March 2008 – Awaited Response

Hello. This is Ichijouji Ken.


I'm not...entirely used to doing things like this. I'm sorry. Um, it's a bit strange for me to explain the situation that's going on right now...well, it's a bit embarrassing, so you'll have to forgive me for not spilling all of the details.

I suppose I didn't really say anything very important here. Please understand – I'm not exactly sure what to say.

But I think, at least, I can say that today's a pretty important day for me.

"Oi! Ken! There's trouble!"

Ken listened intently to Daisuke's frantic voice on the other side of the line. "You know how I told you she'd be going to computer club today? Well, apparently she's not! She just went straight out the door! I have no clue where she's going and by the time I realized she wasn't coming I lost track of where she was going! She's not answering any of my text messages, either! Man, why does she always have to be unpredictable like this..."

"E-eh?! Then where is she going?"

"I have no clue, I'd have told you already if I knew!"

"Does Iori-kun know?"

"I'm heading to his school right now to see if he does! This is bad, this is've got to do something too!"

"I could send her a message..but, Daisuke, I don't know if that would be a good idea in this situation – "

"This is not the time to be worrying about small things like that! Do you not see this situation going from bad to worse? Find a way to be subtle or something! I'm almost at the school, call me back if you figure something out!"

The sound of the call ending reached Ken's ears.

"What'd he say, Ken-chan?" said Wormmon.

Ken sighed deeply. This was going to be a long day.

It had been a month since Miyako had proclaimed her confession very loudly to him in front of his apartment building. An outright declaration of feelings, and a chocolate box – it'd been rather prototypical. He'd responded in a rather vague, conciliatory way that still managed to not put her off, and yet by the time Ken had gotten to his apartment building, he'd had absolutely no clue how to deal with this situation.

After trying to soak it all in, the first thing he'd done was call Daisuke, because he was the only one Ken could trust with this kind of information. He had no idea whom else Miyako had told about this, and he certainly didn't want to embarrass her by telling people if she didn't want him to – but as long as Daisuke knew it was an important issue to him, he could trust him with it, and besides Daisuke was the first person Ken would ever want to trust with this kind of issue.

Daisuke's reaction had been one that flipped back and forth between shock ("What? Miyako?") and considering it a fact of life ("well, I mean, she says she likes cute boys, and she's always calling you cute, so it was bound to happen") before finally settling on "so, then, you got a girl confessing to you."


"This isn't the first time you've had girls all over you, but man, it's really different when it involves someone you know, isn't it?...hmm. But more importantly, Ken."


"The important question is, what are you going to do about it?"


"Hey, now's not the time to be hesitant. This is a big thing. For starters, what do you think about Miyako?"

The text message from Daisuke had come rather speedily – Iori didn't know anything, and when Iori had called Miyako's family he'd found that she didn't have any errands at the store or anything like that. The only thing Daisuke had been able to get out of it was that chances were she was probably doing something off on her own and that she'd probably be home at night. Ken kept the thought in the back of his head, but he preferred not to let it get to that.

The truth was that he'd been worried this would happen. For the past month between Valentine's Day and this day, Miyako had been avoiding him. At first, it had been hard to tell since they went to different schools and they'd only had a handful of opportunities to interact, but Ken had started to develop a feeling that her missing events where they would normally participate in was awfully convenient. Ken had managed to see her once in the past month, due to a combination of his own personal obligations and hers, and they'd barely interacted. Of course, it was entirely possible that it simply had been happenstance and bad luck, but for it to happen this day of all days...

But he knew she probably wasn't even doing it consciously. The thing about Miyako was that she was incredibly transparent. Had she been actively trying to dodge him, it would have been obvious no matter how much she tried to hide it. Instead, it seemed Miyako was only acting on fear – after forcing her feelings out on Valentine's Day, she was afraid to know the answer.

It was a reaction that was so, so very much like her.

"What are you going to do, Ken-chan?"

"I don't know..."

At any time it was going to become late in the afternoon, and the only productive thing Ken had done was board the train and Yurikamome to Odaiba because he was sure she was probably in the area.

"We have no leads on everything and we're just running in circles..."

