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Katniss Everdeen's Diary- May 8,1897 10 o'clock in the morning

Dear diary.

It has been five days since Peeta left for his trip As much as I miss him but I can enjoy my time without him wanting to always do something together. I haven't had time to myself or to spend with Madge. I miss my little sister Prim so much though. I wonder how she is doing in Cambridge. I hope well, Peeta thinks that having time in a new city will help her find herself, but he doesn't know Prim. She can take it when someone gets a bloody cut and is able to heal them like new but when she thinks she hears something I will have to sleep with her in her bed to make sure she doesn't get hurt. I have to protect her or else I wouldn't know what to do.

But what Peeta worries about is my stay here with Madge. He tells me that as soon as he comes back I will think he is to poor to marry me from the influence of Madge. I understand why he would think so but Madge is not that for a mayors' daughter. She is surprisingly very humble, plus we have been friends since we were in secondary school and that I was close to being forced to move to White Chapel. Luckily Madge's mother was friends with mine and she allowed us to stay with her.

Madge is as old as I am at the age of 22. She is looking forward to her wedding. She has promised me that I will be her maid of honor. She has almost everything ready besides who she will marry. I will be meeting one of the three men that wish to marry her. I know who one of the three are and that is my friend Gale Hawthorne. I am grateful that he managed to get over me becoming engaged to Peeta and that him and Madge might be together. Gale has became a doctor for the human mind and owns a Asylum under his complete control. I am happy for him because he was going to be a coal miner just like our fathers. He manage to save enough money working hard as an paper boy along with being a massager boy.

Madge tells me that I act like a aging woman with how I am too serious for my own good. I know that she means well. After all Peeta and I or such opposites I am surprised that he didn't call off the engagement or better yet me. I was never one to show effects with out a reason. I do not like it when Peeta starts to hold while I am working on a document for the news paper about how the school system is improving. He still doesn't understand that I do not enjoy kissing him when ever he feels like it. I have always been like this. I never focused on boys when I was younger.

Peeta is very sweet but sometimes he lets me tell him what to do. Grated he did save my life once but he probably doesn't remember. I shouldn't complain really, Peeta is just trying to be romantic to me and he sometimes forget I am not like most women my age. I want to someone to talk with and have the conversation be dominate instead of the physical contact. That forms Lust instead of love. And a lot of people do not know is that I think True love is the strongest out of everything. It took love for me to give up some of my food for Prim so she wouldn't go to bed hungry.


When I finished with my diary I looked down to the book that set before me, I bit my lip unsure what I will be faced with. Madge's cousin Johanna moved here just a few months ago and she has all kinds of erotic literature. When I opened the book I quickly closed it when I saw the picture I turned too. I am not okay with nudity and I start to blush when I even have sex hinted in the conversation. Johanna enjoys making me feel uncomfortable. When I first met her she was nude and acting as if there was nothing wrong and that people did it every day.

I do like Johanna don't get me wrong. She has this personality no one has and that you enjoy being around her. When she's not being immodest. I Placed the book on my lap because doing some research before I end up doing this with Peeta. I know that Peeta is looking forward to it but I am unsure about it. The farthest we've been is just kissing and nothing else. "Hello Katniss. I see you're typing again. You need to take a break for you'll finger tips will turn black." Madge told me with a smile on her smile as she sat next to me.

"I have a lot of work Madge. Remember I can not just relax and do nothing all day." I tell her turning my head to look at her. Madge looked really pretty in her ivory dress. I wore my black fishtail skirt with my blue jacket and white shirt. Madge always had the nicer clothes then me but I never was the one who cared really about clothes.

"I know that Katniss. But you need a break, come on I've been playing a new piece and I want you to hear it." she told me grabbing onto my hands. Another thing Madge could do. She is amazing at the piano, it sounds like an angel is playing. While when I try to I just sound like a cat walking across the keys. Peeta says I'm a great singer but I think otherwise. A chicken making it's mating call sounds better then me.

