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Chapter 1: Undying

The silence was eerily familiar as the boy faced the bathroom mirror. A single flickering light bulb illuminated the small room containing nothing but the boy and a lone kunai left on the bathroom counter. A calloused right hand gingerly picked up the kunai. Slowly he put the sharp weapon to his own neck. A strangely hopeful look crossed his face. In one quick fluid motion he slit his own throat. The pain was immediate.

His left hand grasped at the injury as his other hand dropped the kunai in the sink with a reverberating clang. His body gasped for breath, to no avail. But soon he felt an unnatural heat buildup at the sight of his injury. He watched in the dirty mirror as his wound began to steam up. In less than a second it cooled down again, his neck now looking perfectly intact. Blood, ran down his pristine neck and drenching what once was a white shirt, it was the only evidence that he even committed the act to begin with.

The mirror showed disappointed eyes and the boy could not resist the tired sigh from escaping his lips. Turning toward the exit he walked out the bathroom, flicking the light switch off on his way out. He slowly made his way to his bed, careful not to trip on anything in his messy room. His hand went to his night stand and groped for two objects. Finding a blood red journal and a black pen, he laid his head down onto a pillow. Opening to a bookmarked page picked up his pen and began to write.

"Suicide attempt #637: Slit throat. Attempt was painful, but not unbearably so. A pain severity rating of 4. Attempt left me unable to breath, but length of time was unsubstantial. Feeling of death was at 2. Blood loss was minimal. Blood rating was at 3. Healing occurred almost immediately. Healing rating was at 9. Conclusion: One of my least successful attempts thus far. Alternatives: Katana, longer cut, leaving weapon inside, decapitation, internal decapitation. Explore possibilities at a later date.

-Naruto Uzumaki, September 22, 20:37"

Naruto quietly placed the journal and pen back down on his night stand. He looked up at his ceiling and lost himself to the hopelessness of his situation. The villagers only asked one thing of him and still he could not carry through with the act. He closed his eyes, but that only brought on the voices of his memories. Of hundreds of people who had called him demon, who had sobbed as they called him the murderer of their friends, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Guilt racked his body in an uncontrolled sob. They wanted his death, and one way or another, he will fulfill their wish. Without changing clothes or even getting under the covers he slept for the rest of the night.

-Next Day-

-Konoha Ninja Academy, September 23, 09:23 a.m.-

"Alright everyone, today you will all be taking the exam. We will be calling you in to the examination room and you will be asked to perform the three basic academy jutsu. Good luck to you all!" Iruka exclaimed with a smile on his lips. "First up is Shino Aburame."

-1 hours later-

"Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka's voice shouted from beyond the door to the exam room. Lazily the blonde boy stood up from his seat and made his way to the room. As he walked he could hear the sniggers of his classmates as they laughed at the not so quiet jokes meant to insult the young boy. However his eyes betrayed no semblance of a reaction to their words. Only boredom was displayed on his face. If it had nothing to do with the possibility of his own demise the blond had no interest in it. Finding himself in the middle of the exam room Naruto faced Iruka and Mizuki.

"Alright Naruto your first task is to do the transformation jutsu." Iruka said, looking at Naruto with an expecting look.

"No thanks." Naruto said with a dispassionate voice.

"… what?" Iruka's disbelieving voice asked. Being the first time a student had refused to perform a jutsu he had no idea of how to react.

"You do realize failing to perform the jutsu results in automatic failure?" Mizuki interjected in confusion.

"Oh well." Naruto said as he began walking out the door, his two chuunin sensei to stunned to stop him.

-Outside Konoha Ninja Academy, 1 hour later-

Naruto looked on at his classmates being greeted and congratulated by parents. He frowned as he felt a small ache in his chest. Reaching into his Kunai holster he pulled out his journal and pen. Flipping through the small book he found his bookmark.

"Chest began to ache today. Possible weakness? Explore possibilities of exploiting this weakness later tonight before healing begins." Before he could engross himself further in his musings, someone cleared their throat behind him. He looked to the source of the noise to come face to face with Mizuki.

