Humanity's Last Stand

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Chapter 1: Naruto

The bright rays of the sun enlightened the entire sky, and marked the beginning of a new day for the people of Wall Maria. The loud shouts of Roosters woke up many people who were currently enjoying their peaceful sleep.

The sound of birds chirping was heard in many places, and slowly the atmosphere that was cold due to the night started getting warm, due to the warmth that the sun rays were providing.

As the sunlight spread around the area, the various buildings, shops, and offices in Wall Maria were now visible as the darkness of the night vanished.

In a small room of a house, a young boy slept peacefully, unaware that the day had just begun, a little girl was sleeping beside him and was snuggled up close to the boy who had his arms around her in a protective manner.

A pair of violet eyes watched happily as these kids were in their own dream world, they looked so innocent and gentle; and this brought a smile on the woman's face who was watching these kids.

Kushina Uzumaki silently entered the room, her silent footsteps approaching the bed in which her children were sleeping happily. She gently slipped into the bed, and now laid beside her children.

She gently tucked away a small strand of red hair that were falling on her daughter's face, Kasumi looked so much like her that it was quite shocking, she had the same violet eyes, red hair, the only difference was that her face was angular in place of Kushina's oval face. The trait which Kasumi got from her father.

Thinking about him, made Kushina's blood boil, she could never forgive that man, no matter what.

She looked at her son, Naruto inherited almost everything from that man. He had silky black hair, and the same dark black eyes, but he had the same small chubby face as like her, when she was his age.

But the thing that worried her, was the person that Naruto was holding in his arms,

Naruto loved his little sister more than anyone else, perhaps even more than Kushina. From the moment Kasumi was born, her brother loved her and took care of her, always the energetic, idiot big brother.

But that was what frightened Kushina, that man was like Naruto too, and their family was living happily.

Until her husband, and the father of these two lovely kids disappeared without any trace, it had been years and still there was no sign of him.

A tired sigh escaped from her lips, there was no point thinking about it now, she had to look after her two lovely kids, and that was the only thing that mattered to her.

Kushina gently gave a small kiss on Kasumi's cheek and slowly whispered in her ear,

"Good morning, my little princess..." said Kushina lovingly, her voice sounded like a melody and slowly a pair of violet eyes opened.

Kasumi groggily looked around, her vision was blurry, but after a few seconds her vision cleared and she saw her mother was beside her, with a lovely smile on her face.

"Mommy..." said Kasumi sleepily, she really wanted to sleep some more.

"Time to wake up...Come on, it is a beautiful morning," said Kushina happily with a smile, she found Kasumi's pout to be very cute.

"Okay..." said Kasumi disappointingly and woke up and again hugged her mother, one which she returned happily. This was how their mornings would start, well the ones when Kushina was not on duty.

A mischievous smile came on Kasumi's face as she watched her mother slowly edging towards her brother, and the look in her mother's eyes told her she was up to some mischief.

Kushina gently started tickling Naruto's chest, at first the boy made some sounds like "Uhmm" and "5 more mins", but she increased her tickling and soon Naruto jolted up from his bed with a frown on his face, which Kasumi and Kushina found to be very amusing.

"5 more mins Mom...Couldn't you give me some more time to sleep," whined Naruto, he rubbed his eyes in order to clear his hazy vision and to remove the little dust that accumulated around his eyes during his sleep.

"Rise and shine, Naruto," said Kushina mischievously, and put her hands on her hips,

"Big brother, you look funny with such a frown on your face," said Kasumi with a small giggle,

"Teme..." said Naruto in irritation, it was always like this. Kushina and Kasumi would always do something mischievous, and majority of the times he would be at the receiving end of their pranks.

But that was what he loved about them, they always brought joy to his life. Ever since the day his father disappeared, he was never fully happy. A part of his heart would always think, why did he abandon them?

They were such a happily family, he still remembered the happy times he had spent with his father, that man loved all of them, and then suddenly he vanished.

There was no letter, or evidence of what happened to him, he just vanished from their lives. Naruto knew how broken his mother and little sister were when he left, Kasumi was barely 3 years old at that time, and he was 6 years old.

It had been 4 years since he left, even the authorities were not able to find him, and after a year he was declared dead, even his mother's status as a member of the Scouting Legion did not provide them much help.

