Crap" Midnight said. Her feet buckeled and she fell.


Sabrina watched as her family fell asleep. She smiled and creeped towards the door. Sabrins smiled in glee as the moon shone down on her. She breathed in, basking in the moonlight, before racing into the darkness as quiet as the night itself.

Sabrina sat patiently as her mother groomed Sabrina's fur. "You are gonna be the best espeon of them all." Her mother, Morning-glory said happily. "You really think so?" Sabrina asked excitedly. Her mother nodded. "I know so! Now go get em," Sabrina smiled and walked as calmly as she could towards the chief espeon. Leader looked at her happily, and motioned towards the evolution cave. Sabrina took a deep breath and walked towards the cave, imagining herself coming out as a fully evolved espeon.

Sabrina shook with fear and looked up. Gasps of shock, and horror filled the clearing as the espeons muttered angrily amongst themselves. She listened to the conversations with her ears, and tail down in guilt at a crime she didn't commit. "She must of been hatched at dusk. The cursed time." That was a sentence she picked up. The leader waved his tail for silence, glaring down at Sabrina warily. Sabrina looked up at her mother, who's face was full of shock, horror, and greeif. Sabrina see as a part of Morning-glory's heart broke and darkened.

-end of flashback-

Midnight gasped and stood up. Her flashbacks usually lasted a few seconds in reality. Sunrise was still knocked out and was being healed. Midnight rose shakily to her feet. Shaking it off, Midnight glared at Jet as he walked up to her. "Jake's taking us to eat, are you hungry? You were going to get food when he caught you right?" Midnight glared at him. "No, I was going to salsa dance in the sun when you caught me." She said rolling her eyses and following her new trainer. Behind her she heard Jet reply, "but I thought umbreons don't like the sun."

As soon as they got to the park, Midnight excluded herself from the group once she saw the junk that was pokemon food. Jet watched hergo. "Why don't you come eat?" Midnight glanced back at him as she walked. "I don't eat cardboard!" She yelled. Once she was at the pond, she checked her reflection and tried to make herself look cute and hungry. As soon as she achieved this goal, she walked up to a table with trainers who looked like they had good food. Doing a series of tricks with a dog face at the end, Midnight scored the mother load. After stuffing herself, she grabbed a big chunk of the food and walked back the her companions. She rested in a shady spot within sight distance and slowly chewed her big chunk of poffin. She made it look like the poffin was really good, which it was. All the pokemon stared at the poffin as she ate it. Taking pity on them, she waltzed down a gave everybody a piece. "Don't expect any other nice acts from me. Now if anybody needs me, I'm taking a nap." Midnight sat in the shade, watching as the trainers struggled to get the tent up. Everybody went inside it and she saw Thunder looking at her. She waved with a paw to show that she was staying where she was for the night and yawned. Thunder shrugged and went inside the tent.

When Midnight woke up, she decided to bask on a nice rock right in the middle of the moonlight. She admired the glowing rings on her paw and looked up to see Raikou. "Wow, ok hi, um, what exactly is a legendary doing here?" She stammered. Raikou looked at her and sighed. "To get rid of your flashbacks, caution, they will all come at once, at least the ones you haven't had yet." Raikou placed a paw on Midnight's forehead and her vision went black.


Sabrina sat sadly as her father, Sunny, told her how being an umbreon was much better than being an espeon. He went on, telling her how cool he thought it was to be able to see in the dark. as he ram bled on, Sabrina crept away, bumping into her mother in the hall. "Sorry mother, I was just going to my room." Sabrina said. Morning-glory hissed and slashed at Sabrina. Sabrina shrieked as pain flooded her senses. blood trickled from the scratch on her cheek. Morning-glory hissed again, glaring at Sabrina. "Y..y...you cursed thing. You should never have even hatched! You are no longer Sabrina, you are Dusk. For you are a hideous nightmare creature, cursed you must be. A perfect name, a cursed name for a cursed monster! Leave, I banish you from here. I banish you from misty forest!" Dusk ran as Morning-glory yowled threats and mean names at her. Dusk brushed past Sunny, who was frozen in shock and horror at what his mate had just done. She ran past her frightened siblings, who cried for her to stay, that mother couldn't mean those cruel words. She ran from the cave, from misty forest, from everything she knew.

Dusk sat gasping and sobbing at the entrance of a grotto. She looked up at the midnight moon, it gave her hope.

-end of flashbacks-


Raikou sat beside Midnight as she sobbed. He waited till those sobs turned into light snores. Then he got up, he stretched. He looked at the sky, wary that he might see the Birds. "Who knows what they want with you my daughter" He muttered, looking at Midnight. The birds were Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and they suspected Ho-ho to have something to do with it. (I will fix Ho-ho's name later if it's wrong, oh yeah none but Midnight and co. belong to me.) Hearing a rustle behind him, Raikou jumped to his feet, hissing. "Well, aren't you jumpy." A voice said behind him. He turned to face Suicune, who was examining her claws. "Entei was wondering where you went. Come on." She stood staring at Raikou. Raikou sighed and stretched. "Tell Entei he can kiss my furry butt." he growled. Suicune stared at him suspiciously. "You're hiding something aren't you?" She said. Raikou glared at her. "Of course not, now are we going or not?" He growled and ran off, Suicune following behind him. Racing through the forest Raikou watched, when he thought it was safe he continued running. "I'll send somebody to check on her later." he told himself. He looked at the sky, then continued racing through the forest.