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The next morning Santana woke up feeling refreshed and ready to see Brittany again. When she turned over to look at her watch it was only ten in the morning making the Latina groan as she patted around for her phone which was somewhere on her bed. Once she got a hold of her phone the first thing she saw was a text from Brittany she couldn't help but smile as she read the message over and over again.

Next thing Santana knew she was up and ready, she had taken a shower and eaten breakfast before she made a dash for the nearby park by her house just like Brittany had asked her to. The Latina couldn't hide the smile on her face once she got to the park she looked around but saw no sign of the blonde. So Santana went and took a seat by a nearby bench and waited while she waited she looked down at her outfit to make sure she looked nice for Brittany. This had been like the 10th time she had looked down at her outfit but who was counting.

Santana wore some lose fitted dark blue jeans with a plain black shirt and her converse her hair neatly tied in a high pony. She was so distracted with her outfit that she didn't notice Brittany approaching.

"Boo!" the blonde screamed trying to get Santana's attention and boy was she successful because Santana let out a ear piercing scream and nearly fell off the bench catching her glasses as the almost fell off her face. When Santana had realized that it was Brittany who had scared her she couldn't help but feel embarrassed when she noticed the blonde laughing.

"Hey!" the Latina stuttered trying to scowl at the blonde but failing miserably because she too was laughing now. "I'm sorry but that was just too good of an opportunity to scare you" Brittany said as she tried not to laugh. She quickly sat next to Santana and hugged her "how are you?" Brittany asked

"I don't know I m-might have gone into cardiac arrest for a few seconds but I guess I'm ok now" Santana said sarcastically with her hand still over her heart. "I didn't think I would scare you that bad!" the blonde explained feeling bad for what she had just done.

"I'm-m just joking Britt, you can stop pouting now" Santana said as she looked over at Brittany. She couldn't help stare at Brittany she looked so beautiful her hair was down, her cheeks were slightly pink and her eyes they were so blue she could stare into them for what seemed like forever.

"I don't pout" Brittany joked as she poked out her bottom lip. "o-hh really, you could make me do a-anything with that pout" Santana said with a small chuckle. She felt like she could say anything to Brittany without Brittany thinking she was a weirdo.

"oh so now I know how to get thee Santana Lopez to do anything for me" the blonde joked as she bumped her shoulder against Santana's making the Latina laugh loudly. "Your s-so silly"

"Did I wake you think morning?" Brittany asked as she looked over at the playground. There were a bit of children playing around the swings with their parents. The rest of the park seemed empty but at least the sun was out Brittany loved the sun especially because of how it reflected against Santana's brown eyes making her look even more beautiful.

"N-nope, besides I don't mind if you wake me up. I love waking up to good morning text's even if this is the first time a-anyone has ever texted me saying "good morning beautiful meet me at the park you know where" Santana teased as Brittany turned a brighter shade of pink.

"no one has ever told you how beautiful you are san?" Brittany questioned. Santana just shrugged and looked away. "Mmm, not really.." she mumbled. Brittany almost didn't catch what Santana had said. The blonde couldn't believe it this girl was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.

"Your beautiful San" when Santana turned around she was looking straight into Brittany's eyes she could feel herself leaning in and Brittany's lips got closer to hers but before their lips could make any contact they were interrupted by a male voice the Latina could recognize anywhere.

"Santana" The voice spoke clearly making Santana and Brittany jump apart. When Brittany took notice of the male that had approached them she quickly stood up. Santana stood up as well ready to take action she wasn't scared anymore.

"Puck, you have some fucking nerve" Brittany said as she pulled Santana behind her trying to keep her safe. She had no idea what puck was up to or what he wanted but she was ready to kick ass if he got out of line.

"ahy! Calm down" the Mohawk boy said as he lifted his arms in defense. "I was just out for a morning stroll when I saw Santana and decided to come apologize" he tried to explain as he backed up a little Brittany was taking small steps towards him but Santana held her back.

"Britt, let him t-talk I want to know what he has to say now" Santana tried to reason with Brittany but Brittany was not backing down Santana could tell Brittany was not having it. So the Latina gripped her arms tighter trying to control Brittany's movements.

"Santana, no he has caused you enough pain! Didn't I kick your ass once? Do you want me to do it again? I know you hurt Santana and I will fuck-" but Brittany didn't get to finish her sentence because Santana had cut in.