"Naruto mind if I have a word with you?"

"What do you need?" Naruto replied with boredom.

"Listen I know you have what it takes to be a gennin. It's too late to perform the standard gennin exam, but I know of a secret exam that will allow you to graduate." Mizuki said in a hushed voice.

"So what?" Naruto deadpanned.

"Well don't you want to become a gennin? You'll get to go on a lot of adventures and help to defend the village!" Mizuki explained with enthusiasm.

Naruto was about to decline the offer till he considered the offer. 'It sounds like I'll have some good opportunities of death if I choose to become a gennin…'

"What do I have to do?" Naruto asked.

-Outside the village walls, 21:18-

In a forest clearing near the village walls a rare sight could be seen. A lone boy was sitting down, his form hunched over as he read from a large scroll. The strangest sight about this all however was the shadow of a smile that graced the young boy's lips. 'These jutsu, require incredibly high prices in order for the caster to perform them. Maybe one of these jutsu will be enough to kill me!' The boy thought with glee. It was a wondrous day for him. Even if none of these jutsu could kill him it opened a whole new realm of possibility for the boy. Death by jutsu!

-30 minutes later-

Iruka jumped through the trees looking for his student. The forbidden scroll was stolen by Naruto, and if anyone but Iruka found the boy he feared what they would do to him. Finally sensing the boy's chakra he picked up his pace till he found Naruto in a forest clearing, sitting down and looking as if he was waiting to be found. When he jumped down from the trees Naruto caught sight of him and greeted him.

"Hey Iruka!" Naruto said with a small, yet surprising, amount of cheer.

"Naruto do you have any idea of what you've done?" Iruka yelled.

"Of course I do, Mizuki told me all about it."

"Mizuki? What did he tell you?" Iruka asked confused.

"He said that if I take the forbidden scroll and learn a jutsu from it that I'm allowed to graduate." Naruto said as he stood up and walked to his sensei.

Iruka's eyes widened at Naruto's answer. "Naruto have you learned any jutsu from the scroll?" Iruka asked worry seeping into his voice.

"Of course I have." Naruto answered as he began securing the scroll to his back.

"Can you show me?" Iruka muttered. Before Naruto could answer a voice interrupted them.

"There you are!" Naruto and Iruka turned to the newcomer. "Took me a while to find you. It's just a little unfortunate that Iruka found you before I could. But it makes no difference." Mizuki said with a crazed grin as he drew out a giant shuriken.

"So it was you after all, Mizuki!" Iruka said, drawing a kunai and getting into a stance.

"This doesn't concern you Iruka." Mizuki said before turning to Naruto. "Hand over the scroll demon brat!"

Naruto looked between Iruka and Mizuki and although he didn't have the best social skills he knew something wasn't right here. "Or else what?" Naruto responded in a monotone voice.

"Or else I'll kill you!" Mizuki gleefully screamed.

Naruto grinned in response. "Alright then, kill me!" Naruto said with uncontained happiness, causing Iruka to be shocked by the blondes response.

"Die!" Mizuki screamed as he threw the giant shuriken. With a sickening thud it found its way to Naruto's chest. But instead of falling over dead, Naruto just frowned and pulled the shuriken out, steam quickly coming off the wound as it began to close up.

"You're going to have to do better than that sensei." Naruto said looking disappointed.

Mizuki, whose face was in disbelief, became enraged at the blonde's words. "Take this then you demon brat!" Mizuki jumped down and began to stab and slash at Naruto in a fury before stopping due to a hail of shuriken and kunai being thrown at him by a now recovered Iruka.

"Get away from him you monster." Iruka angrily yelled.

"You're too late Iruka, the demon is dead!" Mizuki retorted. But before Iruka could respond a voice cut through the conversation.

"I wish." Naruto's bored voice said. "You're a real disappointment sensei."

Mizuki and Iruka were shocked speechless at Naruto's perfect condition. "I can't let someone like you off scot free." Naruto said as he formed a hand sign. "Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto whispered as 50 clones appeared around the forest. Mizuki didn't stand a chance.

