Title: TH Gathering

Chapter 1: Arrival

Spoiler Alert: The Hobbit (books, maps and movies)

Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations, AU

Pairing: Bilbo/Thranduil, Bilbo/Thorin

Summary: Ship: Bilbo is oblivious to the fact that Thorin and Thranduil are fighting over him at a gathering even though he is sitting right there. Bilbo/Thorin and Bilbo/Thranduil.

Thranduil still could not understand why Galadriel insisted he attend a gathering to welcome Thorin's people back to their mountain. Thorin's mere mention was torment enough let alone having to spend a few days looking at the bastard and his people. They are crude, hairy, unrefined and a general nuisance.

Thranduil wished he was alone in his mountain drinking himself into a lonely oblivion and dreaming of credible reasons why he would have to travel past the Shire.

Thorin bowed to the Lord and Lady wondering if Bilbo was going to make it to the gathering. It had been eight months since he saw his friend, and it had been bothering him how tense it was when they last spoke. He had threatened his life then forgave him, but Bilbo never smiled at him after the dreadful incident.

Thorin remembered his reluctance in letting Bilbo join their group to begin with. He had resisted because he felt drawn to him. It was something that he had not felt for another for years. At the time, he thought he didn't need that kind of distraction while he worked to reclaim his rightful home.

He had been impressed by Bilbo that first day because he could cook quite well and knew how to keep a clean house. And after they were on their trip, he kept coming up useful in different situations.

By the time he claimed his throne, Thorin was completely mad in love with Bilbo only to feel betrayed when it appeared he was an agent of Thranduil. The betrayal was of the acutest kind and he knew he became filled with rage.

Here and now, he was just thankful he had not killed Bilbo. He just didn't understand that Bilbo was trying to help all of them. Bilbo was being selfless. It took courage to defy a King and friend.

Thorin looked around the gathering seeing a mingling of groups of Elves, Dwarves, Wizards and Humans, but no Hobbits. Where was he? Was he going to show up? Did he have any problems on the road?

"Bilbo!" Thranduil launched himself in the direction of the short Hobbit. "How are things going? I did not hope to see you here. Did you get the mushrooms I sent you a few months back?"

Thorin stopped listening to what Galadriel was saying and turned walking toward Thranduil and Bilbo.

"Yes. Thank you. They transplanted quite well. I appreciated it, but you didn't have too." Bilbo put his hands in his pockets and rocked on the balls of his feet then back down thinking he was less than half as tall as the Elvenking.

He was thankful the King turned and sat on a bench because his height always made him uncomfortable and hurt his neck to talk to him.

"And yes, I had too. I've never met a more noble or selfless man. You deserve to have things that you want. You mentioned the mushrooms and have them now, but what else do you desire?" Thranduil wanted Bilbo to suggest a night in his bed.

Thranduil had grown quite fond of the Hobbit during all of the events that had happened. For the last month, he had been thinking of him as he sat alone on his throne drinking. He chided himself once for wishing that Bilbo had been born an elf. He didn't care about the height difference, but wished that he was an elf so that he could keep him closer because as it was, there was a mountain range between them.

Thranduil had decided no that he did not want anything about him to change. He concluded Bilbo was adorable, independent and he wanted to play with his hair. To him, it made him unique because most of the men he was around had very long straight hair, but Bilbo had an abundance of short soft brown waves. Bilbo was a rarity in his realm and that made him a luxury to be possessed on top of Thranduil feeling curious.

Thranduil had never met a being that did not prize gold or power. If one acted humble or turned down riches, it was part of a plan to get even more power and wealth. He found Bilbo to be the opposite of everything he believed himself to be, so it drew him to the Hobbit because he didn't understand him.

Bilbo thought over different ingredients that he had seen in Mirkwood. "I wouldn't mind having some of those pink potatoes. I don't know what there're called, but they were delicious."

"Then I shall have some sent to your home straight away. They will be planted and waiting for you upon your return. And, I do believe I saw some earlier being placed on one of the tables. I will go and bring you a plate of them. Anything else?" Thranduil raised an eyebrow while leaning forward bringing their faces closer together. His blue eyes flicked down to Bilbo's lips then back up to his lovely kind eyes.

Bilbo thought it was bizarre that a King was going to fetch him food. "I can go find it for myself. You don't need to bother."

"Nonsense." Thranduil strode away on a personal mission to make Bilbo happy. He thought it was strange himself, but he just didn't trust any of the servants to select the best for Bilbo. It had been thousands of years since he cared about anyone else's happiness but his own and he decided to try to please Bilbo in the way he would want to be. Everything had to be perfect. When he filled the plate, he added a few other things as one of his men told him that Gandalf said that Hobbits loved to eat.

