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Chapter 2: Agony

The Scouting Legion, or more popularly known as "The Survey Corps" among the common people.

It had been a 100 years since the formation of the Survey Corps, they were the strongest warriors of humanity, and were the only hope mankind had against the Titan army.

Over the years, The Survey Corps made dangerous expeditions, most of them being suicidal which led to death of almost all of their soldiers.

The Average life of a soldier in the Survey Corps was 3 years, some perished as soon as they joined the legion; while others sacrificed themselves for humanity in order to gain any information about the Titans that would help in the survival of mankind.

It was due to the Survey Corps, that mankind was able to discover some important facts about the Titans.

Titans were monsters that had no purpose other than devouring humans, the fact that they never harmed other wild animals was a proof of their interest in humanity only.

Titans also never had any need to eat humans, as they had survived for a few centuries without eating humans as they had built the Walls, well except for the brave soldiers who ventured out of the walls to defeat the Titans.

Such information did not come without a price, and the Survey Corps lost hundreds of Soldiers in gaining this information. But that was the motto of the Corps

"Fight for the greater good, and lay down everything: your body, your soul, your friends, your family and every feeling in your heart for humanity's survival"

They were soldiers, nothing more, nothing less. Victory and Glory would be theirs.

In order to fulfill this motto, right now an important meeting was about to begin, one that would be the stepping stone in changing mankind's fate.

A blonde haired man sat in the center of a small room, his hair were neatly done and his face had a stern look, his veteran eyes showed his resolve as well as the sacrifices he made for humanity.

Erwin Smith had been in the Legion for a long time, his entire life he had searched for answers. The only goal he had in life was to find a way to defeat the Titans and free humanity from enslavement in these walls. In his quest he had lost a lot of friends, loved ones and comrades.

But everything was worth it, if it meant humanity could be free.

Today he had received an information that could change everyone's future, and right now he was looking at the faces of some of his most trusted soldiers.

Specifically he was looking at Kushina Uzumaki. That woman was one of the best soldiers the Legion ever had, her abilities were flawless but more than that she had a resolve to never give up, no matter what pain came on her she fought back, and she shared the same dream as Erwin, and that was to exterminate all the Titans from the world.

Around Kushina, were Zak, Andrea, Timmy and Alex. This was "Team 4", the best team in the Scouting Legion after Captain Levi's squad, and right now they were going to embark on a dangerous mission.

"What's the situation, Commander Erwin?" asked Kushina respectfully, her tone was flat but her eyes had a fire in them that every soldier in the Legion had.

Erwin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, if this plan worked then it would open up a lot of mysteries, but if it failed then he would lose one of his best teams.

"All our lives we have searched for answers to defeat Titans, and now we may have found one," said Erwin slowly, and the eager looks on the faces of his men showed him that they would volunteer for the mission, if it meant saving humanity.

"Did we receive any information from Squad 7, Commander?" asked Kushina curiously,

As far as she knew recently a small team from the Legion had ventured out of the walls, she had no clue about their mission, but it had been days since any one of them made back.

"They were annihilated by Titans," said Erwin sadly, no matter the reasons, he knew every soldier that died was his responsibility.

All the members of Squad 4 had disheartened looks on their faces, they were losing comrades really fast. And they were not getting much recruits with each passing year, no one wanted to join the Legion these days. They felt they were safe inside the walls forever.

What a joke.

"But they discovered a hideout, which we believe could be the place where the Titans could have originated from," said Erwin darkly

"What?" asked Zak in shock, this was a huge discovery.

Erwin didn't miss the slight scowl on Andrea's face, what was the young girl up to?

Andrea Samos, a 17 year old blonde girl, she was average looking and had an introverted personality. But her skills were flawless, and she had graduated among the Top 3 of her batch. The interesting thing was that everyone from the Top 10 had joined the Military Police, but not Andrea.

She had voluntarily joined the Scouting Legion, but from her personality and her records something was always fishy. But Erwin couldn't find anything against her, and he needed skilled soldiers like Andrea, so he had decided to just keep an eye on her.

So far, she had not done anything worthy of treason.

