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Ericka Jasmine Potter was many things – stupid was not one of them. She had been demanding to see her brother since he had disappeared, but only one man knew where he was and he wasn't telling. The old man had a hidden agenda and she was determined to find out what it was. She smirked at the notice in her hands and the possibilities it provided. She was now old enough to claim Ladyship of the House of Potter, take full custody the boy from Dumbledore and deny the old coot any contact with him. She chuckled without mirth. Now he would have to give her her brother. If he didn't he would have the wrath of the House of Potter to deal with. As well as the inherited temper of the late Lily Evans. Turning quickly, she went to find her guardian to have the documents copied. It wouldn't do to have them destroyed, after all.

Albus Dumbledore was not a happy man. First, he had been informed that he no longer had control of the Potter vaults, and now he was being told that the Potter brat had claimed the Potter Ladyship until her brother came of age. Meaning he now had to hand his weapon over to his sister. He snarled, wishing James had let the child be a bastard and not married the mudblood bitch. However, now was not the time to regret the past. Now was the time to sooth ruffled feathers and attempt to persuade the girl to his point of view. He, somehow, highly doubted he would achieve his goal.

He was right. Erika laughed derisively at his suggestion that where he had placed the Potter heir was safer than Longbottom Manor. Of course, she was right to laugh. The suggestion that the Manor didn't have the best protections imaginable was ridiculous. Especially when the place he had placed the boy was the home of magic hating muggles.

"Headmaster, please refrain from insulting my intelligence if that is at all possible for you. We both know my brother is not safe there and probably never has been. From what I remember of Aunt Petunia, she and her husband both despise magic and all that have anything to do with it. Those blood wards you have so much confidence in have never worked." here she smirked, "And you yourself insured they wouldn't. You forced them to take in a nephew they wanted nothing to do with. I will give you until the first of September to inform the Dursleys that they will no longer be expected to care for my brother. If you have not told them by then, I will and you will not like how I choose to do so. My brother will be spending the holidays with me and joining Neville, Gran, and I here at Longbottom Manor during the summers. I presume that will be enough time to inform them. After all, it shouldn't take a month to right a letter, Headmaster."

Dumbledore nodded and got to his feet, recognizing the dismissal. He had failed miserably in the negotiations and he knew that he didn't have a leg to stand on. He either met her terms or faced her punishments. Now, to win the girl over to his side and get her under his thumb.

Ericka was ecstatic. She was finally going to get her brother back. She only had to wait to see him Sorted, then he would be hers again. She rushed off to inform her dogfather of the recent developments.

Harry was in shock. Not only was he a wizard. Not only had his parents been heroes. He had a sister who had been searching for him for years and had now been given custody of him. This was his last month with the Dursleys. All he had to do was wait for the school year to begin to meet her.