Thorin stopped walking toward Bilbo and watched Thranduil move away quickly. He was glad the annoyance was leaving. Bilbo didn't have a drink, so Throin grabbed two off of a small table and kept walking.

Thorin wondered if Bilbo had offended him in some way. He determined he was going to stay close to Bilbo in case the pompous ass returned to harm him. Thorin had always wondered what Thranduil had said to Bilbo to have him trust him with the stone. He never asked and knew he never would. He didn't want there to be anymore focus on Thranduil then there had to be. That golden prissy girly elf. What kind of a King wears berries and leaves in their hair like a woman?

"Bilbo. It's good to see you my friend." Thorin smiled noticing that Bilbo didn't back up this time. He decided that was a good start and held out the drink.

"Hello. Yes, it's good to see you as well." Bilbo took the drink and watched Thorin's grin hoping it stayed in place.

When Thorin's hand rested on the pommel of his sword, Bilbo swallowed hard and remembered the flat of the blade being pressed to his chest. He had truly believed that because of his deeds that Thorin had valued him as one of his men, but the Smaug incident had proven him wrong. Now, Bilbo was not sure what King Thorin thought of him, but he believed he had lost his trust. Then I almost lost my life.

Bilbo remembered thinking that Thorin was being ridiculous by not helping the people who killed Smaug and irrational in his dislike of Elves. He thought his actions would bring an end to everything so he could go home and rest. It was what he wanted and what he got. After he arrived in the Shire, he spent weeks doing all of his favorite things and eating all of his favorite foods. But over time, he felt restless and missed his comrades in arms. It was something he never thought possible.

When Galadriel invited him to the gathering, he was ecstatic to see everyone again. But now that he was here amongst all of them, he felt the tension between the different groups. Their petty bickering that almost cost all of them their lives was something that he had not remembered for whatever reason.

He wasn't going to add too much of his personal feelings about it in his book he concluded, and he wanted to slip off to his room they gave to him for his stay and write more down.

Thorin had now determined that Bilbo wasn't going to say anything more, so he spoke. "Did your travel home then back again well?"

Bilbo nodded liking the words 'then back again'. He started playing with the words in his mind thinking he might want to write that down for his story he was writing. Yes, he really liked it.

Thorin saw a light of happiness flash in Bilbo's eyes as he peered over Thorin's shoulder. He turned to see what was causing the reaction.

Thranduil glided over. "Thorin."

"Blondie." Throin felt his temper rise believing that Bilbo had perked up because the Elvenking drew near.

Thranduil tried not to explode with anger and held out a plate to Bilbo. He wished Thorin would leave…all of Middle Earth if possible. He had heard that Thorin had threatened Bilbo and it had sent him into a screaming fit more than once over the last few months.

I should have never let Bilbo go back to that unwashed dog. He could have harmed him and it would have been my fault. "I added a few other things that you might want to try. Is there anything I missed that you would like to try?" Thranduil felt distracted by the dark hairy dog that was hovering like he was going to bite, and he thought it might distract Bilbo from noticing his innuendo.

Bilbo grinned looking at the large plate of food and took it from Thranduil. "Thank you. It's heavy. I may need to sit somewhere to eat this."

Thranduil offered. "My rooms have a sturdy table with a lovely view of Galadriel's garden."

Thorin drew in a deep breath about to start cursing knowing now that Thranduil was hunting Bilbo, and thought it was probably because the Elf's spies told him that Thorin wanted him.

Bilbo noticed Thorin's anger and quickly intervened not wanting their bickering to spoil Galadriel's party. "I'm fine right here. Thank you all the same Elvenking."

"You may call me Thranduil." He sat down taking Bilbo's plate till the Hobbit got situated on the bench next to him then handed it back. Thranduil glanced at the drink that Bilbo sat on the other side of him and realized he didn't even feel like drinking. It was a first for him.

Bilbo felt nervous because Elvenking Thranduil was slightly leaning over him staring, and King Thorin was only a couple of feet away glaring. Bilbo noted that Thorin's smile did not come back. He sat glancing from the two larger men then down at his plate and off to the side where his drink sat.

"I'm ok now. Thank you. I know you both have important things to do. I'll just sit here and eat. Thank you again." Bilbo nodded at both of them feeling self conscious as others were now watching the display. He moved the food around on his plate and seeing that they were not going to leave, he started eating.

Thranduil leaned to the side and watched each piece of food that Bilbo bit into as if the Hobbit were slowly pleasuring him.

Thorin grit his teeth picturing all the ways he could kill the Elvenking. When he thought of strangling Thranduil, his hands clenched and he found himself gripping the handle of his sword lifting it. He slid it back down before anyone noticed.

