Legends of Kalos: Part 1: The Journey

Prologue: The Great War

When Arceus created the Pokémon World, he envisioned it perfect; no fighting, no wars, a world where everyone walked hand-in-hand. A world where no one spoke badly of another. A world where everything was flawless.

At first, things seemed this way. Pokémon were Pokémon, people were people, and they all worked together to push this perfect world along. First, he created the Kanto region, and four legendary guardians to watch over it. The three birds were to guard the elements, to make sure the islands of Fire, Ice and Lightning didn't clash together to make the world bitter. Then there was the Ancestor, a carefree soul who would rather play around than guard a region, but Arceus trusted her even so.

And so, around the four beings, legends were created, and among them, new journeys and new ideals were born from humans and Pokémon alike. With them came the Awakened One, born as an experiment from the Ancestor. Arceus didn't intend for the world to be this way, but he left it be, not wanting to punish them just yet. Besides, the world was not as bitter as it could have been.

Next came Johto. Many people were confused as to why Johto simply appeared out of nowhere, what with it right next to a region that had sat there for so long, but either way, it was not too different from Kanto itself. With the region came new Pokémon and people, every single one of them different from another. But either way, they joined with Kanto hand-in-hand, not fighting with one another, but rather helping each other.

With that region came even more legendary beings. This time, three of them were not Arceus' doing. He created the lords of the Sun and the Sea, one of them being a bird of rainbow, the other being a beast of pure silver. He put them both in a deep slumber, only to awaken if something went wrong.

And something did go wrong, for the birds of the Sea and the Land did not get along generally well with other beings. Sun was considered a myth – nothing more than that. But when someone decided to climb the forbidden tower that Sun was said to be sleeping in, things started to go horribly wrong.

Among the flames that were breathed for the disobedience, the tower was burned, and with it, three very much non-legendary creatures were turned to ash. One was of the ocean, one was of fire, and one was of electricity. Realising his flaws, the Sun Bird shed light upon the three, sacrificing some of his own power for their use.

But the power was much too strong for the creatures, and they instead grew into beasts of the Fire, the Water and the Lightning. The three beasts fled, never to be seen again. Or so they say.

Though the three Beasts were not Arceus' doing, the God didn't banish them. Instead, he enlisted them to be guardians themselves. For his perfect world was not destroyed just yet.

Next came Hoenn, with its hot weather and sunny skies. With the sunny skies, new weather was born. Arceus, unable to control this himself, enlisted three more legendary beings to look over it; the Sky, the Rain, and the Land. These three created the Hoenn region themselves to prove their own power, and Arceus was pleased.

But not pleased enough when the three began fighting. Or rather, Rain and Land began fighting. One of them wanted more ocean, where as the other wanted more land. Sky wanted neither of this, and destroyed them both, sending them into a never-ending slumber, which Arceus made sure remained un-awakened.

But that was not enough for Arceus, for he needed more guardians for Johto than just three, especially since two of them were not useful anymore. He created two dragons, the Eon Duo. These two would ensure peace among the Hoenn region and make sure everything stayed in shape. The older brother was very protective, but the younger sister was much more reckless. This did not bode well for Arceus. But he still stayed, for his world was not yet imperfect.

Next, Arceus created a region that centred around Time and Space, each one working in harmony; the Sinnoh region. For he did not only want a perfect world, but a perfect universe, too. He created Time and Space together, each one of them to work to keeping the balance and making sure no one would tamper with it.

With these two, Arceus decided he needed help. Along with Time and Space, he created another dragon, one that would work alongside himself for piece of the world. He created the Light One, and the two did work together for awhile.

However, the Light One grew sick of being controlled by Arceus, and began to rebel against his master. Annoyed by this, Arceus banished him to the underground world, which would later be known as the Distortion World, which was to be ruled by the now renamed Dark One, who would be forever trapped in an empty void of darkness.

Arceus was not happy with his world, and it was slowly becoming less and less perfect.

