Title: TH Gathering

Chapter 8: Inevitable

Rating: M

Spoiler Alert: The Hobbit (books, maps and movies)

Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations, AU, Angst

Pairing: Thorin/Thranduil, Thorin/Bilbo

Summary: Ship: Bilbo is oblivious to the fact that Thorin and Thranduil are fighting over him at a gathering even though he is sitting right there.

AN: Alright, here is Thorin/Bilbo angst that is a transition back to Thorin/Thrandy in the next chapter. I should have probably eaten something before writing his, but food just had to wait till I got this down.

Bilbo spent the following week enjoying his surprise. He even fell into a routine concerning it. This morning was almost the same as the one before. He woke early in the morning and left a sleeping Thorin to practically skip down the halls.

Bilbo approached a wooden door that was labeled "Enter without permission and your life is forfeit." He shook his head at the absurdity and threw it open. "Good morning Beatrice."

"Morning to you as well." A bulky Dwarven woman with long gray braids waved Bilbo over. "I went ahead and started your breakfast. Silber is in the next corridor planting the new shipment of herbs that arrived this morning. The sun reflectors have that room bright like warm summer's day."

"Splendid. Oh my, is that peppered bacon and sausage?" Bilbo strode into a massive kitchen and leaned over two pans. He inhaled the aroma feeling as if he were home again.

"The spinach pie is done if you want to take it out of the oven."

Bilbo practically bounced as he acquired said item and cut slices. "Didn't you say this has eggs, bacon, garlic, cheese and spinach? But I smell something almost citrus."

"It's the lemon pepper." Beatrice handed him two plates that were already stacked with meat.

"Tomorrow, can you show me how to make this? The flaky crust is just so wonderful."

"Sure, oh and Silber said this package was delivered and was somehow placed in the gardening supplies that arrived. It says it is for Thorin, and I told him you would be here to fetch breakfast soon. Here I'll get him to carry it for you."

"Thank you Beatrice. I don't know what I would do without you."

Beatrice chuckled as she went to an interior door. "Well, you wouldn't starve. Not in this place." She waved a hand in the direction of a storage room the size of Bag End. "Besides you can cook as well as me Master Bilbo."

Bilbo yelled after her as she disappeared. "Please it's just Bilbo."

He couldn't help but munch on a few pieces of bacon she just took out of the pan…a few times…till it was all gone.

He wiped his hands off then inspected the large wooden box that Beatrice mentioned. "Another present?"

He couldn't help walking closer. He lifted the intricately decorated lid that had jewels inset into it. The gems sparkled and flickered as if they had internal lights. "It's like a small treasure chest."

Bilbo unfolded layers of soft white paper to reveal a braded cord of silverish gold. "Mithril?"

He lifted the cord seeing at one end there was a loop. "What?" He pulled it the rest of the way out and inspected the other end. It was a strip of what he believed was leather collar complete with diamonds and Mithril insets. He turned it over wondering why there appeared to raised studs of Mithril on the inside. He ran his finger over one knowing it was not sharp, but he just stared in confusion.

Bilbo noticed for the first time that there was a card inside the bottom of the box. He lifted it and seeing how lovely the flowing scrolled words appeared. His face brightened up at the belief that Thorin was going to let him pick out a puppy from the litter they saw the day before.

He read it out loud. "Thorin, Per our discussion. Wear it when you come to me. Remember, no one will ever be to you what I am. Thranduil."

"Wear it?" Bilbo opened the collar and held it to his neck feeling the coldness of the Mithril that pressed against his skin in various places. "Per our discussion?" Bilbo pictured it on Thorin's neck and a very naked Thranduil pulling on the lead.

Bilbo threw it back into the box and slammed the lid shut. His hands trembled, and he tried not to picture the incident he had walked in on. He fought not to see the primal hunger on Thorin's handsome face and the Elvenking's parted lips gasping in ecstasy.

Bilbo stood at the sink washing his hands for over five minutes when Beatrice returned. "He will be a few minutes then he can help carry everything."

Bilbo dried his hands and picked up the box. "Breakfast will have to wait, so I don't need the help for now thank you. Something's come up." Bilbo paused and thought of Thorin hard as a rock and climbing into bed with Thranduil.

He shook his head and left the food sitting. His stomach was in knots as his illusion about his new happy home ripped apart within the ruin of his heart.

Thorin woke to find Bilbo sitting at their table wearing the outfit he had on when he arrived at his mountain. The sentiment warmed Thorin's heart. "What no breakfast this morning?" He leaned down for a kiss, but Bilbo turned his head to the side.

