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Peeta Mellark's journal- May 3, 1897

My father has told me to travel to western Germany for a foreigner that plans to buy land in London. He told me that he trusts me with this task because I know how to charm someone into continuing the deal they've made in the first place. I will be gone for two weeks if only I had to travel a week later after I wed Katniss. I am surprised that we were able to make this relationship work as well as it did. She will be in my mind the whole time I am there. Me and Katniss hardly ever spent nothing but a very days without each other. I know Katniss will be able to handle it but the question I am asking myself is will I be able to handle myself.


"Katniss, I will be back before you know it and as soon as I come back to you we will wed and I will show you just how much I really love you." I told Katniss as I placed my hands on her shoulders smiling down to her. Her Black hair was done in a simple bun that showed her silver-blue eyes that I fell in love with…well next to her singing voice of course. Every time she even hums the birds listen to her. She just gave me a small smile as she held my hands with hers.

"I will be fine Peeta. It will only be a few weeks. I will have the company of Madge while you are away." she told me as her eyes looked towards mine. "Besides, I know you won't run off with some German women. You love me too much to do that." I then bent down to kiss her lips but she turned her face and I ended up just kissing her cheek. "Not when people can see us. You know how I am like with Public Displays of Affection Peeta." she bit her lip looking towards Madge talking with mutual friends of us both.

"I understand Katniss. I will write a letter to you telling you about my journey." I told her giving her a hug and forehead a kiss. "I love you." I whispered to her with my eyes closed.

"I love you too." she whispered back before I let her go, leaving for my carriage to take me to the docs and to the main land of Europe. The ride was lonely because I was sent on this trip alone. I let out a sigh, closing my eyes tightly and pinched the bridge of my nose. 'Why must Katniss be difficult every time I wish to show other people my love for her. Ever since that Foreign client contacted my father's company she acts as if she is be unfaithful to someone. I know she is not seeing someone else because her sister Primrose would've told me without her knowing.

As much as Katniss and I love her so much she can be slightly over bearing. She is 12, almost 13 but she consist on acting like a child. She is a very sweet girl but too trusting. I hope that does not harm her in the future because I do not want to see Katniss hurt and if anything bad happens to her little sister Primrose that would break her heart more then anything. I opened up the small picture frame with a picture of Katniss in it. "At least I will be able to remember how you look." I told myself as I looked to the picture of Katniss with her curly black hair down.

Peeta Mellark's Journal- May 5, 1887

I am a broad the train that will take me to my location. I wish now that I took the time to learnGerman instead of French. I hardly understand any thing and I am starting to get annoyed how I need to have someone translate for me. I do not have to worry about my client because I received a letter from him in perfect English. I am t at least be a fourth of the way there. Since his domain is in the mountains I will have to ride the rest of the way by carriage.

But there will be no problem with that. I am here for business not for a holiday and I will give up some luxuries. My father has trust in me to have this deal sealed permanently and will I do it no matter the cost. I am becoming home sick though. I try to calm my aching heart for Katniss by looking at her picture. It helps but only a small amount. My heart still hurts every time I think about her. I wonder how she is doing with Madge as her company. Does she miss me as I do her?

I sat a broad the train with a letter in my hand. It has a royal seal the color read. Was told that it was from the foreign client. TO inform me about things I may have not been told about by my father. I ran my fingers over the paper and then the seal. I removed the wax, unfolding it.

Dear, Mr. Mellark

I am Cato Teufel and I look forward to introduce myself to you face to face once you reach my home in south east Prussia. You will have to ride the rest of your trip here by carriage because of the uneven roads. One of my servants will come and pick you up at a the train station at sunset. I will like to give my apologies a head of time for how the people will act like towards you. They are not used to seeing someone from another country let alone another language.

I will see you on the 13 of May and that will be when we will get properly acquainted. I wish you the best of the rest of your travel and enjoy a change of scenery with our country side along with our churches as I was informed you've only been in the cities of England. Also, I will be ready for our contact signing and seal of the land I will be buying from you and your father's business.

From your friend,


Peeta Mellark's Journal-May May 8, 1897

I just want to go back home to London. My train ride was enjoyable. I saw mountains so amazing I wished I have my sketch book and pencil at least to capture it and enlarge it as soon as I got home. The men and women are far more religious then we are in England. But what makes them strange to me is how they work with themselves. Everything must be done neatly and orderly. They are cold are first but once you get past their coldness they are kind and respectable.

I wish to go home to Katniss. I wish she was able to come with me on this trip. So I could at least have someone I could talk to. Hardly anyone on this train speaks English and I hates having only this to talk with. But I will just get over it. But I cannot help but wonder what Katniss is doing at the moment.

Peeta Mellark's Journal- May 13,1897

After long fives day on this train I am finally able to walk around in a larger area. I am happy that I did not come here during the colder season because I felt a cool breeze and I hate the winters in England. But I'll thank god that this trip is short. The faster I get there the faster I get home to Katniss and making her my wife.