Thranduil noticed and started flicking his eyes to Thorin wondering if he was going to try to kill the Hobbit again. "Is there some reason why you are standing there?"

Thorin growled reinforcing Thranduil's thoughts that he was a rabid dog. Thranduil watched Thorin's eyes dart at Bilbo's plate. "Surely you are not going to eat off of his plate or lick it once he is done. There are refreshments over that way. Perhaps you should go find your own."

Thorin looked at the plate again hating that Thranduil had given it to Bilbo and he wanted to take it from him and smash it into thousand's of pieces. He didn't want Thranduil giving Bilbo anything. "I have found my own. Maybe it is you who should go find your own. Oh look over there. Lots of them over there." Thorin waved his hand at a group of tall Elves.

Thranduil understood now that Thorin believed he had some kind of claim on Bilbo because of the contract Bilbo signed. Thranduil wanted to have a look at it to see exactly what Bilbo was obliged to do and when the contract would end.

Bilbo had potatoes in his mouth, but tried to talk anyway. "There's enough to go around." He glanced over at several tables where food was abundant. It was something he came to like about the Elves. They seemed to want to feed everyone. He pondered living with the Elves would be a great place to retire later on in life.

Thorin spat out waving a hand. "I don't share, and it's not like there really is a lot to go around. It's a small dish. Find something closer to your size."

Thranduil stood up fighting himself not to pull out his sword. "I have never shared and a small dish is just fine with me. I like variety."

Bilbo swallowed his potatoes. "Seriously, there are small plates and large plates. Bowls even and lots of food."

Both Kings started yelling in unison.

Bilbo flustered. "I'm sorry. I can't handle this for some reason. Ever since the actual battle, I haven't been able to... I'm…If both of you will excuse me, I'm…I need to lay down." Bilbo bowed his head to each of them, stood up and put his plate down where he was sitting. He didn't care that they became silent and had listened to his stammering. He felt frustrated and embarrassed at the same time and wouldn't look up at them.

Both men watched as Bilbo walked past the foot tables and took a platter of potatoes and disappeared up a flight of steps.

Thorin stepped forward wanting to chop the Elf's legs out from under him. "Now see what you did? You're sick suggestions and practically wrapping yourself around him frightened him off."

Thranduil flung his hair back out of his face. "If anyone frightened him, it was you with all your rabid barking and petting on your sword. Do not think for one tiny instant that your actions of threatening his life went unnoticed by me. And now here you are stomping around growling at him. No wonder he left!"

Galadriel excused herself from Celeborn and moved toward the area of interest.

She paused next to Elrond. "What is happening now?" She glanced at both Kings who were yelling at the top of their lungs. She saw several beings sitting watching them like it were some kind of play.

Elrond took an exaggerated breath and folded his arms while his eyebrow made an attempt to find his hairline. "It appears that the Elf and Dwarf Kings have found something else to fight about."

Galadriel squinted. "They have fought and compromised on just about everything imaginable since they started ruling next to each other. I thought this gathering would finally put all that to rest since I thought they had run out of things to fight over."

Elrond found the use of the words 'fight over' amusing and glanced at both men. "They were practically fighting over what both of them want. There will be no compromise this time. If he makes a choice, I fear we will have open war."

"That is what both of them said over the last hundred arguments, but in the end they conceded. What could be so complicated and so much more important than the other things they have fought over?" Galadriel was trying to lightly touch their minds to find the information for herself.

"I am going to go get a bottle of the strong Elf wine." Elrond shook his head.

Galadriel finally understood what was happening. "Bring two."

Elrond nodded.

Galadriel softly spoke to Bilbo's mind knowing he had made it to his room. "Bilbo. You are in danger. Lock your door and tread lightly with the Kings. I will try to calm them."

Bilbo peered around his room. He spoke back in thought once he knew it was Galadriel using her mind. "I'm trying to, but they can't even share."

Galadriel shook her head. "They are not going to share. Make your choice wisely and choose no one if you can."

Bilbo sat listing to see if she would say more. When she didn't, he spoke out loud to his empty room. "They act like a bunch of children. There was more than enough food for everyone. They don't have to eat out of the same plate, so what is the problem? Why do I have to choose who eats? They can both eat. Why were they standing around me? It's just ridiculous."

Bilbo finished eating the entire platter, washed up and slipped into bed feeling exhausted. "They've all been smoking pipe weed and eating those multicolored mushrooms."

A/N: I like the idea of them fighting over him and Bilbo being oblivious to what is happening. Heheheee What do you think? *off to go work on my other Thranduil fic*