"Not right now Madge, I still have other work to do." I told her as I looked at her.

"Yeah, like imagining how Peeta will please you once you get back Katniss." Johanna said as she leaned against the door way wearing a grey suit and her hair done in a French twist. She had her lips in a smirk. I felt my face become flushed.

"Don't talk about Peeta like that he is my finance." I told her as I bit my lip.

"Oh, did you and Peeta do something more because how you're blushing it seems as if you're hiding something from us." She continued before she walked over to us. "Do tell, is the refine gentlemen a beast in the bedroom?" Johanna joked as she nudged my shoulder with hers. I looked down at my hands.

"All we did was just kiss Johanna. Nothing more then that. I don't even like kissing when we're out where people can see us." I told both of them. "Now, excuse me I have to go to the…post office to send this to the…office." I said as I got up, forgetting that the book I saw fell open on the ground. I felt my face become hotter from embarrassment.

"So you've been holding out on us." Johanna joked as she looked at the picture. "Wishing for Peeta to do this to you?" he asked with a smile on her face. Madge started to blush at what she saw too. I don't understand how Johanna isn't even ashamed that she is looking at pornography. I probably really wasn't going to read it but now I guess I have no choice or Johanna will give me a wink every time I'm with Peeta.

"I just don't understand how two people will be able to do that." Madge said as she raised her eyebrow. I nodded in agreement, no human is as flexible as they are in this picture. But I am no better since I'm looking at it.

"I just wonder who would do things like that to each other." I said raising my eyebrow at the new picture. I grabbed onto it on turned it upside down and then right side up again.

"A lot of them do Katniss." Johanna smiled at me. "You'd think through the years of evolution we'll act more civilized but I guess when it come down to sex some of us still do the act like wild untamed beast." she said causing me and Madge to nod in agreement. "But You have to agree we have dreamt about having a tall handsome male pleasure us like that in our dreams." I gasped at what she said.

"You've never Johanna." Madge said as she looked at her. She nodded her head. "Who?" she asked Johanna her looked at her.

"I'll tell if both of you tell me." she told us causing me and Madge to look at each other. I started to chew on the inside of my cheek. Madge took a deep breathe.

"I am willing too, but are you Katniss?" she asked me. I started to think it over. I didn't know whether to agree or not to agree. No one knows about them, not even my mother. I've kept this a secret since I was 16. 'Why not Madge and Johanna will be the only ones who'll know.'

"Okay…but promise me that this does not leave the three of us. And I go last…okay." I said causing Madge to agree and Johanna to roll her eyes.

"I'll just go first then, but you'll have to guess who he is because he is someone we know." Johanna told us as her Cheshire smile returned. "He is very handsome, Tall, and has dark hair. Know who he is yet?" She asked us Madge shook her head know. I couldn't know because Johanna knows so many men with dark hair.

"Cut it down a little Johanna we know about twenty men with dark hair, what is his eye color." I told her. She scoffed before adding a vital detail .

"Fine Katniss, He has grey eyes." Johanna said to us. My mouth dropped and Madge's eyes widened.

"You picture Gale doing things like that to you." I said, Johanna looked at me.

"Don't judge me. All three of us know even more women wants a handsome doctor between their legs like Gale Hawthorne." she told us. I just shook my head to get the image of Gale and Johanna together. This will be stuck in my mind for the rest of the day. I won't be able to look at Gale in the eye tonight. "Now it's your turn Madge…come on I've told you mine now spilt with yours."

Madge looked around the room to make sure no one else was in hearing range. " He has green eyes and is slightly older then me…he is one of my three who will wed me."

"Gloss?" Johanna said raising her eyebrow to her before crossing her arms. Madge looked down as she gave us a nod.

"He is a gentle men and I would prefer him to be my first if I had my choice." she told us. "Now it's your turn Katniss." Madge told me causing me to swallow the lump that came into my throat.

"S-sure, but he's no one we know." I said as I looked outside of the window.

