This is a two-shot. You'll get the lemon next chapter.

Belphegor had been told he was useless teacher, and he agreed with them – not only did he hate his job, he couldn't stand those snot-nosed brats he was supposed to teach. Especially that one student in particular - the one who only ever seemed to have something snarky to say, the one who Bel wished he could turn into a cactus, the one who was still smart-mouthing off to his superior, yet strangely enough, the one he had found himself masturbating to thoughts of every night since becoming his teacher.

His name was Fran, a name Bel was beginning to despise with all his being.

"Bel-senpai~" that annoying monotone voice drawled out as innocent teal eyes stared at his teacher. "Bel-senpai, shouldn't you be teaching us?"

Bel, whose legs were resting on the desk as he played a video game on the PSP he had brought with him, turned to glare at his student, even though said glare was hidden by unruly locks of blond hair. "Shouldn't you be shutting up, un-cute kohai?"

"Senpai~ I can report you to the stupid long-haired vice-principle for bullying students~" There it was again, what Bel hated about the kid. "He'll give me permission to kill you~"

"Shishishi~" Bel stood up from where he had been sitting, moving to stand in front of Fran. He put his hands on the boy's desk, leaning down until their noses were almost touching. "Not if I kill you first, un-cute kohai~"

"Senpai, that's a threat against my life," Fran replied emotionlessly, his teal eyes staring blankly at where he knew the older man's should be located. "Wait until I tell my Master on you. He'll be down here with his trident."

While the rest of the class watched silently, the others smart enough to stay out of things, they couldn't help but fear for their classmate's life – Fran was either very stupid, very brave, or both.

Bel reached out and grasped the front of his student's uniform, a jacket and pants that was mostly black with a few brown and white stripes on the sleeves and legs with fur around the jacket's collar, and a red emblem showing the school's logo. He pulled the teal-haired boy close enough so that their breath mingled and yet, the student was still mouthing off.

"Senpai, are you trying to sexually abuse me?" Fran eyes were still focused on his teacher's face, almost as if he didn't care for his own safety – this kid seemed suicidal with the ways he pissed the blond off, so he probably didn't. "I'm going to tell Master about this."

Bel sneered as he shoved the boy back into the seat. Sexually abuse him, huh? Not a bad idea. I'd fuck him into the mattress any day, stupid kohai. "Like the prince would ever want to do anything with an un-cute kohai like you."

The breath the entire class had been holding was let out in a slow sigh as Bel stalked back to his desk, ignoring whatever comment was shot back at him.

Stupid brat, Bel thought to himself as he grabbed the PSP he had dropped on his desk, unpausing the game. Fuck, I hate him. I wish I could turn him into a cactus. I could fuck him and then be done with it all. Stupid brat for making me confused.

Fran, who was unhappy about being ignored, looked down at the notebook he had out in front of him. He had bought it at the start of the school year, expecting to actually be taught something, but so far not a single page had been used.

While the rest of the class did their own thing in silence, terrified of encountering the wrath of their psychotic teacher, Fran found his enjoyment in tormenting Bel. Why would he do such a thing? He was young and he had hormones – and the fact that he had a bit of a crush on his teacher didn't help with things.

Man, I wish Bel-senpai would pay more attention to me without threatening to turn me into a cactus… Fran thought to himself as he leant against his desk, deciding he was too tired to deal with boredom.

Closing his eyes, the boy thought about his teacher as he slowly drifted off into sleep, smiling to himself as he tried to picture what the blond's eyes would look like.

Shame he always… hides them… Would like… to… see them… one day…

When Bel looked up just a few minutes later, he was surprised to notice his student was asleep. Well, this is new – he's never slept in class before. He must be tired.

The thought of waking his student up in the cruellest manner he could think of crossed his mind and, just as he moved to stand up, he noticed the boy's face; Fran was rather cute when he slept – maybe because he wasn't being such a little shit.

Sitting back down, Bel turned his attention back to his game. I'll let him sleep just a little longer. It's almost lunchtime. The bell will probably wake him up anyway.

But, alas, as Fran slept through lunch as well as his last class, Bel couldn't keep his thoughts off the boy, dirty images running through his mind as he thought about what those little lips could do for him, those small hands – and most importantly, that ass.

When everyone left at the last bell, Bel continued to fantasise – and when the unmistakable sounds of a wet dream caught his attention, the blond lost all control.

Unzipping his pants and pulling his hardened self out, Bel played with himself as he kept his eyes on his student, listening intently to the soft moans and small whimpers of his name.

Today was the day Bel was finally going to seduce his student – he knew that.


Fran whimpered as hands stroked his engorged member, small pants escaping from his lips. He bounced on his teacher's lap, feeling the hard shaft inside of him slam into his sweet spot every time, drawing delicious mewls from Fran.

"Do you like this?" Bel whispered, licking the outer shell of his student's ear as he pumped the younger in time with his bounces. "Does it feel good?"

"Sen…pai…" Fran cried out as he felt his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, his seed spraying upwards and onto his chest, some of it hitting him in the face.

The teal-haired boy moaned as he felt his entrance being filled by his lover's own seed, and the hot tongue that licked his face and chest clean aroused him once more.

"Fran?" Bel licked his lips as he devoured his student with his eyes. "Will you give your teacher head?"

The boy moaned at the suggestion, having always wanted to do such a thing since the first time he laid eyes on the man. He remembered when he first walked into his classroom and saw the blond sitting at his desk, thinking that he'd go down on his knees any day for him.

"Senpai…" Fran grasped the newly aroused shaft in his hands before he slowly lowered his face down towards it, his heart beating as he got ready to engulf as much of it as he could.

He was so close, he could smell the musky scent and if he stuck his tongue out, he'd just brush against it. He was ready, willing, so close, so close –


Said boy jumped in his seat, almost falling off the chair as he blinked, trying to come to terms with where he was.

The desk at the front of room, the rows of smaller desks, the classroom – Bel standing in front of him. Fran knew where he was, and he knew he had been having a wet dream.

Trying to brush things off in hopes Bel hadn't noticed, he fought to keep his voice steady as he spoke. "What time is it?"

Bel – just like in the boy's dream – licked his lips, almost as if he had a plan in mind. "It's home time. You slept through everything. But… as punishment… You can stay for detention."

Oh no, oh no, oh no… the mantra repeated itself over and over again in Fran's mind as his heart started racing. He knows, he saw, he heard it, he… Oh no…

During Fran's horrified state, Bel had moved closer so that he was kneeling above the boy on the ground, trapping him. He leant down and whispered into the boy's ear, his breath sending shudders down Fran's spine, "Give the prince what he wants and he'll spare your humiliation, un-cute kohai."

"S-senpai…" Fran was losing the battle to stay composed – Bel was too close, too near, too seductive. Oh no oh no oh no… Need space, room, air to breathe, senpai – too close, too close! Aroused! "…I-I don't…"

"The prince heard you calling his name," Bel whispered, pressing their hips together as he emphasised his point – had he been watching the boy the entire time? Turned on by it none the less? "Everyone else had already left, so no one knows… But if you deny the prince his fun, he'll tell everyone…"

What do I do what do I do what do I do… Fran was in a panic but, when a warm hand ghosted over his semen-stained pants and hot lips crushed against his, the decision was made.