I was in a deep sleep when I heard my alarm go off next to me it could not be seven already I sighed out as flipped over and buried my face into my pillow. Five more minutes I told myself but five minutes of sleep never came my mom was already at the door.

"Santana" she was lightly knocking on my door.

"I'm u-up mom"

"Ok breakfast is on the table, hurry up your car will be here in twenty minutes"

I flipped the covers off my warm body and trembled as the cold hit my bare legs, I grabbed my glasses off my night stand and put them on carefully I usually poke my eye. As I got out of the shower I could smell the faint smell of pancakes and coffee. I got dressed quickly and ran down stairs sliding into an empty island chair.

"Good morning, mija" my mom greeted "morning mom" I smiled as she set a plate with pancakes, eggs and beacon in front of me I immediately started to dig in.

"Where's m-maddie" I asked taking a sip of my orange juice as I looked around for any sign of my little sister.

"She's already at school" she was now doing the dishes "your dad dropped her off a little before you woke up, she has to practice for a mini quiz and her teacher thought it would be good for her to get in early for her to study and be more prepared."

"well that s-sucks" finishing up my plate bringing it over to my mother "I h-helped her a little last night she did well, I'm sure she will do just f-fine" my mom was about to say something but before she could I car horn blared through the house and echoed off the walls.

"w-well that's my ride" I hugged my mom tight "love you" I mumbled into her should "I love you too, mija have a great day"

I grabbed my back pack and got into the waiting black Suv waiting for me in my drive way. I sat in the back seat of the car thinking about how maybe one day I could tell my mom how I didn't have any friends how even the glee kids refused to sit with me or even make eye contact with me but I didn't care I was used to being alone, used to being slushed too, slammed against lockers while the cheerios team passed my snickering and laughing at me.

I didn't care anymore I let them slushy and taunt me no one cared anyways, when it first started someone tried to defend me and tell an adult but no one ever listened .

Flash Back-

I was so excited to start a new year especially this year because I was starting a new school. This year would be most important because it was high school, back in middle school and elementary school as far back as I could remember I was always taunted and made fun of because of the way I spoke I had a stutter, I also that really bad anxiety which caused my stutter to get worse, my breathing would pick up and often I would pass out. Maybe this could be a new start for me, maybe at this school i could talk to people and finally eat lunch in the cafeteria and not in the school yard by myself.

That day I woke extra early, I made sure to take a really good shower scrubbing in between my toes behind my ear and even washing my hair and blowing drying till it was smooth enough to pull back in a ponytail. I slipped on my jimmy Hendrix shirt which I thought would go great with my slightly baggy jeans, I didn't really care about fashion I liked to dress up in whatever made comfy.

It was September here in Ohio so it was kind of chilly so I packed a sweat shirt in my back pack just in case I got cold later I smiled at myself in the mirror as I adjusted my glasses on my face.

"hey m-mom I'm ready" I yelled out as I walked down the stairs and into the foyer where I met my mom. She was dressed in gray pants suit and black high heels always elegant as she would say. She looked at me and smiled "ok honey, your car is outside have a good day and call me if you need anything I will be in the office"

"OK mom" I mumbled. "love you" I heard her say behind me "l-love you too mom" I called out over my shoulder as I climbed into my awaiting car. I could not contain my smile today would be a good day.

Today was not a good day like I thought it would be I didn't even get passed first period without "dyke" being yelled me from down the hallways somewhere. I held onto my back pack extra tight and tried to smile as people walked past me. They just all gave me funny looks as I walked down the hall trying to find my locker.

"Oh, hey dyke" I heard someone say from behind me I froze, shutting my eyes tightly not wanting to turn around so I just stood their frozen.

"Hey look guys the dyke can't even turn around" I was holding on my back for dear life I knew this was not going to be good. "turn around retard or I will make you" a loud bang made me jump my back pack hitting the lockers hard.

When I turned around I was met with four guys, they were much taller than me I felt so small I could feel my bottom lip trembling don't cry I thought to myself don't you dare cry. They were all looking at me like they were waiting for me to speak but couldn't instead I just looked down and my shoes.

"we have a surprise for you lesbian, how would you like a refreshing start to this school year" they all laughed and high fived each other "yeah" they all said to one another "look at me when I am talking to you stupid" afraid of what they might do to me if I didn't I looked up at them they were all wearing letterman jackets with the letter M engraved on them their jackets bright red with white sleeves.