Thorin stood back up and starred at him knowing he smelled of bacon. "You ate without me?" He paused and did not get a reply. "Alright. What did I do wrong this time?"

Bilbo folded his arms and pressed his lips together.

Thorin sat down next to him, propped an elbow on the table and rested his head on his hand.

Bilbo hated that Thorin appeared to be the picture of patience and calm while a storm swirled within Bilbo that was reigning havoc on his nerves. "It's what you are going to do." Bilbo forced himself not to look at the box on the table that he covered with a towel.

"What I'm going to do?" Thorin sat up straight.

No reply.

"When you ask me to do something don't I do it?" Thorin folded his arms knowing that Bilbo was the only one that made him want to do as he wished. "You tell me to leave or sit or not to do something and I comply."

Still no reaction.

Thorin thought about how weak that would appear to his men, and he shook his head knowing that Bilbo was his first priority even before his own kingdom. He unfolded his arms and rested his hands on this thighs telling himself to calm down before it upset Bilbo further. "Alright. What is it?"

Thorin waited for a few minutes as Bilbo opened his mouth and closed it a few times.

Thorin thought about the situation. Bilbo had been making their breakfasts for the last week with Beatrice's help. He had been waking up to new creations each day. He smelled of food but didn't bring any plates. "Did someone get into your kitchen and store room? Did they eat everything and leave a mess?" He stood up and paced. "I warned them to leave the chamber be. Didn't I put up a sign after that first night when half the stores were gone? I warned them. So you are worried I'm going to kill someone over food is that it?"

Bilbo shook his head. "It's not about food. I don't even want to hear about food right now. And, I wish I didn't eat that bacon. I feel sick and twisted up inside."

Thorin leaned toward Bilbo knowing it must be very serious. "Was it poisoned? Do you need a healer?"

"No don't touch me." Bilbo moved back from him as debris from the internal storm buffeted his heart. He thought what they had was special, and not the cold reality of his unimportance that had been shoved in his face. "I'm not poisoned."

"What's wrong? What's happened?" Thorin hovered.

"I should have known. You've been growling the last couple of days. Short tempered. Restless." Bilbo rubbed his hands on his thighs. "I thought it was just going to be us. I thought I was enough. Apparently, I'm wrong. This was inevitable."

"I don't understand." Thorin scrutinized his face.

Bilbo reached out and pulled back the towel. "There. That explains everything."

"A box? How does a box explained what you just said?"

Bilbo stood up on shaky legs and leveled teary eyes at Thorin. "Goodbye."

Bilbo strode for the door.

Thorin grabbed his arm turning him. "Wait."

"Don't touch me. I said don't touch me. I can't bear it."

Thorin let go in total shock.

Bilbo walked half way to the door then turned mostly back to Thorin. "This is all just too much. I thought I could handle it, but I was wrong. I'm just a simple Hobbit." He folded his hands then waved them out to his sides. "I love you. No, stay where you are. I just wanted to say you have meant more to me than any man I have ever know, and I want to thank you for being so delicate with me. I know you need more, so I'm releasing you. Don't follow me. I couldn't take it if you follow me. It will hurt me more if you do."

"Bilbo." Thorin kept shifting his stance to stop himself from going to him. He glanced at the elaborately decorated box then back. "Does this have to do with my gold sickness? I don't know what this box is. It's not mine."

"It is now." Bilbo strode out wiping tears from his eyes. He had already arranged for a Great Eagle to fetch him back to Lothlórien where Lady Galadriel would use her magic to teleport him with Elrond back to Rivendell. Elrond had assured him if he returned to Rivendell that he would be welcome for as long as he wanted to stay and Elrond offered to send an escort to take him along the East-West Road to Bree whenever he wished.

Thorin stood staring at the door for a time as all conscious thought left him. As happiness left him. He knew he couldn't follow Bilbo or try to stop him because it would only make things worse.

He turned to the box wanting to smash it to pieces. Instead, he opened it; he needed to understand what evil it contained that drove Bilbo from him.

Thorin picked up the card and read it then lifted the Mithril cord inspecting it. Understanding flooded Thorin. A collar and leash. Thranduil.

A red haze dripped into his vision as if it were blood splattered on him from a battle field. "You're going to pay."

A/N: Now I wonder what Throin will do to Thrandy because he caused his little Hobbit friend to run away? Nothing good. *insert evil laugh* Feel free to offer suggestions of what you would want to see, and you may find some of it in the next Thorin/Thrandy chapter.