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Ally's View

We pull up outside of a huge house. "Here we go" Mike says, straight away, Austin jumps out of the car and runs to the house with keys in his hand.

"This is your home for the next few weeks" Mimi says before getting the bags from the car and taking them to the house.

I step out and look around. Here I am in New York, a place where I have always wanted to go, and the fact I'm here with Austin, it doesn't upset my mood at all. I'm here in New York City!

"Austin!" Mike shouts, "show Ally around!"

"Okay!" Austin says running down the stairs, his attitude suddenly better. It's like being here changes him. "Come on Ally, we'll start down here." He grabs my arm, but not tight, like a loose grip. "Here is the kitchen" he says bringing me into the first room on the right.

It is huge.

"Okay" he says bringing me into the next room, "this is the living room!" A giant flat screen tv is up on one wall, shelves are all around the room filled with all the DVDs you can imagine. "I know, awesome right?" I nod and hear him laugh slightly, "come on I'll show you your room."

"I have my own room?"

"Yeah, we have a spare bedroom" he answers, leading me upstairs. "This is my room" he opens a door to a big room with blue walls, book shelves full with all types of books. "And this" he ushers me out of his room and into the one next door, "is yours."

The room, my room, was just as big as Austins, with cream walls and simple furniture, including a couch.



"This house is amazing!"

"Thanks" he says with a smile as we both sit on the couch in the spare, my room. "So, do you want the tour of New York tomorrow?" I look across to him, he doesn't seem like the same person, he is offering to take me on a tour, and not just because he was basically told to.

"If you wouldn't mind."

"Sure, I love New York, everything moves fast but you still have time to think about everything. And there are always awesome people playing guitar and singing along to well-known songs."

"They do that in Miami too Austin" I say, great I probably just ruined the longest conversation we have had without him being sarcastic or annoying.

"Yeah. Difference here is most of them are good. And there's one I think you'll really like. He's a friend, I'll text him later and we'll meet up tomorrow."

"Okay" we sit in silence until I ask a question, "how do you have so many friends here?"

"I've been coming here for years, you get to know people. They all live here, so it's kinda annoying. Well everyone apart from Cassidy."

I nod understanding, "you and her are cute, were you ever together?" He started to laugh.

"Me and Cassidy?" I nod and he started to calm down. "Oh you weren't joking. No, me and Cassidy were never a thing."

"Really? I just thought, you seemed really close."

A smile spread across his lips, "yeah, we always have been."

"Dinner's ready!" Mimi shouts from the kitchen.

"Coming!" We shout in unison before going to get our dinner.

"So Ally" Mimi starts half way through our meal, "what do you want to see in New York?"

"Anything that I can, I've always wanted to come here."

"Well Austin is the right person to show you around, he loves this place."

"Yeah" I say "I can tell."

"I am here you know!" Austin says after finishing his mouthful.

"We know. We weren't saying anything bad" his mum says to him.

"Come on, we should all get to bed, it's been a long day. Oh and me and Mimi are leaving early in the morning so have a good day." Mike says going to his and Mimi's room.

"Night Ally" Austin said before going to his bedroom and closing the door.

"Night Austin" I say back, though I'm guessing he didn't hear me.

The Next Day

I wake up and go straight down stairs, still in my pjs and with my hair looking a mess, but I desperately needed a drink and couldn't care less if anyone saw me like this.

"Take it Austin isn't awake" I say to myself, while walking into the living room.

"And what makes you think that?" I jump at Austins voice, he immediately starts laughing.

"I thought you were still in bed."

"Nope, it's noon Ally, I don't normally sleep in past ten." My eyes widen.


"Yeah, I have to say, I never thought you were the type to sleep in."

"I'm not, well, not normally."

He laughs, "maybe it was just because it was a long trip."

"Yeah, maybe," I take a seat by Austin.

"So when do you want to leave? I'll text my friend."

"I'll just get changed and then we can go?" I ask.

"Sure, just hurry up, I'm telling him to meet us in fifteen minutes."

"Austin, it takes me longer than that to do my hair!" I say jokingly, he picks up on my sarcasm.

"Well better hurry then" I laugh before going to get ready.

"You ready?" Austin shouts. I grab my money and bag, then run out of the room.

"Yep, lets go!" He nods and we leave the house.