"well what do you say, do you want our surprise loser" was he really asking if I wanted a surprise I just wanted to get to my locker I didn't want to be late on the first day. "Well!" he yelled. I flinched as they all got closer I didn't dare speak I could feel myself shaking.

"I'll take that as a yes" I felt something cold slide down my hair and onto my face, I had no idea what they had poured on me but it was so cold my eyes burned as I felt the liquid drop into my eyes I quickly shut them wanting to avoid the burning sensation in my eyes.

"There's more where that came from dyke" they all walked away laughing and before I knew it I was in a mess of tears.

I quickly ran into the girl's bathroom taking off my glassing and turning on the faucet trying to spry water all over my face and eyes with my hands I couldn't stop crying, why were they so mean. I just wanted to have a good day and try to make friends.

When I thought I looked decent I put my glasses back on and tried to comb my now slushed hair my face was stained red now. I pulled out my sweat shirt out of my back pack and pulled it over my head to cover my now stained jimmy Hendrix shirt.

I walked down the now empty hallway I knew that I was late and I had to get to class so I skipped going to find my new locker and tried finding my class room as I walking down the hallway I saw a women walking down the hallways she had a bright blue folder tucked neatly under her arms. As she got closer I could see that she had brown bright eyes and orange hair she was wearing a nice skirt and a button up white blouse with some nice black flats.

I was about to turn the corner when she stopped me. "are you alright" she asked her voice laced with concern. I stood in front of her with my gaze on the floor.

I didn't want to talk. I was shy and quiet well that's what teachers always said about me. I guess it was true I could feel myself turning bright red.

"oh, wow you have got slushy in your hair" her hand was now on my shoulder. I still had not looked up I just wanted to get to class already and get this day over with.

"what's your name, dear" she stepped closer to me and I took a step back. I didn't like when people got to close. "hey look at me, I'm Ms Pillbery" she spoke softly her voice sounding concerned.

I slowly looked up at her, her eyes were wide but calm and she sort of reminded of bambi her eyes were brown and really round she looked like a really nice lady but I just stood their biting on my bottom lip.

"come on, we have to report this" my eyes went wide. I can't tell on them they would probably kill me! "n-no that's o-ok i-im fine really" oh no I could feel my anxiety kicking in as she escorted me to what I assumed was the principal's office.

As I was sitting their trying to calm my anxiety counting from 10 to 1 and breathing in deeply through my nose I could feel a panic attack coming on.

"you have to do something about this figgin's" Ms. Pillsbury said in a slightly aggravated tone. She was looking at figgins straight in the face leaning over his desk with her pointer finger on his desk.

" You can't keep letting this happen" Mr. figgins didn't seem to care as Ms. Pillsbury spoke her just sat on his chair behind his desk with his hands on his stomach.

"My hands are tied" he sighed "I can't do anything about this, they are not hurting anyone its just some cold slushy" his Indian accent was heavy as he spoke out. "now please Ms. Pillsbury out of office, I have more important things to do"

I sighed out in relief knowing that no one was going to get in trouble because of me I refused to give any names scared of what they might do to me, I didn't know their names anyways I just knew that they had to be upper classman. Ms. Pillsbury was not having it she was red at the face but kept quiet. "This will end one day" she told me. I gave her a small smile and nodded as I walked off to my class.

School was no different today I got called mean names I always flinch when they call me names because to be honest it hurts me but at least I didn't get a slushy facial or tossed against the lockers.

When I got home from school my house was dark the huge windows in the front made my house look scary but I was used to it. Everyone always came home late including Maddie she either always had after school or soccer practice. I didn't know what was the case today but to be honest I didn't care I just needed to get on my laptop and talk to "DollFace69" she's this girl I met online.

Ok I know it sounds bad meeting someone on line but it just happened I was just surfing the net when I came across a site named "2hot2match" it was like Myspace or Facebook but like for singles and stuff. I've never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend and to be honest I've never even had my first kiss ever. I got curious so I signed up my profile name was "Lopez85" I like to keep things simple. Over the weeks I just looked at other people's profiles and never put up a picture of myself in the icon instead I had a picture of call of duty the video game as my main imagine. There are creepy people in this world and I didn't need any stalkers… plus i don't think I'm very –uh attractive.

No one really spoke to me and when I got alerts they were usually from old guys, just wanting to talk dirty. No freaking thanks, I don't need that I'm perfectly fine the way I am no dirty talking for me.

