April 2003 - Miyako Start

How are you doing, everyone? Inoue Miyako here!

Hm, I guess there aren't a lot of interesting things to say right now. We recently defeated Diablomon again, and that was pretty cool, but other than that there hasn't been a lot going on. I am starting middle school, though! It already feels really different from elementary school, but in the end, school is school, isn't it?

Well, I guess that's it for now!

The idea of "coming of age" in such a brief story was always such a cliché. Sometimes you could live for long periods of time without changing at all. Sometimes you could be one person one year and a completely different one the next. Every so often someone would tell you that you'd entered a new chapter of your life, and you'd believe them up until your life started settling into a daily schedule that wasn't all so different from what you were used to.

Middle school, Miyako had decided, was not very different from elementary school.

Sure, there were uniforms, there was the computer club headed by Koushirou, there were the somewhat more difficult lessons, but school was school. Schedule-wise, the only one thing different that Miyako acknowledged as somewhat significant was that, now that she was a member of the middle school computer club, it was harder to hang out with Daisuke and the others after school. It was convenient to be on a campus close to them, but it simply wasn't as easy as it had been back when they'd all gone together to Odaiba Elementary.

She'd fallen into a pretty easy schedule after a while: get up in the morning, meet up with Iori and Takeru, walk to school together, split to their respective schools, have lessons, attend club, have a wild card at the end of the day (varying from leaving early to meet with the others or just waiting for Iori and Takeru, saying goodbye to everyone briefly, and going home), eat dinner with family, go to bed. On rare occasions, she would join the others to check out the Digital World. There wasn't much to do nowadays there, but it was always pleasant just being there, especially for Hawkmon and the other Digimon. On weekends, she and the others – often joined by Ken – would hang out somewhere, usually at someone's place.

In the end, her school life was still pretty similar to what it had been before…and yet there was something that felt distinctly different about what was going on now.

It was a relatively idyllic day in the computer club, with the group working on a project. The first interruption to Miyako's workflow was a casual "Hey, Miyako" from the boy next to her.

"What is it?"

"Why do you keep going off to hang out with those elementary school kids?"

Miyako gave an unimpressed "hmph". She didn't like this boy; during her first day in this club, he'd made a remark about not expecting the student Koushirou had been talking so well of to be a girl, and immediately Miyako had decided she was going to spend the rest of the year trying to kick his ass. "They're my friends. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Well, they're elementary school students…"

"So what? They'll be in middle school eventually, so I don't see a problem."

"They're still elementary school students. You should hang around people more your age."

"Hey, hey…" said Koushirou, interjecting into the conversation. "Ah, Miyako-kun, can you please deliver this?" He handed Miyako a form.

Miyako took the form and promptly ran out of the room, very happy to not be in there anymore.


Miyako was greeted in the hallway by none other than Takeru, Patamon, and Hawkmon.

"Ah! Hawkmon! Takeru-kun!"

Takeru walked up to Miyako and handed her something, which Miyako suspected had ohagi in it. "Here, Iori-kun told me to give you this. Is the computer club treating you well?"

"Hm, well, the computer club's the computer club. There are interesting people and people I don't like as much. But with Izumi-senpai as captain, I think you could say everything's going well." She sighed. "I wish I could keep you around…"

"Miyako-san, can we go to the Digital World sometime soon?"

"Of course! We haven't been there too recently, have we? I've been missing it myself."

"I'd be open to going," said Takeru. "And I'm sure the others would, too."

"Then it's settled! Bingo!"

She grinned at Takeru and ran off with Hawkmon, only yelling back a "tell Iori-kun I said thank you for the ohagi!"

Takeru blinked, wanting to yell back at Miyako that she was taking Hawkmon back to the computer room where everyone would see him, and sighed. She'd probably figure out a way to deal with it…that was how Miyako worked, anyway.