A Few Minutes Later

"Elliot!" Austin says before patting this guy on the back, the guy, I'm guessing Elliot, is quite cute. I wonder if that's what Austin meant when he said I might like him.

"Austin! Long time no see!" The brown haired boy said before turning to me, "I'm guessing this is your new girlfriend, Cassidy text me saying you brought a girl with you. Hi, I'm Elliot." He lent his hand out for me to shake, I gladly accepted and felt a slight blush coming to my cheeks.

"Yeah, I bet she did. Me and Ally are just friends."

"Good to know," Elliot smiled a white grin. "So Austin, care to do a song? I brought another guitar?"

"Sure, but I got my own guitar with me," he took the guitar case from his shoulders and pulled out an amazing brown guitar. How did I not notice he had a guitar with him?

"Awesome, your pick." Austin nods in response to Elliot and starts to play. Austin can play guitar?

They take it in turns to sing, moving about around the street.

"I don't wanna be famous,
I don't wanna if I can't be with you
Everything I eat's tasteless
Everything I see don't compare with you
Paris, Monaco and Vegas,
I'd rather stay with you
If I had to choose
Baby you're the greatest,
And I got everything to lose,
And I just want to be with you
And I can't ever get enough!"

Slowly a crowd of people start to watch as the two boys sing and play.

"Baby give it all up, up, I'd give it all up,
If I can't be with you!
All of this stuff sucks, yeah all of this sucks
If I can't be with you!
No Oscar,
No Grammy,
No mansion in Miami
The sun don't shine the sky ain't blue,
If I can't be with you!

I could sail around the whole world
But I still won't find a place,
As beautiful as you girl!
And really who's got time to waste?
I can't even see a future,
Without you in it, the colors start to fade,
Any way I'm gonna lose you,
And nobody in the world could ever take your place!
You're the kind I can't replace!
And I can't ever get enough!"

The boys have the whole streets attention, they are amazing. I don't think I have heard the song before though.

"Baby, I'd give it all, up, I'd give it all up,
If I can't be with you!
All of this stuff sucks, yeah all of this sucks
If I can't be with you!
No Oscar,
No Grammy,
No mansion in Miami
The sun don't shine the sky ain't blue ,
If I can't be with you!
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh,
If I can't be with you!
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh,
If I can't be with you!

If I can't be with you!
Oh if I can't be with you!
If I can't be with you!

Oh, all of this sucks, if I can't be with you!

All of this stuff sucks, yeah, all of this sucks!
If I can't be with you!
No Oscar,
No Grammy,
No mansion in Miami
The sun don't shine the sky ain't blue
If I can't be with you!
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh,
If I can't be with you!
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh,
If I can't be with you!
With You"

They finish the song and thank the crowd. When Austin looks over to see if I'm okay, I see a tear in his eye, must be imagining it. Elliot pats him on the back and nods.

Austin's View

"You wrote that song just after-"

"Elliot, I really don't wanna talk about it."

"Austin, it's been three years, not once have you sang that song here with me. What brought it all back?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Come on man, you can tell me," just as I was about to tell Elliot, Ally walks over.

"That was amazing! I didn't know you sung Austin," Ally said once she joined us.

"Yeah, well," I say feeling slightly uncomfortable, putting my guitar back in the case, I leave Ally and Elliot to talk. They so like each other.

"Wanna start the tour Ally?" I ask picking up my bag.

"Yeah sure," I nod.

"The Austin Moon tour of New York? Well, I taught him everything he knows," I roll my eyes.

"Elliot, fancy us all meeting up later? Our annual back together hang out?"

"Yep, I'll text everyone, your place say 6?"

"Great, see you later man." Ally and I walk off to start our tour.


"Smile!" Ally says as we stand outside the Empire State Building.


"What? Come on please," she said with her sweetest smile.

"Fine, will you at least let me be ready this time," I say, finally giving in. "Lets get someone else to take the picture," she began to protest but I already asked a woman to take it. "Excuse me? Hi, could you take a picture of me and-"

"And your friend? Of course, go pose," I nod.

As I stand by Ally, I run a hand through my hair, I hear Ally giggling. "That's it," I say, before tickle her, she bursts out laughing and leans into me.

I see a flash. It takes a few seconds for me to regain my eye sight back, but when I do, the lady is handing me my phone. "It's a lovely photo," she walks off.

