''Jeremy: Bonnie, they have to know.

Bonnie: They're not ready yet. Even I can't accept my death. Elena and Caroline are my best friends. They're like family to me.

Jeremy: That's why they have to know. You own them the truth.

Bonnie: They'll know when it's time''

Caroline: How did she do that to us? We are friends shared everything even the hard ones and in the most difficult time she just run away? I know that I'm doing the same now but this is different, ok? It wasn't only Bonnie. Stefan took his ass and left Mystic Falls leaving me with the happily ever after couple the same time Tyler never came back. And I'm asking you, sir, why? Klaus set him free. The best gift a man ever can do for me and Tyler never accepted! Well, I love Elena but this love thing with Damon can drive me crazy. Especially now, that I know the truth about Bonnie. I can't be at Mystic Falls anymore. I need some time alone and Elmwood is the perfect place.

(Caroline took a deep breath and continued)

Caroline: It's complicated more than you can imagine. I had so many problems to face. I didn't just run. I'm not Bonnie.

(She realized that the strange man look at her confused)

Caroline: I must tire you, right? Ok.

(She looked into his eyes and compelled him to forget everything)

''It was a boring travel with a complete strange girl sitting next to you'', Caroline said and turn her back to the great listener she have ever met.
Few minutes later, the strange man reached his destination and Caroline realized that there were many thoughts that she had to deal with. Then, she opened her bag and took off a notebook. ''Stefan would be proud'', she whispered ''not only he made my eat bunnies but now I'm having my diary just like him''. She laughed but then she understood that this was important. The ''diary'' would help her put her thoughts in a row.

Caroline (writing in the notebook): I wish Bonnie wasn't that brave. I wish she left things as they turned to be. When Elena learns the truth about Bonnie it will break her heart. I can't tell Elena that Bonnie isn't here. I can't tell Elena that Bonnie… Bonnie died!

(She broke into tears, took a deep breath and a few minutes later she continued.)

And Stefan left now that I need him the most. How am I supposed to face Bonnie's death alone? It's too much. I also wish Stefan where here, I wish I have him next to me so he gave me his advises. Why he have to leave now? It's hard watching his epic love with his brother but it's hard for me waiting for my epic love to come back. Didn't he realize that if we pass it through together it would be much more easier for both? That's what friends do, mister smarty!

(She looked out of the window and stayed for two minutes staring in the woods like she was looking at Stefan and telling him all this straight at his face)

I'll find myself in aunt Marry's house. I'm going to clear my head from all the thoughts. Maybe Klaus was right. Maybe it would be better if his gift was that ticket to New Orleans. Either way his gift wasn't of any use. Tyler never came back and he still doesn't answering my phones or my massages. Tyler always leaves me alone. Sometimes he makes me wonder if he ever loved me for real. He never showed up in my Graduation and he knew that this is too important for me. Klaus from the other hand, came the same time he took my invitation and also gave me the most precious gift 'Tyler's freedom'. Although he knew this would be hard for him. He always put me first. He always cares for me more than Tyler. He could give me that ticket to New Orleans but no. Klaus 'intent to be my last love' and he is willing to wait no matter how long it takes.

(The train stopped. Caroline reached Elmwood and she put her 'notes' in the bag as fast as she could.)

Aunt Marry: Caroline sweetheart, you are finally here.
Caroline: Aunt Marry. I missed you so much. Where is uncle Bob?
Aunt Marry: He's waiting in the car. Let's go home.

Few days later, and after Caroline compelled her uncle and aunt so they wouldn't say anybody that she was there, she was still strangling to clear her head.

Though, aunt Marry could see more than Caroline ever believed. Aunt Marry observed many things in Caroline's behavior that made her understood the problem was big enough. Caroline barely ate, never left home for over a week and she was so glum. Aunt Marry must fund the reason why Caroline was such a mess. She knew that she couldn't call anyone because no one could know that Caroline was in Elmwood. 'There must be another way'', aunt Marry thought.

Aunt Marry: Caroline could you please bring all the things on the list?

Caroline: Sure. Be right back.

(The door shut as Caroline leaved the house)

Aunt Marry could now look Caroline's room undisturbed. She searched all the possible places for finding the answers that she was looking for but nothing. She found just a picture of Tyler and a small blue casket with a bracelet with a note 'From Klaus'. Aunt Marry got confused. Two men, one woman. She was staring Tyler's picture when uncle Bob barged in the room and the picture slipped from her hands.

Bob: What are you doing here?