"Something wrong, Andrea?" asked Erwin sharply, and his eyes bore into the blonde haired girl's eyes.

"Nothing at all, its a shame we lost another team to Titans,'' said Andrea stoically, she didn't even flinch at Erwin's gaze. It was as if she had no feelings.

Erwin narrowed his gaze at the girl, he had nothing against the girl, she just gave him the creeps. He decided to let it go for now.

"What do you need from us?" asked Alex strictly, he was a soldier who never wasted time in chats, if they had to do something then they better do it.

Erwin took out a small map from his drawer and brought the lamp more closer to his desk, the team was now standing in front of Erwin's table and were looking at the map quite seriously.

"Team 7's second last report came from Sector 49, which is approximately 10 miles away from here. Their mission was classified so I cannot tell you what they were doing," said Erwin in a firm tone, and this meant that the soldiers were on a need-to-know basis.

When Erwin received affirmative nods from his subordinates, he decided to continue his explanation and pointed a pencil on a small portion of the map.

"They were encountering the Titans, when those monsters started retreating. Instead of falling back to the Walls, Team 7 took a risk and followed the Titans discreetly and their last report was from Sector 31 which is 50 clicks away from Sector 49. We never received any further communication from them, and it is safe to assume they are all dead by now," said Erwin stoically,

"They may be alive...how can you say that!" said Timmy in protest, how could their commander just throw away his soldiers!

"It has been 1 month since we lost contact...and you know what that means," said Erwin harshly

Everyone just gave tired sighs, Team 7 was now officially dead, no one could survive without food and water in Titan territory for a month. Now the only question remained was, what did the commander need from them?

"You want us to go in, and find out the secrets of that place, don't you?" asked Kushina seriously, somehow she knew there was a dark secret in Sector 31.

Erwin looked at his lieutenant for a moment, he did not want to lose her, but at the same time she was the only person who was skilled enough to sneak in and get the job done.

Humanity was desperate, and with every failure of Scouting Legion, the royal house and government were thinking of dissolving them. He needed something to convince the leaders, that the Scouting Legion was necessary for humanity and they were making breakthroughs.

"Kushina, this is a blackops mission. Recently, we have lost many men and have costed the government quite a fortune with no results. They have ceased our operations for 2 months, until that time is over I am sure that the secret that is in Sector 31 would vanish. It could be our biggest key against Titans, if you do this then you and your team are on your own during the mission," said Erwin honestly

"But that's suicide and treason!" said Andrea sternly, what was up with her?

"Sacrifice is required if Humanity wants to win. We may be known as traitors today, but if we succeed then our race would remember us as heroes. The stakes are too high, I'm in commander" said Alex immediately, his friends had been killed by Titans, and he was going to make sure those bastards pay for that.

"What if the report was wrong? What if all of this is a lie...you want us to go behind enemy lines with slim to no intel and any support!" said Timmy with a frown, he was ready to sacrifice himself but he needed a strong purpose.

"Commander, are you sure that intel was not false?" asked Kushina seriously, a part of her heart was telling her to go and change the fate of the world, but another part of her heart was scared for her children. What would happen to them, if she died?

"I know, Lieutenant Marcus's handwriting, and he wouldn't waste his life trying to write a false report with his blood!" said Erwin seriously

Kushina looked at her team, Alex was already ready for this blackops mission. Timmy looked at the map for a few more seconds, and Kushina could see a lot of sweat was on his forehead, she couldn't blame him, this mission was dangerous.

Andrea just gave a nod indicating she was in, and Timmy nodded after a few moments. Now the only one remaining was Zak,

"Are we really doing this?" asked Zak doubtfully, he just didn't know what was right and what was wrong.

Kushina put a hand on the young boy's shoulders, he was barely 20 and had a bright future. She could understand how difficult it must be for him, but this was necessary.

"I share your fears and doubts...and I know what we are about to do is extremely dangerous, but for the sake of mankind we must do this. Our people are losing hope, and it won't be long before the Titans break in. I don't want my kids to live as caged birds, neither do any of us, so fight by my side and we will succeed," assured Kushina gently, and Zak saw the determination in her eyes.

"As long as she is with us, we have hope" thought Zak seriously, and the fear in his eyes disappeared.