"Maybe you're trying a little too hard, Ken-chan," said Wormmon. "Do you want to try sending her a message?"

Ken looked at his phone. He'd hoped that abstaining from sending a message to Miyako would help mitigate the problem, but as it seemed it wasn't as if he could get any further behind.

Wormmon pushed the phone closer into his hands. "Ken-chan." Ken laughed a little – Wormmon had been surprisingly conciliatory towards this entire issue over the past month. Perhaps it was because he could sense Ken was handling this situation very seriously, or because none of this had actually caused him to drop all his attention from Wormmon.

He picked up the phone. "All right." Slowly and carefully, he typed the characters one by one – Miyako-san, I'm sorry to bother you, but are you busy right now? (The message had gone under a few revisions, as he felt saying something like "I want to talk to you about something" would probably start making her panic.)

"And sent."

He sighed, tracing his finger up and down the side of the phone, before there was finally a ping – ah, it's not much! I'm in the Digital World right now, though.

The incredulous look on Ken and Wormmon's faces was one that wouldn't feel out of place with some physical manifestations of steam behind them. The Digital World? The fact that Miyako was acting out of the ordinary couldn't be more obvious – if she'd wanted to go, she could have easily done it with any suitable computer, but it seemed like she'd specifically gone to someplace like Odaiba Elementary where she wouldn't be seen by people she knew closely.

Is it okay if I come meet you?

He was treading on thin ice, he knew it – and was thus incredibly relieved to find the response reading something positive. Oh! Yeah, that's perfectly fine. See you soon!

"Let's go, Ken-chan," said Wormmon.


Ken's presence in the computer club room caused quite a few heads to be turned, since they weren't used to seeing this boy from Tamachi and his Digimon there. On the bright side, Daisuke turned out to be extremely good at keeping the entire situation under wraps – when one person had asked what kind of "important business" Ken was here for, Daisuke had responded with "it's nothing you should worry about". Considering Daisuke's gravity about the issue, it immediately shut everyone up.

Koushirou deftly operated the computer, as he'd custom-modded the program to pick up Digivices from people in their friend circle only (a remnant from his middle school days).

After Koushirou had finished up and sat down, Ken took a last look around the room. Koushirou was busy burying his face into a reference book, (badly) attempting to hide a stupid grin on his face. Ken was a bit distressed that this entire situation was starting to have hints of public spectacle, but he was willing to take it as long as it ended up reflecting on him and not Miyako.

Sighing – and trusting Daisuke to take care of the situation behind him – he entered the Digital Gate.

Of all the reactions Miyako could have presented Ken with upon encounter, the one he was probably least expecting was the one where she immediately started apologizing in a frenzy.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I've been making all of these excuses...I've been really scared, and so every time I had a way out I took it without thinking..."

"Miyako-san, I'm sure he understands," said Hawkmon.


He knew it was a bit mean of him to do so when Miyako was frantically panicking in front of him, but Ken couldn't help but start laughing – first as a stifled giggle and finally laughing earnestly. Miyako, who definitely had not expected him to react in this way, was only confused.

This entire situation was amazingly ludicrous, layers of tiptoeing upon tiptoeing. Miyako had blurted her confession out one month prior and was now dodging around, and Ken had been forced to maneuver around said dodging in order to get to her directly. It was crazy, it was unpredictable – it was precisely indicative of Miyako herself.

Ken smiled gently.

"You shouldn't be too harsh on yourself...we really didn't have a lot of opportunities, and it was my fault too for not giving you a proper answer last time, so..." He pulled out a small box and handed it to her. "So..."

"A-ah! Thank you!" She took the box, looked at it, looked back at Ken, looked back at the box, and looked back at Ken, her facial expression slowly registering what was going on. " mean...aaaah!"

Not so blut as to let the words just spill out, Ken laughed softly again. ", if you want to go out with me..."

"A-aaah! I – I..."

Miyako's words were saying nothing, but her face was clearly at its most enthusiastic.

What do you think about Miyako? Daisuke had asked.

Miyako was right in front of him, the unpredictable, easily-flustered, excitable, passionate Miyako who acted on whims and wouldn't beat around the bush.

Miyako was Miyako. That was the Miyako he knew.