What was that man thinking? Or was he killed, or kidnapped? All these mysteries and no answer in sight, and this plagued Naruto each and every day.

He was interrupted from his thoughts, when someone gently hugged him, and rubbed his back affectionately, while another soft pair of hands were gently holding his hand.

"It will be alright..." said Kushina affectionately, she really felt very sad that Naruto had not been able to overcome the pain due to his father's abandonment of the family.

"Big brother, we are always there for you," said Kasumi with an innocent smile, a relieved smile came on Naruto's face as he realized he still had his mother and sister in his life.

These two were the light of his life, and were helping him every time, and he was grateful to them for everything. Sometimes, his little sister understood him without even hearing something from him, just a look in his eyes was enough to make her realize what he was feeling.

Naruto gently hugged his mother with help of his left hand, while he affectionately looked at his sister and gently caressed her cheek.

"Thank you," said Naruto gratefully, and he truly meant it.

Kushina then energetically got up, and punched her fist high in the air, and her voice echoed in the entire room,

"WHOSE UP FOR SOME RAMEN?" asked Kushina loudly, and the loud "Hell yeah" she got from her children and the smiles on their faces was well worth the display which she did.

She would not let them down, ever.


The trio were sitting at their breakfast table, Naruto and Kasumi were eating the Ramen with large smiles on their innocent faces, both the siblings really loved this dish, their mother had said that it was a dish that was taught to her by her mother.

Kushina watched her little angels eating their bowl of ramen happily, these were the moments that made her feel alive, and this was what she was fighting for.

A better future for her children, she wanted them to have a life beyond the walls, she did not want them to live like caged animals.

"So, did you like the Ramen?" asked Kushina with a small grin on her face,

"Mom, you are the best. THIS IS AWESOME!" said Naruto energetically, gone was the insecure boy that both the females had seen in the morning.

Kushina sometimes was really amazed by the maturity shown by her 10 year old son, he really tried to put up a happy-go lucky idiot attitude, he did it just to make his sister happy.

And right now seeing the annoyed tick mark on Kasumi's forehead, due to Naruto's loud yell made Kushina giggle.

"Brother, you are very loud," said Kasumi flatly, and looked at Naruto sternly. Kushina was quite surprised by her daughter's firm personality, she would grow up to be a very strong female, one who knew how to control her big brother.

However the mischievous glint in Naruto's eyes made Kushina realize, a prank was already coming their way. Naruto leaned closer to Kasumi, and whispered slowly in her right ear.

"Kasumi...there is a cockroach on your neck," said Naruto naughtily, and he got what he wanted.

In what appeared to be a flash, Kasumi jumped out of her chair, and gave a loud squeal and started jumping up, and down while constantly shaking her hands frantically in the air.

"You really are the prankster of this house," thought an amused Kushina, as Naruto went beside his little sister and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Big brother...there is a cockroach!MOM, HELP ME!" said Kasumi quickly, but was quite surprised when Naruto gently poked her forehead.

Kushina couldn't control it anymore, and was now laughing loudly as her son just made a fool out of her little daughter, albeit playfully.

"What!" said Kasumi in shock, she really didn't get what was happening.

"You are very loud...besides where is the cockroach?" asked Naruto in a naughty voice, and Kasumi looked at her neck and indeed there was nothing there.

Her cheeks went bright red with embarrassment and little anger as her brother had just turned the tables against her, and made her look like a fool.


(10 minutes later)

Finally both the children had settled down, after running all over the house. Well, it was Kasumi following Naruto with a small stick in her hand, while Naruto chuckled on seeing his sister get so flustered.

It took Kushina's firm order to get both these kids in line, but still it didn't stop Kasumi from giving her brother a playful bop on the head.

"Meanie, Kasumi..." said Naruto with a pout, even he knew what he was doing was stupid for a 10 year old boy, but if it made Kasumi's life more exciting and happy then he was ready to act like an idiot all his life.

Naruto had seen how broken Kasumi was when their father left them, and since that very moment Naruto had made it his personal mission to never let his little sister feel lonely and sad.

"I won't allow and pain and suffering to fall on you," thought Naruto firmly, and Kushina felt really happy as she saw the look in her son's eyes.

If something happened to her, then she knew Naruto could take care of Kasumi. He was a very good son and big brother, after all.