"Oh, so a mystery man…I am surprised I thought you'd describe Peeta. So instead of having us guess who he is you tell us what this man does to you." Johanna said as she turned my face towards her. I probably looked like a tomato because of how red I was. "Come on Katniss, it's nothing to be ashamed about. Most all women has a man that they imagine." she told me. I nodded my head as I started to remember how he looked like.

"His eyes are blue, but not like Peeta's…his are colder, an icy blue. He is tall, taller then me by a head and he has broad shoulders and very muscular." I said biting my lips every now and then before slowly my train of thought went toward him. He stood across from me with a smile on his face. I shook my head preventing me from having these thoughts move to something else.

"Go on Katniss. He must be something if you start acting like this just describing how he looks like. You must have him screw you like your one of those whores from White Chapel." Johanna said as she nudged me again. All Madge could do was nod her head. I just shook my head.

"He doesn't do that." I said as flashes of him being gentle with my legs wrapped around his waist as he calls me his queen between kisses. "He's gentle, loving. He kisses me everywhere and tells me that he is mine and whatever I want him to do he will fulfill it in any way he can. But what makes these dreams strange is that they feel so real." I continued before looking at the peacocks as some opened their tail feathers. I stood up and started to walk out of the room. "I have to go, talk with both of you later tonight. I hope that you find the one Madge. Can't wait to meet all three of them." Before either could answer I was already up the stairs. When I was in my room I pressed my back against the door and slid down it.

'Why did I agree to that?' I thought to myself as I looked down at my hands. No, why do I get more pleasure from the thought of a man who's only in my erotic dreams excites me more then my soon to be husband. Why aren't they of Peeta now instead of him…will I be able to sleep with Peeta on our wedding night? Because the more I think about it I really don't. Even when I kiss him I feel…so…dirty. Like I want to kiss someone else instead of him. I didn't even feel right when he gave me a kiss on my cheek. Maybe when he gets back I should just call off our engagement. I am only 22 years old, I have some many other things to do and I'm not ready to start a family yet.

'Or maybe because your not Peeta's.' a voice whisper in the back of my head. 'Maybe your mystery man is who you belong to. And you just allowed Peeta to court you because you felt like you owe it to him for throwing you that bread.' It said again but I closed my eyes and covered my ears. I know that is not true…I don't feel like I'm in debt to him anymore. 'But you do, you've just convinced yourself that you love him.' the voice said to me again. 'You just rushed yourself because you needed to get away from your mother. If Peeta was so kind and lovely he would've let your little sister Primrose come stay with you instead of risking your mother fazing out again.'

I bit my lip when I heard the voice speak to me. These thoughts started even before I met Peeta. But they got worse just these past few months. Maybe it's right. I was barely with Peeta for less then three months and I was engaged to him after that. And now we'll be getting married when he comes back from Germany. I hope Peeta would understand, I would still like to have him as a good friend though. Like how I am still friends with Gale and look at him, might be the one to be Madge's husband but even if he doesn't he'll still have enough women dying to be his wife.

"I should've thought before I acted." I told myself, bringing my knees to my chin. I looked down at my engagement ring, it's a very nice ring, but it's not for me. I never was a fan of jewels. Maybe a pendant every now and then but I don't like risking being raped or mugged when I go to the ghettos in London. I still visit the Hawthorns. Every time I walk towards their house, some pimp always makes an offer for me to be one of his whores. 'You don't even have to put effort into get a good amount of pay'. And that he wouldn't mind having me before my other consumers did. I just tell them that I am not interested and continued walking. And towards the ones who wouldn't give up I usually tell them 'Do I know you Sir? Because if so it would be through my husband.'

I am just nervous. I need to stop worrying so much about simple things. I stood up and took a deep breathe. 'I have a bust day today, I cannot afford to sit around moping.' I thought to myself before walking down stairs. Thankfully Johanna and Madge were longer in the room and probably went out to walk in the gardens. I wrote a quick note telling them that I will be out of town and I will not be back until late afternoon.