Sometimes the site would match you up with people your age or people they thought would match with the several questions they ask everyone to answer before making your profile that way they knew who to match you up with.

Answer the following question below:

What is your sexual orientation :

What do you do on your spare time:

Do you prefer your partner to be a smoker or a non-smoker:

What is your favorite food?

I crinkled my nose at some of the question but I answered them trying to be as honest as possible. I didn't take this website seriously I mean meeting people online and actually becoming a thing, I snorted with laughter thinking about how ridiculous that is.

I was playing call of duty with some random dudes from spain, when I got an alert on my laptop .Pausing the game I walked over to my laptop as I pressed the unlock bottom a small square came up on my screen

DollFace69: hey, I like your icon cool gunz.

I debated on replying who was this and "cool gunz" I thought to myself has this person never seen guns, I decided to reply even though my thoughts told me not to might be some creep trying to lure you in his dark hole. Dark hole I thought to myself. Really? I laughed at myself as I replied.

Lopez85: thanks but have you never seen a gun before?

DollFace69" um, no not really I'm afraid of them my uncle once had one, it accidently went off and shot my pet pony

I frowned at the screen what the hell how does that even happen.

Lopez85: did your pony survive?

I was all of a sudden interested in her pony; I would have been devastated if my pony was shot. When I was younger I had one but I grew of my pony faze and gave him to maddie.

DollFace69: nope, shot right through the heart.. he go her good. I was a sad panda for a long time. Until I got a new one then I was happy!

Why the heck was I talking to a random stranger about a pony? How random is that, my controller vibrated in my lap my buddies wanted me to keep playing but I didn't want to right now. So I turned on my head set "guys will k-keep playing tomorrow I've g-got homework"

"but tomorrow's Saturday!" they all yelled at the same time

"bye guys!" I signed off without further explanation turning off my tv, taking off my head seat and putting everything away neatly back in its place. When I got back to the computer I saw that I had a few more messages from "DollFace69"

DollFace69: I named her Duck because ducks are my favorite.

Dollface69: I have a cat too he's super friendly but duck is another story she's a feisty one always getting into trouble.

DollFace69: she peed on me once.

I couldn't help but laugh as I read over her messages.

Lopez85: Haha! That must of sucked and maybe she's not feisty she just had to go and you happen to right under her? How did that even happen?

DollFace69: Ha-Ha-Ha not funny. I just happen to drop the brush I was brushing her with, when I dropped down to fetch it she went right on my head.

Lopez85:i'm actually laughing so hard right now. That really effing funny! But don't feel bad I stepped on dog poop before.


Lopez85: hey! I happen to be distracted I was reading a book! In my defense and people really need to learn how to pick up after their dogs! It's not that hard!

DollFace69: aww poor baby! Its ok I won't laugh anymore.

Dollface69: that was really funny though. So you like to read?

Lopez85: yes I like to read a lot. It's actually all I do besides read,video games and read comic- books.

DollFace69: that's cool, does your boyfriend not mind that you spend all your time doing that? Instead of being with him?

I could feel my face heat up at her question. She must think I'm a loser.

Lopez85: I'm single. Dollface it says it on my profile. Lol

DollFace69: oh yeah I see it now. Sorry I'm forgetful sometimes. I'm single too….

I quirked an eyebrow as I stared at my laptop screen was she trying to tell me something? I mean she didn't know who I was and I didn't who she was either. She's just telling you she is single calm down I told myself.

Lopez85: cool I've never had a boyfriend.

I immediately regretted sending that. Oh god I groaned as I saw that she was about to reply.

User is typing..

Dollface69: I've had boyfriends you're not missing much. :)

Lopez85: hmm I'll let you know what I think when I get one day, if I ever get one I'm not in a rush.

Dollface69: Hope you do! Well anyways I've got to go dinner is ready. Maybe we can talk some other time?

Lopez85: sure I'm always here. Good night!

Dollface69: Goodnight!

I shut down my lap top and got showered for dinner I didn't realize that is had gotten late. It was half past seven and I had not had dinner yet. I laid on my bed facing the ceiling waiting for my mom to get home so she can order something, my thoughts started to drift.. what is someone had found out about my profile and I was being catfished?

My eyes went wide and I sat up on my bed oh no! what if this was a prank? Well I didn't put anything personal up but still I was scared. Before my thoughts got out of hand my mom came up to my room.

"Santana I brought food honey"

"thank god, I'm s-starving"