Up until then, Pokémon were the ones who ruled and kept the balance. Along with the creation of the Unova Region, Arceus created not only the dragons of Truth and Ideals, but also the Heroes of Truth and Ideals. These Heroes were to work with the dragons to try and bring perfection to the Unova region.

This worked for awhile, the twin Heroes making sure that Truth and Ideals did not quarrel. However, Ideals was a rowdy soul, and loved making trouble for his older and more sensible brother. Instead of helping Ideals, Truth decided to rebel, creating a raging war across the region.

The region was in shambles once the war was up, with neither side rising above the other. Arceus was furious, and instead of banishing Truth and Ideals, he created the Cold One, a by-product of Truth and Ideals. This icy dragon stopped the war in its tracks and sent Truth and Ideals packing. Ideal's and Truth's dragons were turned into stones, only to be awakened a thousand years later by new Heroes.

Arceus was not happy with his world, finally realising that this was not perfect. Through this, he created a new region, rising it up from the ocean. But this region would pay the price.

The Kalos region thrived for awhile, each and every person living in harmony with Pokémon. However, after creating the region, Arceus had something in mind. He raised two more legendary Pokémon, the Life and the Death. Like Truth and Ideals, these legends would clash with each other, and this resulted in a war breaking out among the region.

Neither side would prevail, and one man stood above the rest after everything was lost. Anyone living was an empty soulless shell, making Life fall into sadness. Created from this was the Ultimate Weapon, made by a man who was filled with sorrow from losing his own Pokémon. This weapon was used to bring life back to his Pokémon, but at what cost?

As the years went by, the world grew darker, and with it, so did the man. He used Life's power in the Weapon, turning it against itself and instead using it for destruction. Arceus decided he'd had enough, and sent the Ultimate Weapon to sleep along with Death, and the region was rebuilt once more.

But Arceus' previously perfect world grew darker still.

The girl's eyes lit up excitedly, clinging onto her mother's sleeve as she stared up at her with big blue eyes. Her blond hair drooped over her shoulders, and her free hand was clutching the book.

"What happened then, mum?" she asked eagerly, making to turn the page. Her mother shook her head and chuckled lightly.

"Nothing, things are still going on in all the regions, but the world is not perfect like Arceus wanted. Nothing is."

The girl pouted. "I want to create a perfect world!" she announced confidently, puffing out her chest.

"Well, I think everyone does, but that's a big thing to strive for." The mother laughed. "Something that one person alone can't do."

"You'd need multiple people, right?" asked the girl, before spreading her arms out wide. "Everyone in the world! I can do that! I'm a big girl." Apparently spreading her arms out was meant to represent "everyone".

"Well, maybe when you get a little older," said her mother, closing the book and pushing the girl lightly down into bed. "Now, you go to sleep, you've got a big day tomorrow."

"Yeah, I'm watching your Rhyhorn race!"

The mother nodded. "Yes, now go to sleep." She kissed the girl lightly on the forehead, before standing up and walking out of the room. But just before she could turn the light off, she heard a voice.


"What is it?"

"Will there be any more wars?" Rather than eager, the voice sounded scared, much more child-like than it had previously. Her mother grimaced.

"I'd like to hope not. But we don't live in Kalos, so you don't have to worry about that, I don't think."

The girl breathed a sigh, before turning over and closing her eyes as the lights turned off, dreaming of Arceus and the Legendary Pokémon.

Welcome, one and all, to my newest Fanfiction: Legends of Kalos. Yeah, my third fanfiction at one time, I know, but I decided to get in with the Kalos crowd before there were five thousand Pokémon X/Y fanfictions. So here it is, starting with a prologue that I at least thought was interesting. I'll be following the game mostly, with a few of my own things added in as time goes by. If anyone here happens to read Pokémon Black and White or Pokémon Colosseum: Darkness of Orre, I'll still try to update them just as often, so don't worry about that.

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