Entire Team 4 now stood in front of Erwin with a firm look on their faces, no doubts, no hesitation. Just the mission, and the mission alone.

These were the brave soldiers of Scouting Legion.

"Can you die for humanity?" asked Erwin honestly, and he looked at each of his men with a firm gaze.

"We just want to win and kick the Titans back to hell!" said Kushina loudly, and Erwin smirked on hearing that, she sure was a good leader.

"This is a true Salute, I'm proud to have soldiers like you," said Erwin proudly, and gave a firm salute to his men.

All of them had the same look in their eyes, and their feelings were clear.

"We will win!"

"Naruto, Kasumi I will create a world where you can live without any fear," thought Kushina firmly

Naruto walked in the Streets of Wall Maria, a lot of thoughts were going through his mind. Should he really believe what his mother had said?

He looked around and saw people living their daily lives. Shopkeepers were busy selling their goods, there was a lot of commotion around. Children were playing games in a corner, and this made him a little sad.

Naruto didn't know why but people stayed away from his family, and it irritated him a lot. Was it their face, or was their Uzumaki name?

Wherever he went, people always looked at him as if he was a freak. Their house was on the outskirts of the district, the citizens of Wall Maria didn't isolate them.

They did sell them goods, clothes and other regular stuff but there was always that scared look in their eyes.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when someone hit him lightly on the head, and he heard a familiar voice laughing behind him.

"Damn, she sneaked up on me again!" thought Naruto disappointingly

"Got you, " said a feminine voice gently

Naruto turned around and his eyes showed him a young girl standing behind him, with a wonderful smile on her face. The smile that brought a little happiness in his heart every time.

The young girl was of the same age as him, and her height was a little shorter, but the most beautiful thing about the girl, were her bright silky orange hair and those mysterious light colored eyes that always had kindness in them.

"Petra, you really are a pain in the ass," said Naruto grumpily, he liked teasing her a little.

The girl named "Petra" instead of being offended by Naruto's jab, now had a small grin on her face which soon turned into a wide smile again.

"And I really like you Naru-chan," said Petra with a mischievous smirk, and the slight twitching of Naruto's eyebrows was a sign she was successful in her trick.

"Teme...I told you not to call me that," said Naruto embarrassingly, his cheeks were a little red and Petra didn't miss that, and lightly squeezed his right cheek,

"Your mom used to call you that, don't you remember N-a-r-u-c-h-a-n" said Petra slowly, she spoke in such a manner that the word "chan" made Naruto a little more embarrassed.

Kushina used to call Naruto that name, when he was a kid and this was one of the things he didn't like now, but secretly he loved it when his mother called him that name, just not when people called him by that.

He looked at Petra sternly for a second, but after a few seconds he started laughing and was soon joined by his best friend in his laugh.

Petra Ral, was the best as well as the only friend Naruto had in his life, he still remembered the day when he had met her.

(Flashback: A Few Years Ago)

A young girl ran through the dark alleys of Wall Maria, she was scared, nervous and tired at the same time.

She was running as fast as her little legs could take her, the fear of being alone was evident on her face, and the footsteps behind her were nearing with every passing second.

This was just another regular day for Petra, she had just gone to the market with her father to buy some things, when she had got lost in the crowd.

A man had offered her his help, and she was really grateful to him, but that gratefulness turned into fear when that same man had tried to sell her off to slavers.

She had heard stories about the crimes increasing in Wall Maria, drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers were on the loose. Many kids would disappear never to be found again, even the Police as well as the Garrison were helpless or were not caring about the people.

Petra now truly regretted leaving her father's hand in order to look at a toy store for a moment, she just wanted to go back home.

"I'm sorry, Father. I'm so sorry," thought Petra sadly, as she heard her pursuers say something like "Almost caught the little shit",

She put the last ounce of energy she had left and ran as fast as she could, she could see two ways up ahead which divided into different alleys. Acting on her instincts and luck she took a right turn.

Petra had just ran a few steps before she was grabbed swiftly from the back, and she felt a pair of hands on her mouth. Before she could scream, she was dragged by her handler into a nearby dustbin.

