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"Honey, I'm home!"

Randy rolled his eyes at the cheesy greeting, looking up from his newspaper to find a large purple-furred monster with horns and two prominent lower fangs closing the door behind him.

"Oh Johnny, how sweet of you," he replied in mock-glee. "You called me honey! Now I know our relationship is serious."

"Oh shuddup," Johnny smiled, making his way over to kiss his partner on the snout. He then made his way to the kitchen, calling out on his way. "At least I'm trying, huh?"

"A sense of humour is as important as actual sentiment, I suppose," came the reply, a slight chuckle following.

"Well how's this for sentiment? I've just gotten home from work, and I'm making some tea as we speak."

Randy couldn't help but smile behind the newspaper he'd begun reading again. "Oh, well I certainly can't argue with that."

"Too right you can't, babe," came the reply, the horned monster coming back into the living room with two cups of tea. He carefully set them upon the two coasters on the coffee table, remembering his last lecture on stains when he'd neglected to use them. He looked back over to Randy, taking more interest in the paper. "What're you reading there?"

"Two guesses," Randy stated plainly.

Johnny's face twisted into a look of dreariness. "Still?"


Randy turned the newspaper over for Johnny to see, pointing at the article that filled up the whole page and, judging by the arrow at the bottom-right corner, spilled over to the next. Johnny's eyes settled first on the picture, a picture of himself in his ROR sweatshirt, and then on the headline, in large, bold, capitalised text; "PROMINENT MU SCARE GRADUATE JOINS CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT!"

Johnny sighed; sitting in his armchair and leaning all the way back, using a finger and thumb to rub the bridge of his nose. "There are so many things wrong with that, I don't even know where to begin."

Randy looked over to his partner with a slight smirk on his face. "Really? I think the article really does you justice."

Johnny looked over to Randy, studying his reptilian features for a moment. A genuine smile spread across his purple-scaled face, his eyes glinting with pride which, Johnny noted, was much easier to see with the way Randy's glasses magnified them.

"While that is sweet and all," Johnny began, a slight smile forming on his face before giving way to a frown. "Let me explain. First, it's not like I've only just graduated, I've been working for Fear Co. for a year and a half now. They really don't need to emphasise the 'graduate' part, and I'm sure they could've used something other than an old MU stock photo."

Randy just chuckled at this, leaning back on the couch, not willing to interrupt his beloved.

"Second, this isn't actually news. I've been 'out' since before I got together with you a couple years ago, and I've never really been quiet about it."

"Even when I wanted you to," Randy sighed, although his smile only grew.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed, missing the meaning behind Randy's statement and instead using the point to further his own argument. "And I've always been pretty active within the LGBT community. And third, I don't see why I'm such a big deal in the first place. I mean sure, I was a frat leader, and my work isn't half bad, but there are still some other openly gay monsters out there that are much more news-worthy than I am."

Randy, sensing Johnny's rant was over, leaned forward again, setting the paper aside on the table and taking his cup, bringing it to his lips to take a small sip.

"Well I can see what you're saying," Randy began, putting his cup down. "But allow me to offer my counter-argument."

Johnny rolled his eyes, leaning his head on his fist, already looking bored. "Oh, this should be good," he replied, not even bothering to hide the sarcasm from his voice.

"Hear me out," Randy said, holding his four hands up defensively. "Well, let's take this on in order. Firstly, MU is an incredibly sought-out educational institution, particularly for the Scaring program. Anyone who graduates the program is already well-respected in the field of scaring."


Randy nodded. "And as for the photo, well, everyone knows frat guys are hot. And let's face it, that sweatshirt only accentuated the fact that you were the sexiest guy on campus."

Johnny chuckled, his smile portraying amusement as well as a bit of pride. "Well, that is a well-known fact. But please, do stroke my ego some more," he said, a cheeky look on his face.

Randy laughed. "I would, but I'd be afraid it wouldn't fit if it grew any bigger, even with an apartment as spacious as ours."

