In Pursuit of Secret Knowledge

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Standing at the edge of the forest bordering the kingdom, hidden in the shadows, two figures stood in each other's embrace, not wanting their brief time together to end. Suddenly, the one wearing black craned her neck slightly, her cat ears making her bow twitch. "What is it?" asked her partner, a worried look on her face. "Someone's coming, single rider," was her simple answer, "shouldn't be a problem," she said, turning her face back towards her lover, giving her signature soft smile to reassure the girl in white. "I hear it too," she responded, pausing as something peculiar caught her attention, "wait, is that?" Her partner, picking up on exactly what the ivory-haired girl had noticed, smirked and responded, "Yup, that's Jaune, sounds like he's talking to himself again."

Changing the subject, wanting to get back to more pleasant matters, the raven-haired girl said, "I'm impressed, you're perception's almost as good as mine now." Snow-white skin tinged a slight pink at the compliment. "Hey, want to have some fun with him?"

"I like the way you think," they mirrored their mischievous grins at one another, "but aren't you worried he'll wonder why we're together, all the way out here?" The faunus simply quirked an eyebrow at her partner, "This is Jaune we're talking about, to boy who came into combat practice that one day whilst still wearing his pajamas." The heiress brought her hand to her mouth, masking the furious giggle that the memory had brought on, before turning back towards her partner, "I guess you're right," she paused, her composure returned, "have anything in mind?"

"Well," she leaned in to whisper into the pale girl's hear, "what do you think of…" The shorter girl had to stifle another giggle; her lover's plan was pure maniacal genius. "I can't believe you're going to have me do this, you and Yang are rubbing off on me, and I'm not sure I like it…"

Her partner gave her a playful shove, "Don't be silly, you love it. We'll make a decent teammate out of you yet. Go on, get in position," said the taller girl before she ran off to hide in a tree.

The ivory-haired girl positioned herself so that she was visible to the approaching traveler, perched on a rock in the most graceful pose she could muster. From the trees, her partner was still clearly audible, "Admit it, you're going to enjoy this most off all."

"Only because he brought this upon himself with all his mad flirting at the beginning of the year. And besides, maybe this'll teach him to better read a women's signs; maybe he'll finally notice his partner swooning over him like a hormonal teenager."

There was an audible giggle at that last comment, but from a tree in an entirely different direction. This did not surprise the heiress however, the faunus was incredibly agile and quiet; she would not be detected unless she desired it.

Their target was now close enough to hear them, so the both grew quiet, preparing to initiate their clever ambush. The cavalier's words were now fully audible, unaware that there were others in the vicinity listening in, "Why did I ever let Ruby convince me to take this stupid horse, it's slower then if I had just walked…" In reply to this insult, Tundra neighed up at his rider and threw him off for the umpteenth time.

Jaune was extremely discouraged, so much so that he just stayed flat on his face for a while. But it was then that he remembered why he was here in the first place, and his vigor was once more returned as Pyrrha's soft smile came into his mind.

He blew up on his stray bangs as he stood up, giving his mount a dirty look, "Listen here horse, I already have enough problems to deal with, you're supposed to be on my side." The horse neighed once more and looked away, towards a tasty looking patch of grass. "Oh, shut up, you don't speak, nor do you understand what I'm saying," Jaune said, but then realized this statement made him look crazy, not the horse. He didn't particularly care, however. "Now, listen here, we're getting this done, so let's just get it over with. The sooner you cooperate, the sooner I can return you to your cozy stable and we never have to speak again."

Suddenly, he heard an angelic voice behind him like a siren's song. He could feel his heart melting in his chest. Throwing caution to the wind, unaware that this was a trap, Jaune began running towards the source of this heavenly sound.

There was an abrupt turn in the road up ahead, and it sounded like the voice originated from just behind the cover of those trees. As he rounded the corner, he found himself in a minuscule clearing with a rock in the center. Upon it was lying the last person he expected to see.

"Weiss? What are you doing here?" But he stopped himself as he realized she was still singing, her voice completely entrancing him with it's purity. Weiss blushed as she finally noticed Jaune with his mouth agape. It was meant to be an act, but she still managed to be a little embarrassed.

Before the boy could come to his senses, the pale girl put on her most charming smile, which had melted the heart of many a pretender, and stood up slowly, deliberately, letting every move she made accentuate her feminine features.

Jaune was playing right into their hands, like a puppet; every move he made, every thought he had were the ones the two conspirators had hoped for. The poor boy could not wrap his mind around what was happening; it simply made no sense to the naïve leader.

He was snapped out of his reflection as the huntress-in-training began to move towards him in a manner he had never seen from her. In the most sensual walk she possessed, Weiss slowly closed the distance separating her from her pray. After a few steps, she began to drop her vest, sliding it off down her arms and showing off her slender shoulders. Weiss could tell Jaune did not miss a single sway of her hips. He was completely under her spell.

She slipped behind the dumbfounded knight, wrapping her arms around his chest, and began to whisper into his ear. "I'm so glad you're here, Jaune. I was feeling quite lonely out here in the woods."

Jaune suddenly felt a warm sensation on his neck. "Is she kissing me?" His emotions were in shambles, nothing made sense to him right then.

The ice queen felt something from him she did not expect; reluctance. She had him just where she wanted him a second ago. "What's wrong? Don't you want me?"

No, I don't! Jaune thought abruptly. The only thing he could think about at the moment was the girl who had already stolen his heart. Funny, just a few weeks ago, I would have killed for this, he mused.

The hunter-to-be grabbed the rapier-wielder's shoulders and gently moved her to the side. "Sorry Weiss, there's someone else now, and I need to get back to her as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there's something I need to do first." With that, he ran off towards his mount with renewed determination, leaving behind a dumbfounded heiress.

Before launching the horse into a gallop, he turned back towards his friend. "Do me a favor, don't tell anyone you saw me." And then he was gone, throwing up dust in his wake.

Weiss could only nod dumbly, still confused as to what just happened. She heard some rustling from the trees behind her. "Well, didn't expect that, guess he's not as clueless as we thought." Noticing her partner still hadn't moved, she grabbed onto her and shook gently. "You alright princess?"

As sole response she quietly mumbled, "No one refuses me…"

A devilish smile illuminated the faunus' face. "I know just what will cheer you up." Weiss shot her partner a glare. "Can you think of nothing but sex? This is hardly the time to…" Used to the cold resilience of the ice queen, Blake interrupted her with a kiss, all the while pulling off her own vest.

"You do know we were sent her with a mission?" argued the shorter girl, feeling her resolve falter has the girl across from her pulled off her singlet, giving a full view of her assets barely hidden by her lingerie.

"And you know that we managed to clear all the grim for miles around, otherwise our last session would not have been so," she slipped closer to the blue-eyed girl so that she may run her hands along her slim figure, nibbling on her ear as she finished her sentence to further arouse the white-haired girl, "productive."

She knew just then she had melted through the last of her resistance. "Oh fine," whispered Weiss, trying to conceal just how much she wanted this, "one last time…"

She did not manage to finish her sentence has Blake jumped on her like a tiger in heat, smothering her with sensual kisses.

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