Dark and dirty were the two words she could describe her current hiding place with. Her terrified eyes tried to look at the person who had grabbed her, but she was stopped.

"Shut up, if you want to survive," said a calm but firm voice, and Petra heard the rough voices of her kidnappers near her, so she obeyed instantly.

"Where is that little shit?" asked a rough voice, and from the sound of it, the man was pissed as hell.

"Maybe, she went that way," said another voice, and Petra heard the other man agreeing and after a few seconds, their footsteps could be heard moving further away from her, until they could not be heard.

Petra gave a relieved sigh, her heartbeat slowed down and she felt a little safe for now. The hands on her mouth went away and she turned around to look at the person who had helped her.

"Sorry about that, there was no time," said a young voice, followed by a nervous chuckle.

Petra looked behind and now she saw who this person was, it was a young boy the same age as her. He had silky black hair, and dark black eyes but his face was a little chubby,

"He looks cute," thought Petra innocently, but she noticed some discomfort on the boy's face.

"Something wrong?" asked Petra slowly, and the boy just gave her a nervous chuckle,

"Nothing...it's just you are a little heavy," said the boy nervously, and Petra felt a little embarrassed as she was clearly lying on top of the boy,

"Shut up..." said a embarrassed Petra, and the boy just shrugged it off.

Petra slowly got up and now the boy reacted quickly and told her to wait, she saw him peeking out of the dustbin and his dark black eyes were keenly observing all the directions for any signs of the thugs.

She had to admit, he was quite smart for his age, and it seemed he certainly was the cautious type as he didn't want to take any risks, even if they knew they were alone.

The boy looked around for a few moments, and when he was sure he gave a small nod to Petra, and got on top of the dustbin. Petra looked at the boy gratefully, as he offered her his hand to get her out of that dustbin.

"Thank you.." said Petra with a small smile, and tried to dust away the dirt that was accumulated on her clothes- an action that was mirrored by the boy, as he too tried to wipe the dirt away from his clothes.

"You have something on your nose," said Petra patiently, as she noticed some dirt around the edge of the boy's nose.

"Huh?" asked the boy in confusion, and tried to rub his nose but he missed the spot.

Petra bit her lip, this was the least she could do to thank him, she stepped a little closer to the boy and wiped the dirt away from his nose, earning a grateful smile and a "Thank you" from the boy.

"Petra Ral.." said Petra firmly, and offered her hand to the boy,

She noticed the boy looking at her curiously, but in a few seconds he gave a bright smile that made her a little relaxed, and shook her hand gently.

"Naruto Uzumaki..."

Petra nodded and gave Naruto a small smile, and now the boy decided to ask her something, now that they were safe.

"Why are you in this place? And, who were those men?" asked Naruto curiously,

"I got lost in the market...and then-" said Petra sadly, but could not continue as more tears slipped from her eyes. She wanted to go back to her father.

To her surprise, she felt a soft pair of hands wash away the tears from her face, she looked up and saw Naruto giving her a reassuring smile, which really made her feel safe.

"It will be alright...you can go home soon," said Naruto gently, and gave his best possible smile to ease the girl a little,

Petra didn't know why, but she was really grateful that she met this boy. If not for him, the slavers would have sold her to god knew where, that thought alone sent shivers down her spine.

"I need to stop thinking like this," thought Petra nervously,

She decided to divert her mind from such things, and looked at her companion as she too had a few questions for him.

"I told you how I got here...but how did you end up in such a place?" asked Petra curiously, and Naruto just scratched the back of his head and had a nervous smile on his face, that made Petra a little suspicious.

"Well, you see I kind of got lost too..."


A small smile came on Naruto's lips as he remembered that memory, the day he got his friend whom he cared about the most after his mother and sister.

Petra was really a good friend, she was kind, naughty but most of all she was fair to him. She never gave him the fearful looks that most people gave him, nor did she ever care about what people said to him.

She was just there for him, he was really lucky to have her as a friend.

He still remembered how angry and worried their parents were when they found both of them, he had never seen his mother so worried since then.

"Are you okay?" asked Petra gently, and rubbed his cheeks slowly with her soft hands.