"Mother...are you going on a mission today?" asked Kasumi curiously, she really was worried about her mother because every time the Scouting Legion came back from a mission, there were more than half of them dead,

"Yes, I have a very important mission today," said Kushina honestly, today she was going on a very important mission.

If successful, then the fate of humanity would be changed and they would finally be free from Titans, and she could live happily with her kids.

"Why?" asked Naruto roughly, Kushina looked at her son and she saw the anger in his eyes.

"It is necessary Naruto, we have to fight or mankind is doomed," explained Kushina patiently, she knew why Naruto was against this.

He really didn't like the Scouting Legion, after all his father had been a part of it too, and Kushina knew Naruto admired that man, and now he was gone. Naruto felt betrayed, and he just couldn't accept that his father had left him, so as any child would do, he found something to vent out his anger on.

Plus, he was really worried about her, and every time they came back he saw many people dead, and the anger, and the despair made Naruto dislike the Scouting Legion with each passing day, for a young child like him it was a pointless quest of venturing out of the walls just to get killed.

"You will understand one day Naruto, and I'm sure you will be the voice of our people," thought Kushina with determination,

Kushina knew Naruto had a great power in him, just like his father. He just needed a proper direction to direct all of his anger, and hatred on to, and she would make sure he would become Humanity's defender, and help them in their last stand against Titans.

Kasumi saw the tension rising, and immediately decided to divert the topic in order to avoid an argument.

"Mother, why do we have to live in these walls?" asked Kasumi quickly, Naruto had once explained to her something about "Stupid Titans", but let's just say her brother really didn't know how to explain something to young kids.

Kushina looked at her daughter with a thoughtful look on her face, was this the right time to tell Kasumi about the dark truth of their world?

"But she is smarter than any person her age, I think it is right to tell her," thought Kushina slowly

"We have to live in the protection of these walls, because our world is plagued by Titans," started Kushina slowly, she knew it was not a good thing to tell such dark tales to young kids, but this was what the world they were living in.

"Titans?" asked Kasumi in confusion, sure she had heard this word so many times, but she had never seen an actual Titan.

Looking at her brother made her realize, he must really dislike Titans as much as the Scouting Legion, the fact that he was gripping his hands tightly was a sign he was angry at them.

"They are mysterious race of giant humanoid monsters, who have plagued our world since eternity," said Kushina sadly

"But how is that possible? Where did they come from? And why did we not defeat them?" Kasumi asked lot of questions one after the other, and it was really testing Kushina's patience. Her daughter got very excited when she was about to know some mystery, and she didn't mind explaining it to her, but she just wanted her to ask one question at a time, but kids were always like that.

Looking at Naruto, he still had that frown on his face, and his cold black eyes showed he was still displeased that she was going on a mission, but he was also listening to her explanation, even if it was the 5th time hearing it.

"We don't know much about them, they destroyed entire civilizations and almost the entire humanity, during this destruction all the records also perished, and those people who knew even a little information about Titans died before they could pass the information. According to Legends, there was an ancient war in the past, and the Titans are said to have emerged from that war, but until we have proof we cannot accept this theory," explained Kushina patiently

"But this is the only theory you and our predecessors had, nothing has changed mom. We still live in these walls, only if the Scouting Legion were not so mad about going outside, Dad wouldn't have left us," said Naruto angrily

Kushina banged her hand on the table, she loved her son but nobody insulted the Scouting Legion and her comrades, they were fighting for humanity's future. When would Naruto understand?

"Naruto, stop this nonsense. Your father left because of his own reasons, you cannot blame the Scouting legion for this," said Kushina harshly

"My father was a good man, he would never have left us. It must have been the Scouting Legion who sent him on some stupid mission, and he never returned," said Naruto vehemently

"You have no proof of that, try to understand we are fighting for Humanity's survival, we are fighting for your survival. Until we defeat the titans, our future is doomed," said Kushina flatly

Kasumi watched as her brother and mother butted heads with each other, but were stubborn and no one was going to admit they were wrong.

"Our survival is within these walls, if we stay inside we are safe. These walls have protected us since centuries, mother don't risk your life like this. You are all we have got left..." said Naruto sadly, and averted his gaze from his mother whose own eyes softened on hearing that.

Kushina got up from her chair, and went towards her son, he was hot-headed but he was only worried about her, and that was enough for her. She put a hand on his head and ruffled his silky black hair.

