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Bella's Pov

"3000 years ago when the earth was still new, five brothers encounters a beautiful women when hunting; all five brothers fell for her. She choose the middle brother as her husband and for loving her to death the women gave the brothers each a unique gift to protect. For she was a witch and wanted to live her life as a human with the middle brother she gave the four brothers the gift to control the elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth…Miss Swan please try to pay attention!" Mr. Banner scowled at me while my classmates laughed at me, I blushed, "yes sir" I said and he went back to storytelling instead of teaching AP Biology.

"As I was saying…every generation get there elemental powers passed down from the male genes but it had been studied that in very rare cases that the child will in fact get not only get the father's genes but also the mothers if the mother's genes are dominate." As he said that last sentence he was looking at Edward Cullen our next leader once he turns 21.

The Cullen family is sort of like the running family around here just because they all have two elements to control. Edward was the only son of the Cullens, a junior in Forks High School and captain of every sport this school had to offer not to mention he was also captain of the debate team and student council…Brain and Beauty he had every girl that wasn't mated on his tail; and I don't blame them he was absolutely drop dead gorgeous Bronze crazy hair, Green eyes that anyone would kill for, pale skin with cheekbones.

Origins that's what they like to call themselves, and I do mean they im human.

"then there's the bond" Mr. Banner brought me out of my thinking, "the bond is when you find your soul mate, once the male is 17 and the female is 16 on the Origins special day they will find each other; if they don't then both will die" he said dramatically.

"Is it true that the bond can be broken and then your kids will turn out human" Jessica Stanley asked him laughing, "The bond is a connection between soul mates, so they can feel whatever their mate is feeling and very so Miss Stanley it's almost impossible to break and if it is broken and only the elders know how the bond is broken but as I was saying if the bond manages to break then two things will happen either they separate but feel some sort of emptiness for the rest of their lives…or both die" all the girls gasp at this point.

I rolled my eyes as too bad Mr. Banner noticed, "Something you would like to share Miss Swan" he put me on blast; everyone turned to look at me, "how exactly does this help us in our future?" I asked my stupid question.

"It helps those with powers Miss Swan for you it's just a story" he told me, everyone laughed and then the bell rang thank God.

Angela practically my only friend here besides her boyfriend Ben met me at my locker, "rough period?" she asked I opened my locker and sighed, "Rough life" I said.

"Hey cheer up the Ball is tonight remember" I groaned today was the Origins special bond day Mr. Banner was talking about, I was about to close my locker when some water shot out and closed it for me, "Watch what you're doing Loser" I yelled at Mike Newton who did that practically every time after school, "You're the Loser, Loser" he yelled which caused everyone to laugh.

"Why does it have to be me who has no powers?" I whined to Angela, "there just jealous that you're normal" Ben stepped into the conversation, "you always know how to make a girls day don't you" I said sarcastically, "I try" he then kissed Angela, "Eww get a room" I played around, they laughed and we walked towards Ben's car. Angela is an Earth element while Ben is a water Element they even each other out.

"So you going to the dance tonight Bells?" Ben asked me, I sighed, "im 16 it compulsory"

"I'll be fun" Angela said, I sighed, "you just can't say no to those puppy dog eyes" Ben laughed, "no you can't I'll be at your house in an hour so get everything ready" Angela ordered.

I said my see you later and went inside my house.

"Hello Origins" I said with a peace sign, my sisters Alice (she's tall in my story) and Rosalie along with their mates Emmett McCarthy and his cousin Jasper Whitlock.

Alice and Rosalie are twins but the only difference is the hair Rosalie's is a curly blonde with killer curves and Alice is short black hair with little curves both have ocean blue eyes and can also control fire since that's what our dad is.

Our mother is the first person who managed to break the bon between her and my father without the help of the Elders. Once she broke it she went south towards Arizona and made a life there she left my sisters but then found out she was pregnant with me, she died during childbirth but not without telling a nurse where to find my father…did he have a surprise when they called him up and said he had a daughter.

The elders think that since my mother broke the bond that that's the reason why I don't have powers like the rest of the community.

"Bella" they all answered at once…creepy.

"You have to wear this one it's only fair" Angela said to me she held up a beautiful blue dress that my grandmother gave me said it was from the 1500s in Italy. (Caroline's dress from TVD; the one Klaus gave to her)

I tried it on and realized she was right, "show them a night they won't forget Bella" she encouraged me; we did our hair her's straightened while mine was curled all around my face with minimal make up.

We heard Ben's horn and made our way downstairs, my sister's went over to help Esme Cullen with the ball preparation and dad aka Charlie was at some meeting.

"I have no idea which one of you is prettier" Ben said I rolled my eyes, "your mate" was all I answered, and "I have a feeling this night is going to be memorable"

The Ball is held every year at the mansion deep within the woods when the Moon hits the mansion just right the mating will happen.

We separated and I went to go find my sisters or Charlie…I found Charlie by the refreshments, "hey daddy" I said behind him, he chocked a bit on his drink then turned around to face me, "you know I don't like the fact that you dressed up just to find your mate" he joked, I rolled my eyes, "Dad we both know that I won't find a mate" I said; before he could answer back the leader Carlisle Cullen stopped next to us along with his wife Esme and son Edward.

"Isabella don't you look beautiful" esme complimented me, I blushed, "thank you" I answered, "Edward why don't you and Isabella go dance while I talk to her father for a moment" Carlisle ordered, I looked over at Edward who had a complete poker face on, "yes, father" he answered he then pulled out his hand and beckoned me forwards towards the dance floor.

Once we were out of sighed I let go, "you don't have to dance with me if you don't want to" I said he let out a heavy sigh, "thank god you feel the same way" he then walked away, that stupid jerk.

It was close to 3am that's when the moon is at its peak, I sat down by the grand stairs and saw that the guys who were 16/17 where only in there dress pants, when the moon hits them there…inner animal I guess will hit and then they will look around for their mate after finding there mate they take them to one of the rooms here at the mansion and proceed with mate…meaning they have sex.

"Why so sad dear?" Mrs. Cullen's voice brought me back to reality I hadn't realizes that I was crying a bit, "oh…hello Mrs. Cullen" I said cleaning off my tears, "Call me Esme…now tell me what's wrong" she stoked my hair…just like my Grams used to.

I shook my head, "you heard that my grandmother died a few weeks ago im just sad about that; she had promised me that she would be here to make sure I got mated or not" I told her, before she could answer me back the growling of the guys echoed throughout the house, "I think im going to leave, could you please tell my father that I left early" I asked her she nodded then kept staring at the male Origins as they looked for their mates.

I quickly tried to escape and made it out the door with success before being pulled back by none other than the Devil himself…Edward fucking Cullen.


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