Johnny's smile faded, and he looked up to the ceiling, his face becoming a little thoughtful. He then looked back at Randy, his smile returning. "Also true."

Randy laughed again. "Anyway, back to the point. Secondly, there's a little bit of a difference between being a part of a college LGBT club, and openly opposing the government as a high-profile Scarer."

"High-profile?" Johnny snorted. "Like I already said, I'm not-"

"Hold on, I'm getting to that," Randy interrupted, waving both his left hands. "Thirdly, you are a high-profile employee of Fear Co., just look at the buzz you stirred when you almost broke the rookie Scare record."

"I wasn't that close Randy."

Randy shook his head, looking slightly shocked. "What do you mean you weren't that close? You were less than fifty points off!"

Johnny's smile vanished, taking on a slightly annoyed look. "Forty-seven, but thanks for bringing it up again."

Randy sighed, shaking his head again. "Not this again… Look, you're missing my point Johnny. What I mean is, to come so close to a record that's been held for almost ten years is bound to have the media buzzing about you. I'd even go so far as to say you gained celebrity status."

Johnny just gazed at his lover in astonishment. "Celebrity…?"

"Don't tell me you'd never even considered that?"

"Well, no, not really. I mean, sure I've got my family name going for me, but it's not like I actually broke the record or anything."

Randy's jaw visibly dropped, although he quickly regained his composure, a smirk threatening to appear. "Well, well, well. Whatever happened to Johnny Worthington, egotistical leader of Roar Omega Roar? You always used to be so cocky and self-assured."

"You're one to talk, Boggs." Johnny grew more amused when Randy looked shocked at the use of his last name. "Now that just so eloquently paints the picture I wanted. Whatever happened to the little geeky lizard slithering around the campus, always looking so timid and unsure? Kinda how you look now," he added with a smirk.

Randy relaxed again, looking somewhat pensive. "I guess you could say… We've both grown up."

Johnny nodded, his genuine smile showing Randy just how far his boyfriend had come since first meeting. Randy stretched out a little before standing up, swiftly slithering his way over to the armchair. He took up his favourite position, sitting in Johnnys lap, coiling his arms loosely around Johnnys neck and draping his four legs over the side.

"Please, by all means make yourself comfortable," Johnny chuckled.

"That was the plan," Randy beamed, giving Johnny a quick kiss on the cheek before looking more thoughtful.

A brief silence fell over them. Johnny looked down on Randy, seeing how deep in thought he looked. Just as he was about to ask why, Randy broke the silence first.

"Do you remember when we first got together?"

Johnny's smile dropped. "Yeah, I do. It, uh… wasn't exactly the most romantic of circumstances, was it?"

"Well, I dunno, it's still a memory I look back on fondly."

Looking down on the reptilian monster, Johnny felt a tug at his heartstrings. He remembered all too well the circumstances of their getting together, and to this day felt ashamed of the way he'd acted. But seeing the smile on his lovers face as he genuinely stated he cherished the memory was enough to bring a tear to the hulking monsters eye.

"What did I ever do to deserve a guy like you, Randall Boggs?"

Randy simply smiled wider, lifting a hand to lightly tap on the larger monsters nose. "You saved me."

Were Johnny a more sensitive type, he was sure his lip would have started quivering at that statement. Instead, he brought a hand to the back of Randy's head and leaned in, kissing him deeply yet gently. Once he broke the kiss, he used the same hand to carefully smooth over the fronds on his lovers head, knowing how sensitive they were. He smiled as the younger monster shivered at the touch, looking up at him with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"There was a time I treated you like crap," Johnny admitted guiltily.

"I think you more than made up for it."

Randy turned his head slightly, a yawn leaving him, before he snuggled his head into his lovers shoulder. Johnny just held him closer, looking down on him as he slowly began to fall asleep. Johnny hated to admit it, but he was never more comfortable, or happier, than when his lover fell asleep in his arms. The love, and the trust, that this one simple action held meant more to him than all the records or trophies the world could offer him. It was the trust that he'd earned. The trust that he cherished.

The trust that he'd once broken, and never hoped to regain.