"I'll always be by your matter where I go, both of you will always be in my hearts, and nothing in the world will change that," said Kushina lovingly,

She put two fingers on both Naruto and Kasumi's chest respectively in order to emphasize her point, and for a second she saw a look of admiration in Naruto's eyes, and Kasumi was looking at her mother in awe.

"Mother, how many walls are there?" asked Kasumi curiously

"The survivors of the Titan invasion from all over the world, were forced to converge towards this place, and a few centuries ago they built these huge walls that has protected us from Titans. There are 3 walls, Wall Maria where we and most of the common people live, Wall Rose where the higher class people live, and Wall Sina where the king of our society lives along with his associates, and his own personal army. Wall Sina consists of the rich people, and a religious faction that preaches the Wall's protection and refers the walls as gods, pretty stupid, don't you think?" asked Kushina cheerfully,

"What are these walls made up of?" asked Naruto sharply, he had once seen a titan and he was terrified that day, to think just a wall was holding hundreds of those monsters was not realistic to him,

"I don't know, they give me a strange feeling too" said Kushina with a frown,

"Mother, why did you choose the Scouting Legion? Brother, told me that it is shit in comparison to Military Police," said Kasumi clue lessly, she had no idea how much trouble she had put Naruto in, the fact that Kasumi just sweared and praised the Military Police was the final straw.

Naruto maybe hotheaded, but even he knew these two points really pissed her mother, and she grabbed his ear harshly and looked at him sternly,

"Naruto, if I ever find you teaching your little sister such words, I'll break your bones," said Kushina angrily, and gave a little twist to Naruto's ear,

"OW! I got it...leave my ear," said Naruto in pain, but Kushina looked at him sternly one last time, and then left his ear.

"What's this I'm hearing about the Military Police? They are nothing but lazy, idiots who don't do their jobs," said Kushina disappointingly

"But big brother said he wants to join the Military Police," said Kasumi innocently, and this time Naruto smacked his forehead. Now he had done it, and the murderous look his mother was giving him was making him nervous.

"Talk," said Kushina firmly,

"It's true, I want to join the Military Poilce," said Naruto truthfully, there was no point in lying now.

"Stupid Kasumi, are little sisters always this dumb?" thought Naruto with a frown,

"Why?" asked Kushina flatly, it seemed her son had plans to do the opposite from what she wanted from him.

"Come on, Mom...if I join the Police, we can move to Wall Sina, I can give all of us a comfortable, rich life. We won't have to worry over a Titan invasion, as we are doing now while living in Wall Maria. The money I will earn will be enough for all us," said Naruto honestly, why couldn't his mother understand, he too sympathized with other people, but his family came first.

"I'm disappointed to hear this from you," said Kushina sadly, and Naruto& Kasumi's eyes widened on hearing that, their mother had never said such a thing before.

And this seemed to enrage Naruto even more,

"Yes, I'm not what you wanted me to be, is it too bad that I want my family safe, is it mother?" asked Naruto firmly, and his dark black eyes sent a clear message to Kushina and Kasumi, that Naruto needed a reason.

"You are right, it is important to protect your family, and I am glad you are so thoughtful about us," said Kushina honestly with a smile,

"But?" asked Kasumi in confusion, as she had a feeling that her mother was just not done yet.

"What about other people? Like you, they have mothers too, they have little brothers and sisters, will you be so selfish and abandon your own kind for your personal gain. Think about all those people, who died building these walls, they could have just ran off somewhere, but they didn't; and I'm sure many of them died building it. If all of them had thought like you, then you and I wouldn't even be alive today," said Kushina harshly

Naruto was quite surprised on hearing that, his mother had clearly thrown a very harsh fact right in front of his face.

"Then what should I do?" asked Naruto in confusion, this brought a smile on Kushina's face and she looked at both of her children with determination.

"The only thing you can do, is fight or die trying. It is better to die human, then living our lives as caged animals," said Kushina firmly, her voice portraying the utmost conviction of her soul.

"Yes, Mommy. I want to become like you, and protect our people," said Kasumi excitedly, and Kushina ruffled her hair with a proud smile on her face.

"Now that's my daughter..." said Kushina proudly, and now both of the females were looking at Naruto expectantly which made him leave a tired sigh.