Naruto looked at his friend for a moment, her eyes showed she was worried about him, and maybe it would help if he discussed his problem with her.

"Well I am confused," said Naruto with a frown, he was really torn between accepting his mother's beliefs or following his own.

"Let's sit near the lake...and you can tell me about it," said Petra cheerfully,

"It's fine...you don't have to worry-" said Naruto quickly, was it right to talk about his family problems with her? He just didn't know what to do.

"Dumbass, you would send yourself to an early grave without me...and besides what are friends for," said Petra seriously, and Naruto saw the look in her eyes and whatever argument he had died in his throat.

"Fine" said Naruto grumpily, and walked ahead of Petra, he was sure she had not seen the grateful smile on his face.

But Petra had seen Naruto's smile, and giggled a little on her friend's antics. He really was a silly boy, and she was a kind girl.

This was their friendship.

Naruto and Petra were sitting on the banks of a small lake, watching the kids playing in the water, while some men tried to catch some fish from the water.

"So, that's how it is..." said Petra slowly, she now knew what was troubling her best friend.

"I just want to protect them, that is the only thing I want" said Naruto firmly, and Petra noticed how tightly he had gripped the edge of their seat.

"Your mother is right Naruto," said Petra seriously, and she noticed the anger and slight betrayal in Naruto's eyes.

"But-" said Naruto in protest, and this time his voice was a little loud as some people gave both of them irritated looks.

"Keep it low, chibi!" scolded Petra, and Naruto bonked her on the head,

"You are even more short than me," said Naruto irritatingly, and Petra was right in front of his face with a scary look on her face.

"Naruto..." said Petra murderously, and Naruto just glared back more defiantly. He was not losing, finally Petra gave a tired sigh and grabbed him in a headlock.

"I am not saying you are wrong...it is good that you want to protect them, but it is our duty to protect our people. You should think about joining the Scouting Legion, maybe we can free our world from Titans, then you won't have to worry about your family's safety," explained Petra briefly

She was quite surprised when she didn't receive any reply from Naruto, she looked to her side and saw Naruto's face had turned blue and he had a nervous smile on his face.

"Teme...leave my neck," said Naruto slowly, and Petra quickly released him from the headlock.

"I'm sorry...are you okay?" asked Petra worriedly, she was muttering "Stupid" over and over in her head, how could she not realize he was not comfortable.

"It's alright...I didn't know you had strong hands," said Naruto jokingly, and this time Petra's eyebrows twitched.

"What did you say?" asked Petra sternly, and immediately Naruto waved his hands in front of her.

"Nothing...I meant you are strong," said Naruto instantly, and Petra's scary face was replaced by a wide smile,

"Women, are so damn confusing," thought Naruto tiredly, he could never understand the females in his life. One was a hothead, while the other two were kind as well as annoying at the same time. But their temper was a thing to be wary of,

And Naruto never wanted to be on the receiving end of that.

"You want to Join the Legion?" asked Naruto skeptically, and threw a small rock in the lake,

"The way we think is different...but we have the same goal." said Petra mysteriously, and Naruto looked at his friend with a curious gaze.

"I just want to protect my dad...so that I can spend my life with him peacefully. Until we fight back against the Titans, we are not safe. If the walls fall, no one would be safe, it is better to fight for our people, then live our lives as cowards," said Petra with determination,

Naruto was quite impressed with her dream, she had a goal just like him. And she was maybe right in her own way,

"The way we think is different, but I still don't want you to join the Legion," said Naruto harshly,

"Why?" asked Petra curiously, and Naruto averted his gaze from her curious eyes.

He did not want to admit it, that he was worried about her. If he told her that, she would just laugh it off and call him silly,

Petra waited for an answer but when she did not receive one, she edged a little closer to her friend and grasped his hand gently.

"If you really care about your family, and want to keep them safe...fight against the Titans, and exterminate them," said Petra firmly, and Naruto just nodded.

His thoughts had become a little more clear, and he could understand his mother little more, and why she was fighting.

"Safety is just an illusion, and illusions are always deceptive"

Naruto still remembered the last words which his father had told him before he disappeared, and he still didn't know what those words meant. But he would find their meaning, at any cost.