"Brittany, p-please you're getting worked up" Santana begged Brittany to calm down she quickly turned Brittany around so she was looking straight at her. The Latina was now holding Brittany's face with both her hands as she spoke "Look at me Brittany" it took Brittany several moments to look up at Santana but she did eventually. She was shaking with anger the blonde just wanted to get a few punches in and make him pay for hurting Santana.

"Britt, p-please calm down. I know he's hurt me and I-i know that you just want to beat the crap out of him right now, just as I do but let him talk ok? Please don't do anything I know he doesn't deserve my sympathy but I just want to get passed this and move on with you Britt, please?" the Latina begged. Brittany's features softened going from hard and angry to soft and understanding.

Brittany couldn't help but soften up as she looked into Santana's eyes. She felt relaxed with Santana's hands on her, she felt a connection she couldn't describe but it's something that she's never felt before and the thought of that made her smile softly at Santana.

But their moment was short lived because they were soon being interrupted again.

" Are you guys done having your lesbian moment" Puck questioned as both girls turned around to face him.

"can I punch him just one time san" Brittany begged "just one time and we can leave it at that" Brittany tried to reason with Santana but all she got was a look from Santana that said "stop it" and a mumbled "britt" from the Latina.

"Look Santana" Puck tried to explain as Brittany and Santana stood side by side with their arms linked with one another not taking their eyes off him.

"I just want to apologize for what I did ok? It was wrong and I kidnapped you for a bet with those stupid jocks." He said explained as he ran his hands through his Mohawk "I don't know what the fuck was going through my mind and I'm fucking sorry for everything ok? You don't have to worry about me anymore or any of the jocks at school" puck continued as he shook his head back and forth looking ashamed for what he had done but by the look on Santana's face the Latina was not having it.

"Listen puck I s-seriously don't get why you would do this to me or any one for that matter. You do realize that what you did to me is illegal and that I could have your ass go to jail? I was seriously bruised from throwing myself from your car but didn't fucking snitch because I decided that from then on I was not going to be your victim anymore. A-any of your friends or anyone in general who tries to mess with me or britt will not be happy" Santana threatened as her chest heaved with anger. Her index finger was now poking at pucks chest hard as people around the park looked at them wondering what all the yelling was about.

Brittany on the other hand had a look of adoration on her face. She loved how Santana tried to sound threatening but instead sounded adorable trying to intimidate puck who was much bigger than her. Speaking about puck he looked scared right now as he stepped back putting his arms up in defense.

When puck came out of what seemed to be shock he stepped back further and spoke again "Listen I'm sorry, you won't have to worry about anyone bothering you again but I can't speak for Quinn"

Right away that set off alarms in Brittany and Santana's heads "what the fuck do you mean? Quinn better not try shit with Santana" Brittany said as she crossed her arms over her chest and looked back at puck. Santana looked just as pissed at the idea of Quinn trying to bully her again.

"Not in my control" Puck said as he started to run towards the park trail "catch ya' later" Puck shouted as he ran faster.

Santana once again had to hold Brittany back because she was about to start running after him.

"Hey, c-calm down Britt" Santana said trying to calm Brittany down again as they made their way back to the bench they were sitting on before they got rudely interrupted.

"San, how dare he! He fucking hurt you!" the blonde cried as she stood up and paced back and forth in front of the bench.

Santana couldn't help but smiled adoringly at Brittany. The Latina just stared as Brittany went on and on about how she would come with a plan to make puck and Quinn and anyone else who messed with Brittany pay.

"what are you smiling at?" Brittany questioned once she stopped pacing. "oh, nothing just how damn cute you are" Santana teased as she took ahold of Brittany's arm and sat her down "come here" Santana said as she sat Brittany on her lap.

" I think you are so beautiful and brave thanks for wanting to stand up for me. You know I would do anything for you too right?" Brittany nodded as Santana continued to speak "But sometimes I have to f-fight my own battles ok? A-and theres going to be times when you can't be there and I have to defend myself"

"You can call me san, I'll come running I swear" Brittany whispered.

"and what britt? So you can get s-sent off? No B-brittany I will not let that happen ok? You promised britt remember?"

Brittany was now pouting looking down at her lap "yes, san I remember but I just want to protect you! He's an ass." She tried to explain to Santana.

"yes he is britt but fuck him, I just want to forget about them. Why don't we go over to mine and have some lunch?" Santana offered. Brittany blushed and bit her lip as she agreed.