Marry: I'm trying to find why our little niece wanted so badly to leave Mystic Falls.

'You are nosy, my dear' said Bob while left the room.

By the way, when aunt Marry lifted the picture she found a small piece of paper tatty under the bed. It was Caroline's letters. 'Maybe I can find something here' she said. She read the note that Caroline wrote in train and now she knew. Caroline had to leave Mystic Falls. She felt lonely and stressed. She needed time to think. Aunt Marry knew exactly what she had to do, she just needed some time to prepare the whole plan.

Aunt Marry tided up the room as Caroline left it. She was trying to find the perfect moment so she could start her plan.

(The door opened and Caroline came back at home)
Caroline: Aunt Marry they run out for milk.

Aunt Marry: It's ok Caroline. Don't worry. Help me set the table.

In this house Caroline found the 'family' that she didn't have in her real home. Now, the thoughts in her mind stopped screaming. But there was something else to break this silence.

Aunt Marry: How long do you think you will be staying here without Liz knowing it? I'm going to call her.

(Caroline looked at her uncle seeking for help)

Caroline: Aunt Marry please... Can't you see my state?

Aunt Marry: She is your mother. At least she has to know. You're only thinking about yourself. I thought you might have changed but you are the same old Caroline, selfish as always.

(Caroline bumped her hands on the table and left)

Those are the only words that Caroline didn't want to hear. She had changed and she knew it more that anybody. She is not the same Caroline. She can't be the same. She was a vampire now and all her personality changed. Aunt Marry hurt her and Caroline felt like there was no person in the whole universe that really cared about her.

She run out of the house and with vampire speed went at a bench in the woods next to the river. The thoughts came back again. Bonnie, Elena, Tyler, Klaus... All visited her again like ghosts that she couldn't get away from.

Back in the house Marry and Bob had a little argue.

Bob: You shouldn't have said that, Marry. That was cruel.

Marry: No, Bob that was the only way to make her move on.

Bob: But you hurt her in the process. There should have been another way in doing so, without hurting her. Now go fix it.

Marry: In a few minutes. It's not the time yet. She has to sleep on it and make her decisions.

New Orleans.

Meanwhile, a few miles away Klaus was closer to Caroline than he thought. He thought of all the places Caroline could have been but none seemed ideal. He knew she would be someplace like home, away from Mystic Falls.

He looked outside the window at the river Mississippi with a glass of whiskey in his hand. The river gave the answer he was looking for.

Klaus: Of course. She was close to me all this time. She must be there. She went to the only people that would make her feel human again. Mississippi is the answer.

Back to Elmwood.

Caroline was sitting next to Mississippi for less than an hour.

(She heard aunt coming to her)

Caroline: Now what? You came for watching me cry?
Aunt Marry: No I came to tell you that those tears have no reason to be born! Tears are just unspoken words a broken heart can't bare to speak. Yours don't have a reason are just shallow.
Caroline: I wish you knew…
Aunt Marry: But, I know darling. I know more than you can imagine. I know I'm indiscreet by reading your notes but I saw you so depressed and I wanted to learn why. I have asked you so many times and you didn't tell me. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. But you should know that everything comes with a purpose. Every time the universe takes a soul another comes to life. I know now you just can't accept it but time heals everything.

(Caroline stopped crying)

Aunt Marry: As for that boy, Tyler it's time to stop calling him. He's even more selfish from you not answering to your calls. If he cared he would stand by you now. I don't know the reason why he left but he should be braver to face his problems with you and not by himself. True love is a shield that can hold back every problem, every enemy. True love is magic weapon that can make you sacrifice your everything for your soul mate. Just like that boy, Klaus did for you. If I'm not mistaken he put you above everything and not just once. Right?

(Caroline nodded yes and looked at the river)

Aunt Marry continued:
'You shouldn't be here. This place is your home and always will be. Now you need to move on. Leave everything behind and help Caroline get what she deserves. Your friends in Mystic Falls are more than ok. Stop worrying for them. Take your life into your own hands. Stop those Shallow tears and move on. And because me and your uncle didn't make it to come in your Graduation here is our gift.

(Aunt Marry gave Caroline a file and when Caroline opened it she found a ticket)

Caroline: Aunt this is a ticket…
Aunt Marry: Yes, dear. It's a ticket to New Orleans. What Klaus didn't give you, we give it now to you. It's up to you if you will use it or not.

(Caroline hugged her aunt and then…)

Caroline: Seriously, Klaus?!

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