Warning: This chapter is violent. Skim the violent areas and skip to the next paragraph for plot if you do not wish to read them. This warning will only appear in applicable chapters.

Velvet Scarlatina was happy.

She hadn't been this happy in quite a while. As a rabbit faunus, she was picked on and bullied when the teachers weren't looking, and even then a lot of her bullies weren't even punished for the outright racist remarks they made about her physical features or her being a dumb animal. So when a particularly nasty instigator was caught red-handed while pulling on her ears, Velvet's heart nearly soared with joy as the teacher hauled the student off for detention. Maybe no difference would be made in the long run, but for now, Velvet's immediate problems were solved.

Her rabbit ears twitching with excitement, she bounded down the hall on strong legs as she raced to go tell her friend the news. Velvet was by no means a weakling, considering her acceptance into Beacon and her beast heritage, but as one of the ambassadors for the Rabbit faunus she had to look harmless and sweet. She also knew that was only part of the reason for her meekness: she just wasn't very confrontational and was actually very kind and passive by nature.

That didn't stop her, however, from kicking out fiercely as something slammed into her side and knocked the air out of her lungs. Her knees buckled and she collapsed to the ground as she clutched her stomach, wheezing and trying to draw a breath. Another blow rained down from above, and she managed to glimpse a flash of color before the object brutally slammed into the side of her face, wrenching her neck to the side and shattering her jaw.

Nearly unconscious and unable to move her head, Velvet could only stare at the floor passing by her as her assailant dragged her down a small corridor and into an unmarked room. There, Velvet was unceremoniously dumped onto the ground and had her wrists tied and eyes blindfolded.

A sudden line of burning pain ran down her chest as something sharp sliced down her uniform and into her skin. Her layers of clothing were peeled off as her attacker leaned in and began kissing and licking the hollow at Velvet's throat. A decidedly feminine body pressed down against her body as the assailant's hands began touching and roaming. Velvet, injured as she was, could only whimper and then scream as another slice came down, cutting a line diagonally across her stomach.

More stabs and slicing came as her forced lover leaned down in between each injury to kiss each cut on her belly and then stimulate her entrance. Small hands, lubricated with blood, circled the nubs of Velvet's breasts. The assailant's body pressed against her body, gyrating her skin against Velvet's skin.

Without warning, Velvet felt her throat being torn open as small teeth savaged her skin and ripped into her veins.

The rabbit girl thrashed and mewed, each sound growing weaker as each cut grew deeper and more frantic. A growing crimson pool spread out around her and smeared her limbs. Even as her vision and mind faded, she heard a moan of ecstasy and pleasure as her assaulter spasmed and released, adding to the growing puddle of fluid surrounding them...