This fic is a tad AU as in I've changed some of the facts around to better suit the plotline. Example; as stated in the trivia, Fran doesn't feel pain because of a rare genetic disorder. I've changed that to him using illusions instead. And, as I don't think it was ever clarified how illusionists work, I'll most likely implement my own theory unless I find something that explains it.

If there was one thing Fran would never have thought would happen to him, it would be that the enemy would capture him for failing to use illusions in time. But right here, and right now, both he and his partner were lying on the ground, twitching in pain as the two they had been fighting circled around them like a pack of hungry wolves.

I should have used an illusion right from the start… Fran, who was unaccustomed to feeling pain due to his illusions, bit back a whimper as his body felt as if it were on fire. Next to him, Belphegor lay face down in the dirt, his crown a few feet away from them, the same situation with Fran's frog hat that had come lose during the fall.

"Olgert, take them back to headquarters, will you?"

Fran had no idea if his partner was still conscious, and he wondered how the blond would be feeling right now, knowing he had lost once more to the twin he had despised since birth.

"At once, Master Rasiel."

The teal-haired male, who was barely conscious after hitting his head on a rock during the fall from the tree, wasn't sure if he was hearing things right or not; what were they talking about? Taking us… to headquarters…? Why…?

The Varia member couldn't move as he felt hands grabbing the back of bloodied head, pulling him from the ground by teal locks. He whimpered in pain, unable to conjure up an illusion – was it the pain that was stopping him? Or was it the fact that he was in a situation he had never been prepared for during his training?

"This one looks pretty useless," Fran heard whoever had grabbed him speak; his vision was black, and his mind was too clouded to be able to recall properly what had even happened.

"Shesheshe. He does. No matter. Take him anyway, Olgert."

"Sen…pai…" Fran didn't know he had the strength to call out for his partner; the fear that was slowly overwhelming him was enough to make him do things he wasn't aware he could.

To the boy's horror, the older Varia member didn't reply. Is senpai… dead…?

Fran whimpered again as he was roughly thrown into the air, slung across what he could only guess was someone's shoulder.

Senpai… Fran cringed as his body was jostled – having never actually experienced pain before was now really kicking him in the ass; how was he supposed to handle such pain without prior experience?

Senpai, it hurts… Help… Fran knew he shouldn't rely on the superior he blatantly showed his hatred for the younger male, but right now he was – as much as he hated to admit it – scared. He was still young and in a predicament he didn't know how to handle; wasn't that fair enough?

As frightened as Fran was to feel such pain, to not know where they were going or what was happening, it was nothing compared to the horror he felt at the thought that, if Belphegor had died, he'd be all alone – and that was scarier than anything he had ever faced before.

Senpai… Don't… die…

With those thoughts in mind, Fran passed out.