I sat outside of the train station waiting for the Carriage Cato sent for me. The sun was setting and it was starting to get colder by the second. At least I can wait in the Inn across the street until the carriage arrives. I looked both ways before crossing making sure I am not run over by any horses or that the carriage has come early. Neither being true I was in the front office in no time. "Hello and welcome to our inn. How will you like to be helped?" asked a older woman, her brown hair was down and she has a smile on her aging face.

"I am sorry but I do not know German." I told her looking down. She just let out a laugh.

" We haven't seen an English man in almost a decade. I slightly know some English. But please forgive me if it takes me time to respond." telling me without her smile leaving her face. "I told you welcome to my Inn and how may I help you." I gave her a small, knowing that I can finally just speak to someone to pass time.

"I am just waiting for my carriage… I just want civil conversation. I am Peeta Mellark by the way." I told her while sticking out my hand. She shook it still with a kind smile. I could tell that she had a ring on her finger and dark green eyes.

"Annie O'dair. I am naturally German but my husband came from Ireland. I learnt English from him but was cut short when he died." her smile dropped a little before raising it up again. "Where will you carriage be taking you?" she asked as looking out of the window.

"I am sorry for your lost Mrs. O'dair. And I will be going to where Count Teufel lives." I told her and her smile dropped as her eyes widen. She walked closer to me and drew her curtains shut.

"You must not go tonight!" She said as she grabbed onto my hands. "It is the night where all evil comes out." I looked at her strangely. How she panicked so quickly as soon as I mentioned Count Teufel. What could be so strange about him to get someone to act like that. But I have business to attend too…my father is counting on me to complete.

"I am sorry Mrs. O'dair but I can not do that. This is a very important trip that I have to go. The count even put effort to send out a carriage for me." I told her drawing my eyebrows together. I hope that she will understand that I am not being rude, but this trip holds great importance and that this will only show up once every lifetime. "Besides I have no where else to stay or I would take your advise." she shook her head very abrupt, biting her lip.

"I will offer you a room free of charge, just please do not go out tonight. You look like such a sweet man and I would never forgive myself if any harm can upon you!" exclaiming as she started to pull me towards the desk. As much as the offer sounds nice, but I will have to still reject it. Because as soon it gets done the sooner I can marry Katniss. I closed my eyes and then looked down at the middle aged woman.

"I am sorry, but I must go tonight. Thank you for showing compassion to me though, I greatly am thankful." I told her causing her to sign before taking the crucifix on her neck then placing it on mine. I raised my eyebrows to this.

"Then promise me that you will keep this on. It will protect you from troughs who will try to harm you that is not of god." She told me before placing a kiss on my cheek. "I will keep you in my prayers for both safety and grace of the holy father." she spoke to me in German again. I slightly bowed to her.

"Thank you again for your compassion for me. I will wear this cross in remainder of your kindness." I then walked out of the inn when I heard the carriage. The man that was the coachman had his face covered. "Good even." I told him, in return he gave my a slight nod before opening the door. Once I stepped inside the door was slammed. I kept the curtains closed and swallowed hard when he set off. The road was rough just as Count Teufel had wrote to me. I took out my picture of Katniss and allowed my thoughts to drift. What was Katniss doing, does she think about me, does she even miss me? Then there was howling of wolves that took me out of such thoughts. I drew open the curtains seeing a very large pack of the animals. Why were they following us? What is the reason behind this? I popped my head out of the window. "HOW LONG WITH IT BE BEFORE WE REACH THE COUNT'S HOME!?" I yelled over the wolves and wind, he didn't respond but I just brushed it off.

For what seemed to be 20 minutes I was looking at a very gothic, middle aged castle and to find the wolf pack still following us. I looked behind me to all of a sudden see blue fire out of nowhere but for some reason that drove away the pack. Maybe I should've listened to Annie O'dair and took her gracious offer. I placed my hand over the cross she gave me and breathed deeply. 'Maybe I am just seeing things.' I thought to myself as we came to a halt. I went to grab my bags but the coachman was already holding them and started to walk to the large double doors of this castle.

The castle was large and probably larger inside. I started to walk up the stone steps trailing behind the coachman but he was then gone. I am going insane like how Marvel Hinder did? He was the man that was in my position, I was given his job because he was placed in the asylum owned by one of Katniss' friends Gale Hawthorne. 'I am just tried, that is all.' I thought to myself as I slightly shook my head. When I stood at the open door way I saw that my bags were set in front of the door way.