Petra looked at the setting sun in the sky, and she knew it was time to go back.

"It's getting late, we need to go home. Kasumi must be waiting for me with Miss Sampson at our house..." said Naruto slowly, it was as if he had read her thoughts.

"Your Mom's out on a mission?" asked Petra curiously, she knew Kushina and quite frankly that woman was her idol.

"Yeah...don't know what it is. I'll go home now, don't want to keep Kasumi waiting," said Naruto frankly, and got up to leave

He felt Petra's hand gripping his hand, and he looked at her curiously.

"I'm coming too..." said Petra simply,

"Why?" asked Naruto curiously,

"Come on...I want to meet little Kasumi too. Please.." requested Petra, and made such an innocent face that Naruto could not deny her.


Naruto and Petra were slowly walking back to Outskirts of Zhingashina district, both of them were holding each other's hands. It was just a common habit, that Petra liked to follow and Naruto didn't mind it, in fact he felt a little happy too.

Both of them heard some panicked voices, and saw some strange light in the nearby sky.

Naruto's danger senses kicked in, he knew something was wrong as he could feel the heat that was coming from the side where his home was. He left Petra's hands and ran towards his home.

"WAIT..." screamed Petra, but he was already off at full speed.

Petra didn't know why, but she had a real bad feeling when she looked at the color of the sky, and ran after Naruto at full speed.

"Please, Please..."

Her heartbeat was increasing with each passing second, as the voices from before started becoming more clear and her fear rose.

"What a terrible thing happened..."

"Poor women..."

"Look at the boy, he is her brother isn't he?"

Petra clearly heard the voices of the people, and when she took the final turn to reach Naruto's house, the sight that greeted her would forever haunt her.

Naruto's house was engulfed in fire, many people were trying to put out the fire, and she saw some Policemen were also arriving to help, but when she looked in a corner the thing which she saw terrified her soul.

Petra saw her best friend had collapsed on his knees, and his entire body was shaking badly


Petra was shook violently out of her stupor as she heard Naruto's painful scream in the entire street, and she ran after him.

She ran after Naruto, and immediately embraced him from the back, but when she looked at the thing Naruto was staring at, her eyes widened in horror.

There lying in front of her was Kasumi's body, and it was ripped in HALF!

She had burn marks all over her body, and there was a pool of blood beneath her, some pieces of her flesh were scattered on the ground.

There was another badly burnt body beside Kasumi, and Petra's mind immediately identified her as Miss Sampson, a family friend of the Uzumaki's, and Kasumi's caretaker, when Kushina was out on missions.

She saw Naruto's hands were soaked in Kasumi's blood, and the terrified look on his face scared Petra.

"Naruto..." said Petra in a tearful voice, and touched her friend.

He was cold.

His eyes were lifeless.

Petra couldn't feel any emotions coming from Naruto, it was as if he was dead.

"This can't be happening..." said a terrified Naruto, and he didn't even realize the tears flowing from his eyes.

"Big Brother, we are always there for you"

His little sister's words still rang in his mind, all the memories, all their moments. He felt a hole in his heart, and his eyes looked at the body of his deceased sister.

Kasumi was dead.




"NO!" yelled Naruto in agony, and clutched his head with his hands, and tears freely feel from his eyes.

Petra closed the little girl's eyes and tears slipped from her eyes, as she was shocked but she noticed something in Kasumi's left hand. Petra took the small piece of paper from Kasumi's hand, and opened it.


The word that was a curse to humanity was written on the paper, and it was written in BLOOD!

"Titans..." said a shocked Petra, but she was further shocked when a strong force blew her a few feet away.

She hazily looked up and saw Naruto's entire body was wrapped in blue flames, blood was leaking from his hands, all the people in the street had fallen unconscious.

The air was so heavy that Petra couldn't breathe, and the last thing she saw would be forever etched in her brain.

That face,

Naruto's face had a lot of blood on it, but-

His eyes had changed.

They were now filled with hatred, the sea of anger was seen in them. The will to destroy everything, and the despair in his heart.

His eyes were Red!

His War with Titans had just begun...

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