"T-thanks," I say looking down at my phone. She was right, the picture is really nice. Ally's leaning into me because I'm tickling her and she's trying to stop it, we are smiling at each other, laughing, and the Empire State Building is behind us.

"That's a really nice photo, could you send it to me?" Ally says looking over my shoulder.

"Yep course," I send it to her on Bluetooth. "So, where to next?"

"Statue Of Liberty?" she asks.

"Okay, off we go."


"Austin, come on! One photo please!" she nags.

"Wouldn't you rather it just be you, than both of us?"

"You already took one of just me, come on!" I sigh and swap my iPhone to front camera, "smile then."


Back At The House

"Thanks for today Austin, for taking me around the whole of New York," she says as we both sit on the couch.

"It was fun," I say with a smile. "We only have half hour before everyone gets here, and knowing them they'll come twenty minutes early. So if you want to get changed or anything then now is the time to."

"I'm good," Ally says with a smile, "what about your parents?"

"They text to say they won't be here for a few days."

"Oh, that happen much?"

"Yeah, you get use to it."

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

"Told you they would be early. Come on, I'll introduce you," opening the door I see my best friends, minus Cassidy. "Guys this is Ally. Ally, this is Trish, Dez and you already know Elliot."

They all pile in the house, Dez and Elliot smile at Ally and pat me on the back, Trish gives me a hug then hugs Ally. At first Ally was surprised with the hug, but then returned it.

"So how you been Austin?" Dez asks as we all sit down, Dez and Elliot by each other, Trish and Ally on bean bags and then me on my own.

"Good, the normal you know. What about all you, haven't seen you in so long."

"Just normal stuff. You really have to come up here more Austin, we hardly see you," I nod.

"I know, this is just the only time my parents will come. I'm hoping to come back in a few months."

"Awesome," Elliot says, he looks straight to Ally, "so Ally, what do you like to do?"

"Read, mainly," she answers, I roll my eyes, she must do something else. I saw her when me and Elliot were singing, she had that look in her eye, she appreciated the music, the words. Okay maybe she didn't get the lyrics, she doesn't know, but she did to an extent. My guess, she plays an instrument, or write songs, maybe both, I'll get to the bottom of it, just not right now.

"Well what books are you reading?"

"I just read the first Percy Jackson book," Ally answers.

"Oh, Austin has read all those," Trish says, "do you guys remember how happy he was when Percy and An-" I interrupted.

"No! She hasn't got to that yet!" I shout, everyone stares at me, I just shrug, "you know I hate it when people spoil books."

"That's true," Dez says, "so what we doing tonight?"

"Nothing really planned, thought we could get a pizza?" everyone nods.

"Make that two!" Elliot adds.

"Maybe three!" Dez puts in.

"Okay, three pizzas it is, I'll order, you can help yourself to drinks and stuff." I say before going upstairs to order in quiet.

Ally's View

"So," I start, "is this always what Austin's like?" I didn't mean to say it, I just had to know. He's completely different here, don't get me wrong, I like him better here, I just don't get it.

"Yeah? Aren't you two friends?" Trish asks, dammit.

"Uh, yeah, I just…he seems so different here," I say carefully.

"Yeah, well it's New York. He's always happy here, well apart from when-" Dez gets interrupted by Elliot.

"Dez, don't," he says, Dez nods and we go into an awkward silence.

"Okay, pizza is on its way!" Austin says, slightly jogging into the room. "What we talking about."

"Kira," Dez says, confusing me, I see Austin stiffen.

"How about no?" I decide not to question him, he doesn't seen very happy at the mention of the name.

Hours Later

"We should get going," Trish says before getting up, "come on boys, we'll all have to meet up tomorrow or something."

"Yeah, defiantly!" Austin says hugging her, "bye guys!"

"Oh, wait one last thing," Elliot says turning to face me, "do you wanna go out tomorrow night Ally?" I stop my jaw from dropping, luckily.

I like Elliot, don't get me wrong, but I still like Dallas. Then again, Elliot seems to like me, and its not going to go anywhere, I'm leaving in three weeks.

"Yeah, sure," a grin spreads across my face as I answer, my first ever date!

"Great, I'll pick you up at eight?" I nod, "see you then Ally. Bye Austin."

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