"Welcome Mr. Mellark to my home." There stood a old man, his hair was blonde and short but he was in good health for his old age. He wore a simple grey shirt was a pair of black slacks, he had a smile on his aged face. He walked towards me as held out his hand. "It is a pleasure to finally see you face to face. I am Count Cato Teufel." I gave his hand a slight squeeze which he returned in a stronger one almost causing me to almost go onto my knees. "Come Mr. Mellark, you must be famished let's give you something to eat before we get to business." I simply nodded my head and went to get my bags. "You will not need to do that, one of my servants will take them to your room for the night." walking a head of me with his back turned. I had no choice but to follow.

When I was sitting at a large oak table I bit into a piece of meat and along with a sip of wine. "I am sorry but I will not be dining with you tonight…I've already ate before you came. But I will give you company while you enjoy your meal." he told me sitting across from me with his legs crossed. "I take that your trip went well, yes?" he asked me while resting his chin in his hand.

"Yes it did, your land is quite lovely Count Teufel." I told him, he gave me a smile.

"Please, no need to be formal. Call me Cato." he told me, I swallowed and nodded my head. I turned and looked at the portrait hanging above the fireplace. It looked like a young version of the Count but with a Teutonic Knight uniform.

"That must be an ancestor…I can see such a resemblance between the two. Did he fight in one of the Crusades?" I asked him. HE turned his looked towards raising his brows.

"Ah. Yes, it was the third. Each generation they would fight for the Holy roman church. Sadly that did not work out." He told me before standing up, turning his back to me. "Over the years the Teufel just started to break away from the church, I guess it would happen soon because of what the Teufel name means." He told me.

"And what does it mean, because is it German?" I asked him. "Sorry for my ignorance Cato…I should've tried to learn German." I continued making sure not to offend him.

"None taken Peeta. Teufel means Devil…I still do not know how my family got the name. We all fought in some war of that time. We all fight in such petty things such as God and even greed. Life is wasted on things like that you'd not believe all of what I've seen." He told me and then swung a sword at me but just stabbed it in the table. I looked up at him with wide eyes. "Do not worry Peeta, I was just showing you what my father showed me to do, just in case a war was to happen. Now, since you are done how about we get what you came here for finished."

I did not hesitate when he said though words to me and shot up.

"Yes, let us."


When Mellark finished signing his name and after me pressing my seal into the hot wax he began to speak to me again. "And it's settled Cato, you now own the houses you wanted." he told me, causing me to smile.

"Thank you Peeta. I do need to leave Prussia every now and again…to get a different taste of another culture. I enjoy being among people and out of this cave." I told him walking behind him. "I heard from your boss that you knew how to carry on a deal and that you'd be a great replacement for Marvel." continuing as I looked at the picture of the former realtor's picture.

"I try to as reliable as I can be Cato." He told me as he stood next to me. "But I do have this one question." I looked at him. Giving him a nod to go on. "But why would you ten houses so close together?" He asked me, I gave him another smile, this boy amuses me, so trusting. I looked at the desk and noticed a picture of a woman. Could it be, how does he have a picture of my Katalin. I walked towards the desk.

"Do you believe in destiny Peeta?" I asked him as I picked up the picture of this new Katalin. I remembered just how her lips felt against mine. Even though we were to have an arrange marriage to each other purely out of politics we manage to fall in love. "They say once a man found true love nothing will ever come between his and their lovers way…sometimes even death." I told him, staring at the picture.

"You've found Katniss. I thought that I had lost her." he told me…Katniss is her name. "We are to be wedded when I come back from this trip." I felt my back stiffen and jaw clench. She is to be mine, we are designated to be together. I had my shadow move to warp it's hand around his throat. I will have to get rid of him. "Tell me Cato…were you ever married?" he asked me. I closed my eyes as I started to remember Katalin Erezes. Her black hair that fell in curls and her beautiful blue-silver eyes.

"I was…but she died." I told him as flashes of kissing her went though my mind before I left for battle. And then how I found her laying in front of the damned alter. I felt tears come into my eyes as I looked down at the picture of my new Katalin…My Katniss. "It feels like age but I can never move on from her…she was my only true love." I told him before closing the frame gently. "I want you to write three letters, telling them that you will be staying another month with me in my land. One to your firm, the second to your family, and the third to you most loved one. I will not take no for an answer." I told him as I gave him the picture of Katniss.

"Why would you want me to say here for a month Cato?" he asked, I just gave him a reassuring smile. 'To make sure Katniss becomes mine and that you die here by the time she is.' I thought to myself but kept up my friendly act.

"Don't worry. You can just enjoy a little holiday here at my house. I will collect those letter tomorrow night." I then walked out of the room, one of my servants will take him to his room. I was then standing in front of Katalin's portrait. I looked up to her as I felt my heart throb. "I can finally have you back my love. After all these years we can finally become husband and wife. But of course I'll have to have the new you fall in love with me as you did." I told myself as I looked down to my old hands. Just in a two months time I will be back to how I was when I became what I am today. But when I get her back, I will turn her into what I am and we can be husband and wife for all eternity.