In a room, in a castle, in a eight year old slept soundlessly. It was a platinum blonde girl, cuddling her pillow in her sleep. She had peaceful dreams of ice floating about in her head, and sighed in utter happiness thanks to these dreams...

Dreams that were interrupted by someone pouncing on her.

She groaned and opened one eye to glare at her little redhead sister. The younger girl merely smiled back at her sibling.

"Elsa! Wake up!" The girl squealed.

"Anna, I'm too tireeed..." Elsa buried her face in the pillow. "Go back to beeeed."

The toddler exasperatedly flopped on her sister, holding a hand to her head. "But I Caaan't! The SKY is awake, so I'M awake!"

Elsa shut her eyes, trying to ignore the sun rising and her little sister. Anna reached down and opened an eyelid, smiling widely at her sister. At this point, Elsa gave up on sleeping and smiled back at Anna, who sung:

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"