Chapter 7

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls

Back in Mystic Falls, Elena and Damon were having their moment in the Salvatore's couch when Elena realized that while she was kissing her boyfriend her best friend was missing for over 2 weeks.

Elena: Damon stop! We have to find her.
Damon: Caroline again! She left because she needed to! If she needed you be sure you would know it! She left without caring about you, Elena!
Elena: She is my best friend, Damon. She might be in danger. Rebekah told Klaus and even he couldn't find her!
Damon: She's a vampire, Elena. She can protect herself.
Elena: Are you even listening what I'm saying? The fact that she is a vampire doesn't mean that she can't be harmed.
Damon: That's Caroline we are talking about! The people around her need protection!

Stefan entered the house while Elena and Damon were having a heated argument.

Stefan: I keep calling her. I still can't reach her. I left one million messages.
Elena: I know. I keep calling her too but the phone is dead.
Damon: Let's hope the phone is the only thing dead.

Stefan and Elena glared at him.

Elena: If only Bonnie were here. It would be so much easier.
Stefan: Let's focus on Caroline and then on Bonnie.
Elena: At least we know Bonnie is safe with her mother. Stefan I don't know where else to look and also I don't know why she left!
Stefan: Now that I needed her the most after that terrible summer…
Elena: Stefan you got us.
Damon: Yay, brother. You got us (he told while drinking his Bourbon)

While this conversation kept going for a few hours about where Caroline could or couldn't be and the reasons that led her to leave the phone rang.

Elena: Oh my God! It's her! It's Caroline!
Stefan: Then pick it up before she changes her mind!
Elena: Hey, Care. Where were you? I was so worried about you!
Caroline: Elena! Stop! I'm ok.
Elena: where are you? I'll come find you.
Caroline: If I wanted you to come find me I'd never have left.
Elena: Why? What happened? Was it me the reason you left?
Caroline: It's more complicated. It's a lot more. I just couldn't handle some things that I've learned.
Elena: I'm your best friend. We used to share everything. I could have helped you. Let me know.
Caroline: That's right, Elena. You still are my best friend and that's a reason I left. You and Damon are so happy together and I couldn't ruin it.
Elena: What do you mean? Tell me where are you? I can come….
Caroline: I'm some place like home. A home safer than anywhere else.
Elena: Ok, I know. You are in Aunt Mary's house. I'm on my way.
Caroline: I'm not there, Elena. Not anymore at least.
Elena: Then, where are you?
Caroline: I'm not ready to tell you yet! But I promise I will. Ok? Please do me a favor, tell Stefan that I'm ok and to call me.
Elena: Stefan is right next to me, Caroline.

Stefan grabbed the phone.

Stefan: Caroline?
Caroline: Stefan?
Stefan: where the hell are you?
Caroline: Where the hell were you? I need to talk to you in private. Go somewhere that you'll be alone.
Stefan: ok, wait.

He looked at Elena before leaving the house, noticing the hurt look on her face.

Stefan: ok. You got my attention with all the secrecy. What's going on? And most importantly where are you?
Caroline: I'll tell you everything but firstly promise me that you'll keep my secret till I'm ready.
Stefan: I'm so worried! Is everything ok?
Caroline: It's more than ok. I'm in NOLA with Klaus. Don't scream.
Stefan: Seriously?
Caroline: Hey! That's my line!
Stefan: what do you mean with Klaus?
Caroline: Stefan there are too many things we have to analyze.
Stefan: That's so true!
Caroline: And because I don't have that plenty of time: Bonnie is dead!
Stefan: WHAT?! Elena told me that she is with her mother.
Caroline: I heard her talking with Jeremy in the woods. She died the day she brought Jeremy back and she doesn't want us to know.
Stefan: Caroline that's serious. They have to know.
Caroline: No, not before Bonnie is ready. I had my time to understand why she kept it from us. I had my time to forgive her. But when I figured it out I couldn't bare it. And Elena was so happy with Damon. I couldn't destroy her happiness.
Stefan: I know..
Caroline: Also I felt so lonely. You were gone; Tyler left me and never came back. So I had two choices: one to stay and destroy everything or to leave.
Stefan: And you decided to leave.
Caroline: yeap, till Klaus came and helped me pick my pieces. Also my Aunt Mary helped me to make my decisions and follow Klaus to NOLA. I'm safe here. I'm making a new start. Please don't tell anyone. I need time here alone.
Stefan: Klaus can be really dangerous. Keep your eyes open.
Caroline: I know, but he's different with me.
Stefan: He's Klaus! Don't ever forget that.
Caroline: ok, I won't. I know what he's capable to do. Don't worry. Now he's the only who can give me all I want. Stefan we'll be in touch. And don't you ever dare to leave me like you did this summer.
Stefan: Care, that's something we must talk about but not in phone. Just make sure that you'll be safe and don't let Klaus make you a rippah too.
Caroline: That's funny. See you soon. Give Elena a kiss from me and keep her safe. We both know your brother is a jerk.

They closed the phone both smiling. Caroline was safe and that's a big relief for all Mystic Falls.

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