Katniss Everdeen's Diary- May 8, 8 o clock at night

Dear Diary,

Today was a very busy day. I had so much work to go do that I came to Madge's house until 4 in the evening. I have yet to be able to sit down because as soon as I came home I had to prepare myself for the dinner The Undersee's are throwing for Madge. I was forced into a red dress that had a too low of a cut for my standards and that I was forced to wear my hair down with a black ribbon around my neck. Along with a corset so tight that I though that I may pass out from lack of air. I never got into corsetry and I never will. I hate how I can hardly bend over to pick up something.

I also met Madge's other two. I knew which one was Gloss because he is the only one with green eyes. He was very handsome but he seemed to carry himself like he was the only important one and I could tell that Gale had to fight back the urge just to put the man in the face. Gloss was very kind towards me though but I should know how Gale gets.

The third one was an American from New York and his name was Darius. He was the same age as Gloss but he had red hair and instead of green or blue his eyes were a warm brown color. He was very flirty to because when he met me he held onto a piece of my hair and teased about me giving him a kiss. But he is prepared for rejection because I over heard him asked Madge if they could remain friends because Madge was such a sweet heart that it is rare to find anymore girls like her.

There are moments where I am envious of her. I have been told that when you first meet me I act cold and uncaring and I drive most people away from me while with Madge she can melt the heart of the oldest and cruelest men with just a smile. But then I just remind myself that I shouldn't be that way because Madge has been a good friend to me.


I stood next to Madge as we waited for Gale and the other choices come. Madge wore her hair in an elegant up-do as she wore a pale blue gown. "I am so nervous Katniss." she said looking to me. Madge never usually gets like this but it's a really important occasion.

"You'll do fine. Madge, after all you can have anyone like you in almost seconds." I told her, which is true before we even became friends she just became my friend and without saying a word. I'm never much for talk and I wouldn't utter a word to anyone after my father died. Madge warmed me up a little bit but I really don't enjoy just talking until my lips fall off my face. You'd like Peeta would be happy about that like most men would be but oh no, he tries to start very long conversations and I usually end up telling a story instead.

I enjoy talking with Peeta, after all before his father went into real estate he was a baker. Peeta one time used bread to describe the different cultures and it was very amusing but I just would prefer necessary conversation like what I would have with Gale. A time for peace and relaxing silence just enjoying each other company. I am a little more talkative if I meet a new person who persisted to know me even though I acted cold to them. Because toughs are the people I give credit for because they can see through a shell.

"Katniss." Madge nudged me causing me to turn my head towards her . "Darius is here. He's the one from America. New York to be exact, he's been around the world even though he's 23. Striking isn't he…especially with his red hair." she told me as she looked towards Darius with a small smile on her face. I followed my eyes with hers and saw him. He was tall, his hair was red but not an orange color but a deep red…almost like a rose. He flashed a smile before he walked towards me and Madge.

"Hello Madge. How are you?" he asked her as he stood in front of her, then he noticed me. "And who are you? Must be a friend of Madge because beautiful people seem to have others like them around." he told me. His eyes were a strange color like his hair, well for someone with red hair. Most of the time their eyes are blue or green but his were a amber color. He then grabbed onto a piece my hair. "Then how about you sneak me a quick peck before I am taken by Madge?" he asked still a smile on his face. I didn't know what to think.

"I believe she's fine…after all she's getting married soon." I heard Gale said as he appeared behind him. Darius shook his head before looking to Gale.

"I'm just joking with her. I forget the sense of humor Britain's have." he said rolling his eyes. "Sorry if I offended you Miss." he told me before holing out his hand. "I'm Darius Quinn, pleasure to meet a woman like you." I placed my hand on his and prepared for his greeting. He just kissed my hand. So that is one thing both of us do.

"Katniss Everdeen." I told him before he went to Madge and did the same then started a conversation. I looked to Gale , he opened his arms slightly telling me in our way 'No hug?' I hugged him and felt him hug me back. "I missed you Gale." I said as I stayed hugging Gale. And I did, with that mental hospital he has, he's been busy.