-Training ground 19, September 24, 06:23 a.m-

Naruto awoke in the middle of a crater. His clothes were in tatters and blood was splashed throughout the small crater. Standing up he used what little motivation he had to walk to his journal which was a safe distance away from whatever had caused the crater. Opening to his last marked page he began to write down his latest failure.

"Suicide attempt #640: Exploding tags. Attempt was one of the most painful so far. A pain severity rating of 9. Attempt left me unconscious. Feeling of death was at 6. Blood loss was severe. Blood rating was at 8. Healing occurred throughout the night. Healing rating was at 3. Conclusion: One of my better attempts so far. I might be on to something here. Alternatives: More explosive tags, preexisting wounds, sequence explosions, direct contact, swallowing an exploding tag. Explore possibilities at a later date.

-Naruto Uzumaki, September 24, Approximately 06:00 a.m."

Looking at the state of his clothes Naruto decided to go home and change clothes before the team assignments.

-5 hour later, roof of the Konoha Ninja Academy-

"Ok… Let's begin with some introductions." Kakashi said.

"What do you want to know?" Sakura asked.

"How about…Your likes, dislikes…Dreams for the future, hobbies, stuff like that."

"Why don't you introduce yourself to us first?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah. You look…suspicious." Sakura said.

"Oh…Me?" He asked. "My name is Hatake Kakashi. I have no desire to tell you guys about my likes and dislikes…Dreams for the future? Hmm well I have lots of hobbies…" He finished, leaving everyone with a sweat drop.

Sakura turned to her team. "All he told us was his name." She said.

"Now it's your turn, from the right." Sakura looked at the seating arrangement to see herself first, Sasuke second, and Naruto last.

"I'm Haruno Sakura, the thing I like is…Well…the person I like is…" Sakura looked at Sasuke and giggled. "My dream for the future is..." Again she looked at Sasuke and giggled. "The thing I dislike…is Ino-pig. My hobby is…" She blushed and giggled once more. Sakura looked to her team and saw a bunch of sweat drops. 'What's up with them?'

"Next." Kakashi says.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are tons of things I dislike, but I'm not in the mood to rant about them. I don't really like anything either. And… I don't want to use the word 'dream' but… I have an ambition. The resurrection of my clan and I also want to kill a certain man."

'How does one get added to that list?' Naruto thought with interest.

"That was interesting." Kakashi said. He then pointed at Naruto. "Ok, your turn."

Sakura considered her last team member. Naruto Uzumaki was for all intents and purposes a dead last loser. To her understanding he had not even passed the gennin exam. And yet there he was, about to take his turn in introducing himself to the team. She didn't know if she was more happy that Sasuke was on her team or upset that Naruto was on her team as well. 'Che, not even he can ruin this for me! I'll win Sasuke-kun's heart now for sure.' She thought in a state of blissfulness.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I don't really like or dislike anything. All I want is to find an opponent strong enough to end it." Naruto said in a dull voice. No one could hide their surprise at the strange answer. Kakashi being the first to collect his bearings cleared his throat. "Err, well right, anyway meet me tomorrow at training ground 7 at 6:30 for your final exam, and don't eat anything or else you'll puke." With that Kakashi poofed away before they could ask him what he meant by "final exam."

"What a freak!" Sakura exclaimed. Her two teammates simply nodded their heads in agreement.

-Author's note—

Well that was chapter one. I want to first start off by saying that I got the idea for this story from tokehgecko and his amazing story "Melancholy's smile." It's been on hiatus for years but trust me it's worth the read. Check it out when you have the chance. I know I have some stories I haven't updated in forever, but I was reading them a couple weeks ago and I felt quite embarrassed by them. They both need some major overhaul in the rewrite department. I'll try to take care of it in the coming weeks. For now I'll be working on this story for a while. I will warn you that there might be some flashbacks of Naruto being attacked by villagers, and while I don't like when writers do that, it definitely helps to strengthen the plot in this story. Well please review.