"Yeah, me too" said Naruto silently, Kushina knew he still was not convinced but he was getting there.

Naruto went towards his room, and after a few minutes he returned after changing his clothes, he was wearing a light blue t-shirt and black pants, Kushina and Kasumi looked at him curiously.

"Going somewhere?" asked Kushina knowingly, she knew her son had a habit of going for a walk whenever he wanted to think about something.

"I'll be back in an hour," said Naruto seriously, and left the house leaving Kushina and Kasumi alone.

Kasumi was still staring at the door through which her brother had just left. She loved her brother, he was kind, annoying and caring at the same time; and he never made her feel alone.

"Mom..." said Kasumi hesitantly, Kushina stopped eating her ramen and looked at her daughter curiously

"What is it?" asked Kushina intriguingly,

"He loves you a lot, he is just..." said Kasumi slowly, but was stopped when Kushina put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"I know, my princess...your brother he is different and I know how he feels. He is right in his own way, as a man has to look after his family, in that regards he his better than your father," said Kushina bitterly

"Mom..." said Kasumi affectionately, and gave a small reassuring smile to Kushina which brought a smile to her face.

"Thank you, after your father left Naruto was very badly affected, but he did not show it and always put up a brave front for both of us, that's just the kind of person he is. He always saved a portion of the money I gave him, and has been secretly trying to save it for you," said Kushina shockingly

Kasumi's eyes widened on hearing that, their mother earned a decent income, but things were getting costlier with each passing day, as the number of people living inside the walls were increasing, and there was no proper supply of goods and services, and the Royal family was busy enjoying in their own world.

"For me?" asked Kasumi in shock,

"Yes, he wants to give you a good life, free from any dangers and in our current circumstances that is only possible within Wall Sina, but without being very rich, or very high recommendations, you cannot live there," said Kushina honestly,

"Is this why, he wants to join the Military Police?" asked Kasumi curiously

"Very clever, yes the Military Police personnel can live there...but we have to defeat the Titans, otherwise no place would be safe. We cannot hide, when the existence of our kind is at stake, and sooner or later I am going to need both of your help in the Scouting Legion." said Kushina truthfully, she decided to reveal their truth to her daughter, as she knew only Kasumi could convince Naruto to join the Survery Corps.

"What do this Scouting Legion do?" asked Kasumi curiously, she always wondered what type of work her mother did.

"We try to find out everything about the Titans, and we are also the best experienced fighters against Titans, the fate of humanity depends on us. We also try to search for useful resources that can help the people," explained Kushina briefly

"Then are you powerful?" asked Kasumi eagerly, from what she had heard from her mother, she must be a very strong soldier.

"Yes, I am Lieutenant in the Scouting legion, and one of the best fighters, it is because I am special," said Kushina slowly

"Special?" asked Kasumi in confusion,

"We are the last descendants of a powerful clan that used to exist hundreds of years ago, when mankind was in an era called "Shinobi era". I don't know much, but our clan was called the Uzumaki clan, we had a special power in us and some of us could even suppress and seal monsters," said Kushina briefly

"Amazing," said Kasumi in awe, it really made her feel great that she was part of such a clan,

"Over time our clan perished due to Titans, along with similar other clans. We simply didn't have the numbers, the Titans were enumerous, but a handful of us survived and over time, they linked up with other remaining members of different clans," explained Kushina honestly

"So, we are really powerful, and that is why you want big brother to join you, I get it" said Kasumi happily, but was surprised when Kushina's face became a little serious,

"That is only half of the truth," said Kushina darkly,

"Huh?" asked Kasumi in confusion,

"You inherited all of my traits while your brother is different, he did get some of my abilities but he has the power that can make us win this war," said Kushina honestly

"Is big brother so powerful?" asked Kasumi in shock, how could her mother say her brother had the ability that can help humanity win their greatest war,

Kushina bit her lip, this was a very dark fact of her life, the fate of humanity was depending on her son, and he didn't even know it. He was so young, and it was very hard for her to place such a big responsibility on him, but the truth was that was her son's destiny.

From the day Naruto was born, his fate was decided, he was the only hope they had.

"Because Naruto is the last descendant of the most powerful clan of our world"

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AN/1: This is a combination fic of AOT and Naruto, so expect some traits of Naruto too. The mysteries will be reveled as the story progresses.

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