"Missed you too Catnip." he said back to me. When we broke a part he looked at me up and down. I then remembered what Johanna said about him. I hoped that my face wasn't flushed. "And to think I believed that you would wear a gown dressed up like this. You look pretty." he told me crossing his arms with his signature smile on his face. I just slight pushed him.

"Thank you Gale." I said as he let out a slight laugh.

"So how is the realtor doing, I heard he's on some business trip to another country. Which one is it. France, Spain, America?" he asked me…I know Gale still doesn't really like Peeta just puts up with him. I rolled me eyes.

"He's in eastern Germany." I told him.

"Oh, so learning French for him was just to seduce you once you two are married." he commented, I better drop the subject before a fight happens, thank god Madge came in. She gave Gale a kiss on the kiss and then hugged him.

"Gale it's nice to see you again." she told him. He hugged her back. "So, any stories for you to share about any mentally ill patients?" she asked when they broke and she stood next to me. Gale just let out a laugh.

"I do but you'd be surprised about them. Plus I don't want Katniss having nightmares." he said but wasn't heard from Madge because Gloss came in the house and had himself even introduced by someone to the whole room. I noticed Gale's hand ball up and his jaw clenched. "Who does he think he is?" Gale muttered in a low voiced.

"Gloss!" Madge said as he walked up to her. He was blonde and tall but Gale was still taller as so was Darius. His hair was a golden blonde and his eyes were green just as Madge told me. "Let me introduce you to my friend Katniss." she said as she walked back to me.

"You must be Gloss." I said putting on a smile I'm sure looked forced to him. "I'm Katniss Everdeen." I told him stepping a step back for more room.

"Pleased. As said before I am Gloss Hevan, Lord of Cambridge." he said to me.

"That is where my mother and sister moved to." I told him…I am only speaking with him for Madge. This is her dinner party… not mine.

"Well I can assure you that they must be enjoying themselves. Now, excuse me and Madge but I would like to speak with her alone before Darius gets anymore time with her." he said but I didn't hear because I over heard Darius.

"I understand if you don't say yes to me, what ever your reason is. But promise me on thing Madge., that you'll allow us to at least stay friends. There rarely is girls like you. No one I've met is as sweet as you are." he told her as I looked over Gloss' ear at them. Madge just gave him a nod and then a kiss on the cheek.

"Gold help me make through the rest of the night." Gale said when Gloss walked away. "He thinks he's the fucking King of England." he continued as I stood next to him.

"Calm down Gale, after this whole thing with Madge is over you'll probably never see him again." I told him, placing a hand on his arm. "You'll do fine." He just nodded his head.

"Yeah…you are right Catnip." he said to me turning to look at me. "Thanks. For everything." he continued and then for almost the rest of the evening we were silent to each other starting a few conversations. I gave Gale another hug good-bye and told him to have a good night and that I hope to see him again soon. When I made it to my room I ripped the damned corset off of me along with the ribbon.

'I wished that Peeta didn't go on that trip because I think it's more trouble then it was worth.' I thought to myself as I slipped onto my sleeping gown. 'Because I am starting to miss my simpler life in the main town.' I continued as I laid in bed. I am not used to have unneeded luxuries. Peeta needs to learn that I don't care if he's not the riches man in the world, all long I don't have to start selling my back side I'm content. But that's just Peeta but knowing him he'll figure it out sooner or later. I have to get soon rest now anyways. I will have a busy few weeks because Peeta comes home in almost another week and then I will become his wife.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Strange, that never happened before. Ever since he's left things are getting stranger and stranger. I shouldn't let it worry too much because I don't need to get stressed. When I become stressed I am not the nicest person to be around at the time. I then closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. Faintly hearing that same voice earlier but too tired to care. 'Or that Peeta will never accept you for who you are but who he wants you to be in his mind. Not like me my Katniss.' And went asleep until the next morning.