Title: This Corrosion

Author: Sybil Rowan

Pairing(s)/Characters: Touya/Yukito, Yue/Clow. Maybe Yue/Touya- sorting out complicated feelings more than anything.

Rating: T+

Summary: After Touya gives his magic to save Yukito, they have to settle into a new, romantic relationship with the complication of Yue in the background. The others around them are learning to embrace their new relationship as well.

Warnings: yaoi, family drama

Author's Notes: I loved them as a couple in Cardcaptor Sakura. Named after my favorite Sisters of Mercy song. The lyrics, I felt, fit.

Disclaimer: Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP.

Beta Reader: WingedPanther73

Date: October 18, 2013, 6:00 pm

Word Count: on going

This Corrosion- Part 1:

"Touya?" Fujitaka asked, laying his hand on his son's shoulder in deep concern. "It's been a few days now. You just don't seem fine."

Touya's dark eyes looked up as he struggled to straiten up using the counter. "I'm really fine. It'll pass."

"Can we talk before you go to school?" Fujitaka asked as Sakura came bouncing in the kitchen.

The girl's eyes grew concern when she looked over at Touya. He straitened up and gave her a stern expression. That told Fujitaka Sakura knew what was wrong with her brother, but he figured she had been sworn her to silence. Touya reached over and handed her lunch to her. "Go ahead without me. Tell Yuki I'll be along shortly and tell him not to worry."

She nodded, and Fujitaka could swear her eyes were glistening. "Good bye, Father... Bye...Oniichan," she mumbled before she bolt from the kitchen.

Touya swayed dangerously. Fujitaka moved quickly to help him sit at the table. "I'm taking you to the doctor. No more excuses. It's been almost a week. Weren't these the same symptoms Yukito had? You were taking care of him a lot recently. It could be the flu he had. Is that what it was?"

Touya was still and his expression grew grave. He shook his head. "No. Please trust me, I'm fine. I know what's wrong me. Over time, it'll get better or I'll get use to it. I'm sure of it, so please don't worry."

"Well, you could confide in me. I am your father and I worry about you, too. I know you're almost an adult and you've had to help out with Sakura a lot growing up. But it still doesn't mean I can't listen and try to give you some fatherly advice."

Fujitaka was sure Touya was going to blow him off, always being so stubborn. Instead, Touya sat up stiffly, looking as if he were going to confess some wrong-doing. "I gave away something very precious to save a person I care about. It was for someone I couldn't stand by and watch waste away anymore."

"What was it you gave up?" Fujitaka was troubled by the dire tone in his son's voice.

"It was what I inherited from mother. My sixth-sense," he answered.

Fujitaka took the information in with some shock. He never pretended to understand how his son's gift worked or what he experienced seeing the unnatural world, but he knew Touya greatly prized what he inherited from Nadeshiko. It gave him a deep connection with his mother. For him to give up something so valuable and rare spoke of deep emotions under Touya's cool surface.

Touya's dark eyes grew hard. "Are you angry with me, Father?"

Fujitaka was taken aback by that question. He shook his head. "Oh heavens no. It was yours to do with as you see fit. And if it saved the life of someone you cared about that much, I would never recriminate you. I don't understand how it happened or all the details, but you have good judgment, Touya, I'm proud having you as a son."

Touya's shoulders slumped a little in relief. "Thank you. I was afraid you'd be disappointed in me. That you might think I don't value Mother any more."

"I don't think that at all. You still have all your memories of her, and I know you still love her." Fujitaka stood up and poured his son some tea. He quietly watched his ashen son get some more color to his cheeks and steadier hands. Touya finally stared to smile just a little, so Fujitaka asked something he felt he knew the answer to. "So who was the lucky recipient of your gift?"

Now Touya looked a little guarded again. "I really should get to school. Yuki will be waiting on me."

Fujutaka took that as Touya's indirect way of telling him. It figured, Touya spent every spare minute with Yukito and never brought around any girls. He admitted he wasn't surprised in the least. Fujitaka let his fatherly instincts take over and asked, "Well, at least tell me if you've gotten serious with this person."

"No, not quite yet," Touya confessed. "But it is headed that way now that a big problem between us solved."

"If you cared enough to sacrifice so much, I'd say it's already very serious."

Touya rose from the table. "I've got to go. Thank you, I appreciate your understanding."

He gave Touya a bright smile. "Have a good day, Son." Touya grabbed his lunch and school bag. Fujitaka said, right before Touya left the kitchen, "Say hello to Yukito for me. After all, he's one very fortunate young man to have someone that cares so much about him."

Touya's back stiffened and then relaxed. He looked over his shoulder at Fujitaka and smiled. "I'll bring him over for some dinner. He's feeling much better. He know understands who he is, and it's a great relief to his mind."

"I'm glad to hear that."

To be continued.