For those asking for longer ficlets will try to get another three parter soon. My muse seems to like these short fluffy bits lately. Enjoy :)

Title: Family time
author: Cindy Ryan
pairings: Klaus/Hayley
timeline: future au
notes and summary: see part one

Klaus had told Caroline once that there was very little he missed about being human. However, since Emily had been born Klaus had been reevaluating that statement. While he enjoyed all the benefits of being a vampire and a werewolf Klaus was grateful that magic existed. Without it he wouldn't be able to enjoy what he was enjoying at that moment. A family vacation. Something Klaus never would've considered a possibility a decade or even a hundred years ago. Now he was sitting in the sun watching Hayley teach their daughter how to swim.

With a smile Klaus used his cell phone to take pictures and video. Emily was a natural in the water. The medium sized lake they were camping by was nearly deserted. It was early in the season. But the water was warm enough for a child with hybrid abilities and Emily seemed to be enjoying being amongst nature as opposed to an indoor pool.

"Looks like she's excelling."Klaus commented.

Hayley glanced up and smiled. "She's really enjoying the water."

Klaus returned the werewolf's smile and then looked back at his phone. He picked a photo and then tapped the correct keys to include it in a text message. In a few seconds the picture of a swimming, smiling two and a half year old was on it's way to her aunt and uncle.

Elijah was walking the grounds of his family's home when his cell phone beeped. Absently the vampire pulled the device out of the left pocket of his suit jacket. Seeing the icon for a waiting text message he activated it. Once the message and attached picture appeared Elijah couldn't help but laugh. It seemed his niece was catching on quickly to the art of swimming. Elijah replied back and then replaced the phone and continuing on his way.

An hour later Hayley sat next to Klaus by the camp fire. Emily was nestled in her lap wrapped in a fluffy pink towel. Her brown hair still wet from the swim lesson. Hayley heard the click of the cell phone camera and glared slightly at Klaus.

"Could give a girl a warning next time."Hayley commented fighting a grin.

Klaus smiled. "That would defeat the purpose of candid shots, luv."

"It's nice to see you like this."Hayley said after a moment of silence.

"Like what?"Klaus asked absently as he set the phone aside and scooped Emily into his lap towel and all.

Emily squealed in delight and Hayley couldn't help but laugh too. Hayley leaned in and kissed Klaus and then leaned down and kissed her daughter lightly on the forehead.

"Relaxed and having fun."Hayley replied as she nestled against Klaus.

"Don't let it get out...I do have a reputation to protect."Klaus stated.

Hayley glanced down at Emily as the little girl was now sound asleep. This hadn't been their first family vacation but it'd definitely ranked at the top of the list as one of the best.

"Don't worry your secret's safe with us."Hayley stated with a smile.