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Bella's Pov

I woke up to the blinding sun that has been my enemy since I became a teenager, hitting my face. I moved my hand to block it; I groaned and turned over hoping for more sleep…then I opened my eyes and saw none other than Edward Freaking Cullen naked with only his bottom half covered.

"Oh my god" I said then I covered my mouth hoping I didn't wake him up; he just stirred thank God. I let out a huff and ran my hand through my hair; I looked around the room for my clothes, i spotted my dress and quietly and quickly removed myself from Edward.

I quickly put on my dress and zipped it up, I lifted up the dress and tip toes towards my shoes, I grabbed them and then looked up at the mirror; my makeup was smeared but my lipstick made it look really bad, I rubbed my lips with my hands and removed it.

I turned back to see if Edward had woken up…he hadn't. I tip-toes towards the door…and it squeaked so I quickly got out and shut it and made my way down the grand stair case, I felt the vibe of the other Origins in different rooms around the mansion.

I smelt food and my stomach growled a little feed you once I get home but shut up for right now I thought towards my stomach. I walked towards the door and quickly threw it open and ran barefoot towards the woods

I didn't stop running until I hit my house and by then I was barely even breathing, I threw open the back door and dropped to my knees gasping for air.

The noise must have woken up my sisters because they quickly came in, "what are you doing here Bella?" Rosalie asked through her teeth, "You're supposed to be with your mate" Alice pointed out.

I looked at here in the eye, "I don't have a MATE Alice" I said angrily through my teeth. I took one last deep breath and stood up pushed past them towards my shower, "then what were you doing last night then?" Rosalie tested me, I stopped in id-stairs and turned towards her, "a one night stand" I replied and went and took my shower.

The water felt good and about an hour in there I felt like I got all of Edward Cullen off of me, I turned off the shower and grabbed my fluffy towel, I dried myself off and put on my lace undergarments, some lotion and put on my blue silk robe and walked towards my room to get changed.

I could feel the vibes of my sister and two other…must be Emmett and Jasper.

I shook my head letting some wet drops here and there, I changed into a knee length black skirt with a white button down shirt tucked in along with a belt around my waist and my black converse; I dried my hair and put it into a fishtail braid over my shoulder and made my way downstairs to get something to eat.

I was right Emmett and Jasper where here and were they surprised to find me here too, "aren't you supposed to be with your mate?" jasper asked me as I past them in the living room. I shrugged my shoulders, "why does everyone tell me that?" I answered confused, "I mean a mate is your soul mate you're not supposed to leave your mate for at least a month" he told me, I rolled my eyes.

"All my life your kind has been telling me that I won't ever have a mate" I said as I grabbed a cup of coffee from the pot and took a sip I turned around and kept talking, "so why care now"

"Because your mate is a Cullen our next leader" Rosalie sneered at me, "I was told I would never have a mate so guess what I don't have a mate" I finished my coffee and forgot about breakfast I just lost my appetite.

I went into the living room where Charlie was watching some baseball game, he looked surprised to see me, and "don't even say it" I said to him as he opened his mouth. He smiled and held his hands up in surrender mode. We watched the game in silence when it was interrupted by the front door knocking very frustrated knock by the way.

And I sensed it…an Origin much stronger than the others so it must be a Cullen.

"where is she" a harsh voice that I recognized as Edward asked Charlie; I felt them come closer so I took off towards the back of the house and ran straight into the woods towards a meadow I had found years ago. I leaned against a tree trying to catch my breath and ended up taking a nap.

I woke up and it was dark, I knew the path towards the house so I took my time since it was dark and I was getting cuts on my legs form the skirt I was wearing.

I got to the house and walked in and was bombarded with a rough pull, pulling me towards the living room and was pushed down to the couch while everyone else was standing look at me in disappointment.

"Where have you been?" Rose asked me in a mother tone, I rolled my eyes at her, "none of your business" I snapped at her, and she glared at me.

"You're my mate so that makes it everyone's business" Edward's tone was dark and I hate to admit but it was sexy.

I scoffed at him and stood up, "I am not your mate" I told him.

"We mated last night" he informed me, "that was a one night stand" I told him, he smirked at him, "you're my mate and neither of us can do anything about it" he said in a whisper to my face.

"And now where leaving" he grabbed my arm but I shook it off and moved towards the back of the couch, "im not going anywhere with you" I told him.

I looked around the room and saw that they agreed with him, "Dad?" I asked on the verge of crying, "Don't" I begged, he shut his eyes and looked sad, "Bella you're his mate and must be together until at least a month or so"

I couldn't believe it I was so angry that the lamp beside Rosalie broke and scratched her arm, she hissed and I took this opportunity to run to the safety of my room.

I felt Edward running after me and blocked me from closing the door, "why can't you just leave me alone!" I yelled in his face…he did the unexpected





He kissed me.

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